Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I bought $200 of beans rice apples flour etc, Monday night. Some white gas and propane too. And liquor. I'm more than a thousand miles from where Sandy made landfall, but I'm not naive about what closing down Manhattan for a week or more could mean for the global economy.

Eleven feet to clear the levee? How about 13? The full extent of the flooding of the New York subways will not be known for days; that's where all the electrical lines are. Maybe Wall Street should have thought about that? I mean, they figured out how to game the housing market. Too busy counting their money I guess. They might have thought themselves able to conjure money out of the ether, but they need electricity to do it, at least to keep the global economy from going into default. We just might see how sturdy these big TBTF banks are, sometime around election day. LOL.

Epic. That storm lifted the south end of LAKE MICHIGAN eighteen inches! Everyone has been cautious about prognostications, but I just heard the folks on NPR say it might be WEEKS before the subways are fully operating. What are the odds they have electrical at ALL polling stations, next Tuesday? If Obama doesn't win big in the Eastern states, he doesn't win. Romney aims to make the world in an image of himself.

Damn lucky, one of those ageing nuclear facilities didn't pop. It's still early, though. They wouldn't necessarily say anything until it was SERIOUS. I mean, the Feds stopped monitoring ambient nuclear radiation after Fukushima. I don't toss around the word evil, but it does seem about the only word with the appropriate oomph, here.

A full moon. Synchronicity writ Gaia. Amplifying that storm, wreaking havoc. Whole neighborhoods gone. Evidence, even of roadways, buried under sand. Some whole neighborhoods at the height of the swell, burning to the ground.

Consider this a test for America, Americans. A test of character. And American's general refusal to reconcile global climate change, the end of the age of fossil fuels, and the end of civilization as we have know it. The end of America as we have known it.

BTW - If the Doomstead Diner went away, would anyone notice?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is my 222nd post. Adding the numbers of my name numerologically, they add up to 222.

What to say?

First, I guess I needed a month off. Shortly after the jubilation of my last post, there was a personnel shift at big bank, and I was moved to the coldest, draftiest, most awkward corner in the building. I had been surrounded by seven women; I now have grey cubical walls within arms reach on three sides. A reminder, I guess, not to stand out too much, not to enjoy myself while I work, maybe. That, and all the romantic ideas I sort-of hinted at in my last post, have collapsed in the reality of the generally weird idiosyncratic chaos of my life, including that furnace friend couldn't fix the furnace, so I'm heading into my third winter in a cold house. (Who do you ask on a date anyway, when you don't own a vehicle?) It's also harvest time, and there are many projects in the garden. The garden is very beautiful still, so I'm outside as much as I can be. There was also a stairs I built for a maiden, mother and crone. Anyway, I'm back.

What was going on a month ago? I suppose that was about the time of the first VICE-prez debate. How about this election! What's weirder than half of American voters, about to elect a vulture capitalist President? That about half of that half two years from now are going to be poorer for it? Though based on Ro-Money they might be angling for jobs driving Latinos out of the country. Or maybe working at a Walmart distribution center, living in tents and half-way houses and on the street. Though what do I know, I may have to work at big bank Monday, Christmas Eve Day, and the Friday after Thanksgiving, foreclosing on people's houses.

Weirder I think is Ro-Money's China talk, as if America is not afloat because China is buying Treasury bonds by the trillion, so we Americans can buy mountains of consumer crap we throw into the nearest designated incinerator or hole in the ground - so 28 members of Walton ilk are worth a billion, five or so worth $25bl+. Or maybe it's that my radical Fundamentalist Constitutionalist Sovereign Christian mother LOVES Wal-Mart? If I do make it home for the holidays, the food will consist mostly of Wal-Mart food product, even veges grown in China.*

But then, ladies, don't you know, if you get preggers by force, that's the will of OMOG. Something like my work at big bank is the work of God.

Or maybe it's that O doesn't really want the job? If he loses, it won't just be because America is about done with him. There have been moments in every debate, when I thought he wasn't sure. What about you? Would you want the job? Oh great, he can continue another four years killing people every week with drone strikes, presiding over the growing domestic security State, the collapse of global financial markets, food shortages famine and die-off(?), global biological eco-illogical destruction in the name of commerce, war in Iran (apparently). Alas, he chose to fulfil a fate, though he might have given it up chosen his own and told America the truth. Existing in such a wicked web of lies and agendas and confabulation, it is impossible to imagine any truth coming out of him, that isn't about treating Americans as if they are stupid children.

Wait a minute. The weirdest thing was hearing Ro-Money, paraphrased, "you didn't say that? You didn't?! You didn't?! What did you say then!" talking as a child, as to a child, to the President of the United States of America. Or maybe it was both, their inarticulate, fumbling, empty, inauthentic language. Or maybe the media reinforcement of the stupid message.

MY work at big bank is rote enough, and I am good enough at it, that I've spent the past week listening to youtube streams of Terence Mckenna. That has been a blessing. Terence talked a lot about the world being made of language. The world as we know it certainly is, the debates being a pre-eminent example. To the degree that most people talk about the world they inhabit, they recite what they hear in the media. The message of the media and the candidates for Prez being tight, no ideological wiggle room there at all, really. You won't get anything like the truth there, only the Truth as it is prescribed for you, stupid Americans.

ANyWay, here's some truth from me,

Storable Edibles. Contrary to zombie propaganda, I'm making sure everyone knows I'm growing food.

Another place for a hoop house experimental.

A stairs for a maiden, mother and crone (crone not present on delivery) living in a condominium. The mother of whom gave me this first generational digital camera.

As if by magic, a delivery, future valkyrie or norn, or the like, I hope.
Asters, on my woodland city walk

Got rid of my cell phone yesterday. I'll have a house phone and better internet, for $50 less a month than I've been paying for cell and city wireless. The Vee ry ZON people called it an upgrade.

*Both links in this piece came courtesy of  JoeP.