Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the Divine 

“Pealing back the veil, looking within, grounding oneself in the earth, and trusting that you are divine."

I said this to the kulturkritic Sandy Krolick on his blog, offering it as an antidote to the despair that arises, among those who face the full ecological, economic, energy predicament Homo sapien is in at this point. He challenged me to say more about the divine. I went to see an old friend too, one of my first friends, who says she reads my blog and wishes I talked more about what I really think about this life.

In my first book, I repeated three times:
A unique, astonishing, utterly beautiful manifestation of the spirit, a divine being, a child of the earth, a child of the sun, Homo sapien sapien, sacred.

Contrast that with a few passages from the Judeo-Christian tradition here in the West (KJV):

The imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth. Genesis 8:21 [fragment]

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked... Jeremiah 17:9 [fragment]

Wherefore, as by one man [Adam], sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men; for that, all have sinned. Romans 5:12 (I futzed with the grammar to make it readable)

If we are divine, why are we always made to feel so small, so weak, so inconsequential, so incapable of anything but wickedness unless we obey? Why is the watchword obedience? Why are we made to submit, often irrationally, contrary to sense, by our parents, by our teachers, by our employers, by our government? If we are truly divine, shouldn't we be able to rule ourselves? Why is it such a sin to question Authority?

First, forget everything you have ever been told about spirit, about soul, about an afterlife. What do I mean by divine? I take my understanding not from any spiritual tradition, but from nature, and from science.

As a child, I spent many of my days alone, exploring the lakes, woods, creeks and swamps around my house. It seems my whole adult life has been a search to recover the sense of connection I felt there, the sense of calm, the ease with which all the troubles of my youth were stripped away and I no longer thought, I simply was. Contrasting that, with the madness I found everywhere there were people. The cruel, petty, controlling unaccountable behavior, the crassness, the hypocrisy, the disconnection. I heard a lot of people talking about God, but not a one of them made me feel at ease anything like the way I felt when I was alone in the wild.

I wrote this about the core of being, in a recent post on free will:

Quantum physics has taught us many things, but most of what it has to offer, after one hundred years, has not yet trickled down to the general consciousness. Imagine for a moment: the atoms that are the fundamental structure of your bones, making them as hard as they are – if you inflate one of the quadrillions of atoms in your bones, to the size of an apple, the next bone-atom closest to it, would be a couple of city blocks away. Everything in between is empty space – as is most of the interior of the atom. We conceive of matter as dense. Matter is energy, at it's core. Quantum physics tells us, the void, empty space, is denser energetically than matter, by an infinitude. Ponder that for a moment - energy vastly denser than what you are, flowing through you now, in every moment...

It's not simply that everything we believe as solid is mostly empty space. Think about those atoms at the quantum level, how far apart they are from each other relative to their size. What kind of gravitational force could be so powerful, not just to hold these atoms in place, but to be also the foundation for something so hard as bone, or steel, or diamond? Nassim Haramein says the energetic density of the atom, is in fact the same as the energetic density of all the matter in the universe combined, which is to suggest, there are the makings of whole universes in every one of the thousands of quadrillions of atoms in your body. Now imagine the atom, from the second half of my post on governing ourselves:

every proton at the core of every atom is [like] a black hole, with a gravitational intensity that would explain the electrons spinning around it at near the speed of light. Or dual protons in close proximity spinning around each other at the speed of light.


we are beings of light. If you consider too that the DNA strand is an emitter of photons, then it is perfectly in keeping with physics to say so.

Nassim is about as wild as a physicist gets, and with many of his ideas, he verges on charlatanism. But in a way, I trust him more than the average, standard model physicist. What does the typical scientific/materialist/atheist have to say about the universe:

It arose out of nothing, accidentally, for no reason, without meaning.


You arose out of nothing, accidentally, for no reason, without meaning.

Why the incessant need to minimize?

Let's look at the DNA strand, from my piece on Jeremy Narby's Cosmic Serpent, Complexity and Wonder:

shaped like a spiral.....There are about 50-100 trillion cells in a human being. In each cell, there are two strands of DNA, one from the mother, one from the father. Each strand has three billion chemical base pairs, like rungs in a ladder, which are arranged in the "language" or "text" required to build the cell. If you remove a strand of DNA from a human cell, it is six feet long, but only ten atoms wide. To put this in perspective, if you were only ten atoms wide shoulder to shoulder, and you were to climb a strand of your DNA like a ladder, one rung, or base pair, per second, it would take you more than 93 years to climb bottom to top - assuming you didn't stop to rest at any point in the journey.

