Monday, April 22, 2013

Lingering Winter

It has been more than a month now, since I last posted here. Indeed, I have not even been checking in. Winter lingers in Minnesota - I was harvesting aspargus this time last year, and I am looking now at the remnants of nine inches of snow that fell three days ago. In addition I've been employed 27 hours a week at big box retail outlet, I've been working on a prospectus/biz plan/manifesto with my friend Roamer, I've been installing a beech floor at a friend's new fermentables store-front, and I've been preparing this house for potential sale. Plus, with all the energy swirling around Boston, I've refrained from commenting much at all, on much of anything, on any of the on-line venues I am known to haunt.

May 01 is Beltane, a propitious time. Last year, I released my website, which I promptly abandoned. This year, just today, Roamer and I released the prospectus, to the Doomstead Diner crew, to let them hash it out. Roamer and I have also applied locally, to a women's institute, jointly, for the position of Garden Coordinator, of an urban farm. Roamer was raised a dairy farmer, most recently an engineer at a major grid, coal burning power plant. He is roaming again, on a small cache of cash, and otherwise in need of a farm to manage. This young man needs a farm to manage. He thinks, as I do, that this house and all that I've dreamed of here - greenhouses, solar heat and electrical generation, hydroponics, aquaponics, fungi propagation, methane digester, etc - would make an excellent microcosm model for the macro-farm we have outlined in the prospectus. Meanwhile, my house is only partially finished, conventionally speaking, I am making $400+/- every two weeks at big box retail, which barely covers the mortgage, and the house is expected to be on the market by 01 May.

The idea is, behind the prospectus/biz plan/manifesto, land is effectively off limits for those who want to return to it. If one is not flush with sufficient cash - and after 40 years of hyper/exponential inflation, that is a lot of cash - one is either in bondage to the big banks, or to "the lord of the manor". Many would like to return to the land, to heal it, to farm it, to make a living, to be empowered economically. But there are no resources, not financial capital sufficient to overcome the land barrier, for most; though there remains enormous untapped human capital, and tools and technology and knowledge more than sufficient to unleash that human capital, while healing the land, if only a few talented, open, vibrant people of character would change the terms of the American Dream.

Meanwhile, America is hungry again for vengeance. It was distressing to me, very much, the goings on in Boston and nationally, in the immediate aftermath of the bombings. The object lesson in this is, America will believe whatever the FBI tells them. Without any real evidence but the word of the FBI, the American people appeared to me to lust after the killing and capture of these brothers; that they fought back, only confirmation that they were/are scum bag killers. Never mind the FBI has been engaged in nurturing angry young Muslim men in this country, again and again, by their own admission - soon you will hear, after a faux public chastising of FBI negligence, and a sacrificial scapegoat or two, that there are not enough agents, the FBI budget is not big enough to keep track of every malcontent, if there were only more agents....

Who were those private security agents in plain dress with those big black backpacks, in the immediate vicinity of the bombing prior to the bombing, who were later so intimate with the FBI bomb squad? That is not for you to consider, says the FBI. If the pictures and video aren't sanctioned by the FBI and the official story, they are not "credible."

"For clarity, these images should be the only ones—the only ones—that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible and unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources.
                  - Remarks of Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers at Press Conference on Bombing Investigation  at the press conference introducing suspects #1 and #2
Which makes me realize, in the aftermath of some hideous tragedy, if the FBI wanted to be rid of me, hypothetically speaking, they need only get google to disappear this blog, and Wordpress to cancel my website, paint a carefully contrived picture via the MSM, and the American people on the whole would thirst for my blood. The FBI might not even have to bother erasing my online commentary, as most of America wouldn't be curious enough to seek it out themselves. They could even pull a few phrases out of context, sufficient to condemn me, to a people right and left who take the official story to be Gospel. To hear the MSM, you might think the FBI, to a man and a woman, Saints, if only over-worked in need of more money. Or, the Federal Government can simply declare me an enemy combatant, contrary to all evidence, and everything I have ever said or written or done will be considered state secrets.

Whatever. FBI. Feds. Grow stuff, build stuff, is what I have to say about that. Cultivate terrorists in the name of security, to the effect of maintaining and expanding budgets/global hegemony? Or cultivate plants and animals and human care and concern for the earth and each other? I choose the latter.

So, to that end, at such time as the Diner crew is sufficiently satisfied with the prospectus/biz plan/manifesto, I will be posting it here, in search of investment and donation. Thanks for your patience. :)