Friday, July 29, 2011

Kali Yuga

As a Minnesotan, I thought I might comment on Michele Bachmann, as to why she's so popular, rising so impressively in the polls. There's a straw poll in Iowa coming soon, and it looks like she might be in a position to win it, or at least come close. Doing either would put her in a strong position to win the state, in the lead into the primaries. Doing so would put her in a good position to win New Hampshire and South Carolina. Winning all three would practically make her the Republican nominee. At this point, after the budget debate, Obama will be running as the I'm-Not-Actually-Republican candidate. I'm inclined to think Ms Bachmann might just be the first female President of the United States.

That she is blind to at least half of herself is no matter, at least not to those who will vote for her; because they are just as likely to be blind to half of themselves. If the core of Conservatism is responsibility, then the core of Liberalism is caring about people. It isn't either actually if you only care about people who look and talk just like you.

Listening to her, one might gather that no Conservative has ever contributed dime one to the national debt. To listen to her conception of the national debt, one might begin to think we ran a surplus in every year of a Republican Presidency. As if a tax cut at the beginning of two wars, with the addition of a broad Pharmaceutical giveaway, never happened. As if it were only Fannie and Freddie that were responsible for fraud in the Housing Boom, Banks being evidently blameless. As if people need protection from foreign and bureaucratic predators, and not business and financial types. Meaning, she believes that what she thinks is good is good, and what she thinks is bad is to be destroyed. (Which is exactly what you might say about many a Liberal.) That we each have the whole, inside us, is a concept as foreign to her as reincarnation, or corporate efficiencies in the face of record profits, or empathy for everybody and everything.

Blind to the spending of PGWB, the malfeasance of bankers, or the consequences of her stance on the debt ceiling; it is no matter, apparently, when you are the only major candidate speaking to the concerns of the middle class. She articulates conservatism better than any of the men running, the only major candidate of either party, aside from 78 year-old Ron Paul, who doesn't seem entirely beholden to monied interests, repeating emotional phrases better even than Obama (who seemed to lose much of that gift soon after he was elected.) She is able to turn Reagan into a god as well as any. When she gets to ranting about "The Liberals", she can even sound like Nemesis, not the kind of popular imagination, but more like the Greek goddess of divine vengeance, speaking unconsciously to people's core. Her husband might be into humiliation, but she's got the kind of looks that will draw the weak minded, wide-eyed and gaping, even as they are devoured. And, she's Teflon-like, like Him. If someone were to tar and feather her like I suggested would be appropriate for Grover Norquist, it would undoubtedly turn her from candidate into the President of the United States of America. (I can imagine elements of the Tea Party plotting now.)

Her presence on the scene actually reminds me of arch public-enemy #1, Casey Anthony. Not one thing did I know about Casey Anthony, the death of her child, or her trial - until I felt America's reaction to the not-guilty verdict. Wow! My god, the righteous anger. I have not seen Americans react so violently, since 9/11.

Word is, Jabba-the-Hut (Larry Flint) has offered her $500,000 to pose naked for Hustler. If she's smart, she'll demand not less than $3 Million. Because that will be the best selling Huslter in the history of the magazine. I saw a series of pictures from her Facebook page, on Huffpost. Know this about Casey Anthony: she is a knock-out - about as good looking as a mainstream middle-class girl can be. Flaunting her vapidness, partying away the end of this fossil-fueled existence, as if a murder had not just taken place? That our lifestyle has rested on the back of many people and many nations and the Earth is not a thing we have come to terms with. That we see Casey Anthony in ourselves is not a thing we care to reckon.

By contrast, Ms Bachmann is like a pure child - or at least she appears so to her followers. Like a snake-oil preacher of the Word, she can call to the Bible, or the Constitution, or the doctrine of capitalism, without having any clear grasp of any of it; the point not being the facts but her passion. And these are passionate times. Half of America at least thinking the Universe might be eight thousand years old. If we are that unwilling to accept the vast mysteriousness of space and time, and we are capable of pouring that much energy into the Casey Anthony trial, we are certainly capable of electing Michele Bachmann President.