All the DNA in your body is about 125 billion miles long. The distance from the Earth to the Sun is 93
million miles. That's a little more than 134 times, to the sun and back.

DNA is the code at the foundation of all life. The code is found in genes, which are sections of the DNA strand where the base pairs form in specific ways, and in chromosomes, which are portions of the DNA strand tightly woven together. The translation mechanism is found in ribosomes, which pull amino acids together to form proteins, which become the structure of the body. Cells are like little factories, taking in energy, transforming it into something else, manufacturing at times exact copies of itself. As Narby points out, it tips to absurdity to suggest that both the language (DNA), and the translation mechanism (ribosomes) could arise by chance together, by accident, out of any random primordial soup.

It's also worth noting, for fun, that the DNA in your cells is not inert, but endlessly writhing within the nucleus of the cell like a snake, wrapping around itself and the companion strand, in myriad ways. One hundred and twenty five billion miles of DNA in tens of trillions of cells, writhing like snakes.

Of course its not just the cells in your body that have spiraling, ever writhing DNA, nor just mammals, but insects and plants as well. So when you are outside, surrounded by living things, you are surrounded by a writhing, living energetic matrix of profound energetic complexity; and at the same time, empty space more energetically dense than all of that, by an order of magnitude running to infinity, is passing thorough all of it in every single moment.

And then there's consciousness. Which science pompously attempts to minimize to electrolysis in the brain, basically.

And what has the industrial social model reduced you to? A consumer, disconnected from everything. It's like the ultimate debasement.

I don't know what universe you think you're living in, but the one I'm living in is divine. It is conscious. And feeling that, knowing that, I'm inclined to think, the predicament humanity faces at this point, is primarily a spiritual transformation, however overwhelmingly material it would seem to be. Humanity awakening to itself, people looking deeply into the core of their being, learning to trust what they find there, cultivating that and offering it to the world. I wager, the more you know yourself, the less you need to be ruled, the less tolerant you will become of other's attempts to dominate you. Religion, government, Institutions, the command and control domination we are so familiar with, is about maintaining social cohesion in hierarchical form, to benefit primarily a few. We are made to feel small, weak and inconsequential because such a people are more malleable, more easily manipulated, more easily controlled. Look around at what that has brought us. What we need now, is an expansive anarchism, self-rule, people taking responsibility for themselves, in relation to the world around them, in respect of and for the inherent connectedness of all life, of all things.

I'll expand on this theme in future posts, and what one might do to cultivate a deeper awareness of ones profoundly energetic being.

NOTE: With more research, I have learned, or I believe relearned, that the plant I said in this (Nightshade) post was Belladonna, is not the true belladonna. I WAS WRONG. The plant is in fact, bittersweet nightshade, NOT deadly nightshade. Thus, what I recommended here CANNOT be suggested as useful advice with the true deadly nightshade, Atropa belladonna, as I have NO experience with the true plant. I am an ASS, that I did not confirm the plants true identity before I wrote this post. (Though, I would run the experiment again, with the true belladonna, should I have that opportunity. Or one similar, anyway. The core idea behind this post still stands.)


Justin Wade said...


I just got done writing this post in reaction to the latest banking related revelations. Then I popped over here to see your latest and believe we have overlap and wanted to pass it along to you.

As for the physics, its always important to keep the distinction between abstract models and reality. Reality is what we observe, our models to explain what we are observing are finely tuned formal systems of thought. The models depiction of reality is not reality itself.

William Hunter Duncan said...


Everybody's reality is shifting rather quickly. Ten years hence, I expect a world no one expects. The current model of progress and growth as example, is not reality, though it is the "reality" most people observe. Same with the Theory of Christianity, which may take a hit if the WAWKI comes to an end, and Jesus doesn't show up.

John D. Wheeler said...

LOL ten years until everything is unrecognizable? I'm thinking more like 10 weeks until it starts.... Of course TEOTWAWKI is a pretty low hurdle, I'd say it's been occurring at least once a generation, albeit slowly without definite transitions.