Two aspects of the dark goddess, come to destroy America, to reflect us back at ourselves. I'm actually considering voting for Ms Bachmann, if she makes it that far. Republicans, up and down the ticket. Let us see once and for all what the GOP path truly is. About 30% unemployment (officially), a last mad dash to exploit everything, rampant predatory behaviors of self-interested greed, and finally the last decline into fossil fuel scarcity.

And let us hope, the end of this Age of Degeneration, the end of the Hindu Kali Yuga. The birth of something that embraces the whole, that is healing for the Earth, and every human.

Even Michele Bachmann. Even Casey Anthony. Even Bankers. Even the American middle-class, who have been so complicit in the trajectory of American Empire.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I've been thinking about our soldiers in Afghanistan, lately. It seems our military has made some impressive progress in their conflict with the Taliban, a direct result evidently of an increase in night raids. The Taliban has been seriously affected, and not surprisingly. While they believe themselves warriors of Allah, they still have to sleep. It's comparatively easy to capture or kill Taliban while they are dreaming of those carnal pleasures Allah is preparing for them in heaven, as payment for their brutality here on Earth (actually, as they live exceedingly violent lives, no doubt their dreams are equally violent,) it's not so easy to kill or capture them when they are pointing AK-47's at you. Everybody has to sleep.

I do admit, it makes me uneasy that my military is training men this way. I recognize it is simply a tactic of war, inevitable in the face of an enemy as wily and vicious as the Taliban. What I'm concerned about is, what are these men going to do when they return home? The ability to pull bad asses out of their beds is a very bad ass skill, very impressive, but not very useful, stateside, in the context of the Constitution. It's hard to imagine what is going to fill the gap left in the absence of that particular adrenal rush.

Some of these men are likely to become mercenaries. Such a skill could prove very lucrative, in resource-rich third-world countries, in this age of global resource constraints. Not all will become global mercenaries. I'd like to put them all to work in a garden, on a real farm. They can go to work growing and raising food for those poor we are yanking the rug out from under. Somehow I expect they will want something more vigorous and manly than that(though I can assure you it is a good deal more vigorous and manly than you might think.)

Consider Grover Norquist, the monk-like chairman of Americans For Tax Reform, the samurai-like enforcer of his no-new-tax pledge, preying upon the self-interest of GOP legislators, threatening to end their careers should they vote for any tax increase of any kind, ever. It is that pledge that rests at the center of the impasse that is the budget debate, threatening the stability of the global economy. Most Americans at this point are willing to reduce the deficit and the debt, and they are likely to accept cuts, but cuts in domestic spending it seems are the only thing the GOP is willing to accept.

At this point, I'd support a return to a 91% top tax bracket, for all income above one million dollars, for all the moral rectitude the uber-rich have shown in the discussion about the future of this Republic. 91%, and seriously limit the scope of Government, until we pay off the debt. After that, we can reduce taxes in every way for everybody. What, you don't like it? Can't live on $1,000,000+ a year? Fine, get the fuck out of America. A great many Americans have lived very fine lives, as expatriates. You are very clever, if you make that much money. I'm sure you'll make billions.

I'd settle for a considerably more modest increase in taxes for the uber-rich. Some sign that you are not just invested in taking over the world.

There was a bomb threat at the offices of Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, this week. My attitude toward bombs is, those who use them are potential dominators, no matter what they say about themselves. Counter-productive in every way as a political statement, indiscriminate, and perpetuating of the very ugliness one claims to be fighting against. Instead, I'm thinking, roofing Black Jack (or tar sands) and a bag of chicken feathers from a Tyson slaughterhouse. Leave him squawking in a public place, and make sure the public can capture the picture. Send the message that you can't wage wars and build infrastructure and expect our children and grand children to pay for it; you can't dismantle the safety net for people just to hand that money to the uber-rich, in the form of safety nets for corporations, banks and executives; you can't continue to allow Wall Street and the Fed to dictate the direction of America.