The beginning of your post reminded me of a poem. I have no idea who the author is, and Google was no help:

A dog
That dies
And knows
That it dies
Like a dog
Is a man.

Jason Heppenstall said...

Thanks William - your blog just gets better and better. I learned a few things about physics just now.

Like you, I also spent plenty of time alone or with friends as a kid, running through woods and getting wet in streams, falling out of trees and getting stung by bees and nettles. I'd almost regard this as a human right. Kids are still in tune with the universe far more than most adults.

When I look around me here in Denmark I see kids with everything - including all the latest video games, masses of toys and also sanitised non-dangerous play areas for them to play in. What I don't see is anywhere they can just be kids, running wild.

Without it, how can we expect them to grow up with an intrinsic respect for the miracles of nature?

Keep up the good work :-)

William Hunter Duncan said...


The unrecognizable started I think, for some of us, with LIBOR, and the various revelations of intrinsic, systemic corruption one and all in government and big banking and business. They weren't even faking it! Or was it Obama, right out in the open, claiming Absolute Power, while America yawned? Whatever. Ten weeks? How about seven, and the conventions and corn crop failure? Can you say powderkeg? Or not. Maybe all those dogs are just going to lay down and die.


Better and better? High praise. Thank you. Now I just have to figure out how to translate this work into support for me, so I can keep doing what I'm doing.

I look at my niece and I wonder how she will react when the consumerism she has been immersed in disappears. She has had none of the freedom I had, to simply roam. We have doomed her generation, in many ways, not least that we have hid them from nature.

Luciddreams said...

excellent blog! It's loaded with mind bending mental exercises that add real perspective on the wonder that is existence. It's good to see that you have made it out of that have I.

My experiment is beginning to work. I'm beginning to build community right where I'm at. I have found it amazing to be in the position of a community leader. It feels almost pioneering to be teaching people how to be in a real community...and I'm just making it up as I go along.

Dealing with other humans is actually pretty simple. It just requires respect and a little leap of faith that most people are mostly good. Mostly good people that make bad decisions and unfortunate mistakes.

When I was a boy I would jump into creeks and float down them on a boggie a little Huck Finn.

William Hunter Duncan said...


"It feels almost pioneering to be teaching people how to be in a real community...and I'm just making it up as I go along.

Dealing with other humans is actually pretty simple. It just requires respect and a little leap of faith that most people are mostly good"

Such is the true nature of leaders. I knew you had it in you. You just needed to let go of the anger - which is part of awakening. Also part of my next post. I'm smiling right now, brother.

William Hunter Duncan said...


BTW, I noticed the capital L.

Rob Bowyer said...

Thanks. Again I am reminded of how great we are as beings and how wonderfully fantastic this Earth Mother is. Such a mystery we are. How easily I get caught up in the day to day small things that don't really mater much in the end. I forget who I really am. Slow down, live simply, wonder at the beauty of it all. Glad to have found your site. Your personal touch forces me to pause in thought, consider my own inner workings, think about what is important in these changing times where the future seems it could go in a million different directions, sadly, with a whole bunch of them bringing out the nasty, ugly side of humanity that we are already familiar with. Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

William Hunter Duncan said...


Welcome. A fellow traveler. Glad to be of assistance, helping you remember. Thanks for the encouragement, Your commitment helps me keep mine. Blessings.

Tim Gockel said...

Hi WHD, just a food forest question. Is queen annes lace beneficial to the soil and/or the local bee population? I find it lovely but invasive and don't know if I should encourage or discourage it's spread. Thanks, Tim

William Hunter Duncan said...


Queen Anne's Lace is the original ancestor of all carrots. If you leave a carrot in the ground over winter, or put one you've saved from the garden in the fridge all winter, back in the ground, it will flower exactly like a Queen Anne's Lace. QAL might be beneficial for the soil, insofar as they put fairly deep roots down, pulling up nutrient to the surface, but you will not think them so beneficial the next year when they are popping up like mad, everywhere. Better to have actual carrots you can eat, seed themselves. If you let a carrot flower and leave it, or just spread the seed as you like, you'll have carrots year after year, without having to buy seed. If you have multiple different kinds of carrots, there may be some cross pollination, and a kind of retreat to wildness over time. Plant heirlooms.