My feeling about this increasing gap between those who benefit most by the economy, and everybody else, is that the uber-rich recognize on some level, humanity is on the path of oblivion, and all hell at some point is likely to break forth; they are hedging their bets, building their fortress, and America as a bastion of freedom and justice and a model of graceful entry into the Age of scarce fossil fuels, is not necessarily part of that vision. After all, they likely believe this is simply a material universe, therefore without meaning; or they believe themselves the arbiters of God's will; each justifying whatever they do, choosing primarily out of self-interest. That same self-interest trickling down infecting America, pervasively. Dooming it, perhaps.

Actually, guys, I don't really recommend night raids pulling people out of their beds. It's not a skill with long-term prospects. I'd prefer if you simply took responsibility for the women and children you know, the community you live in and the Earth. Look to plants for healing. Think not that they will pacify you, but become your allies, on the path of the true warrior, on your path toward freedom. You are a divine being, and justice is a good deal more mysterious and subtle than your commanders would have you believe. Serve that justice, and you will find, the answers you need on your path will be revealed to you.

Your Government is functionally bankrupt, and the economy has been handed to private parties of immense power, who do not have the best interest of America, or the Earth in mind. We are in this struggle together as Americans, as people; or we are in it for ourselves, to hell with everybody else, to hell with everything, let me get mine and keep it. I vote for sticking together in service. I vote for community sovereignty and peace. I vote for freedom from tyranny, of the military, industrial, financial, corporate, bureaucratic or cultural kind. I vote for responsibility. I vote for healing.

And saying so, of course, means Grover Norquist is a divine being. He is also a political operative with a sorcerer-like control over the consciousness of the GOP. Should you choose that path, do him no harm physically. Be respectful. He is a warrior. It is only his ego, and his reputation, you might aim to knock down a few pegs with an ol' fashioned tar and feathering. But be aware, your actions will be used by the Government to increase authoritarian control over Americans, supported by the gullible, fearful children of Empire.

*I hesitated for 36 hours, before publishing this piece. That was, until Majority Whip McCarthy and Representative West used a clip from the film The Town, to rally the GOP troops in the budget "battle", seemingly oblivious to their advocacy for the right to fuck people up, shoot them in the leg, and tell them if we see you around again we're going to kill you. Implying a threat of violence against at least half the nation - against elected representatives of the American people.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Planting the Seed of Revolution

My Minnesota Government this week agreed to end the State Government shutdown. We might have sent the message to the rest of the USA, that sense would prevail. Instead, our legislature decided to borrow money to fill the hole in the budget, from the schools and future tobacco payments, avoiding the topic of a shared sacrifice. A deal they might have made without hobbling the State economy for two weeks. The deal means the poor and middle class are likely to suffer. The richest among us can rejoice.

Our Federal Government is so dysfunctional it's about to plunge the world into an abyss of Empirical default. Why? While many in this country are fed up with petty bureaucratic tyranny, the GOP seems only to care that the rich elite, who have done so well the last thirty years, not have their taxes raised slightly, to help us out of this collective mess. The richest elite are saying nothing. Meanwhile, I recently read that GE, which paid no taxes, grew its profit by a rate of 21%. I read nothing about any jobs being created. Presumably, as Jeffrey Immelt, who is the President's jobs czar, and also the chairman of GE, if GE had created jobs it would be headline news, repeated ad nauseum. I consequently presume that like most of the largest corporations and banks, they are shedding jobs, quite efficiently. And then word comes of a potential corporate tax holiday. Job creation stimulus, don't you know. More like, a looting of the treasury.

The Fed fined Wells Fargo 85 million, for defrauding homeowners by pushing them into higher interest rates than they qualified for, and foreclosing on people who were not in default. Who will receive these 85 million American dollars? The people who were defrauded? That would be news. And complicated. It's easier for the Fed to keep it, to surely return it to Wells somehow, someway. And what is the Fed, anyway? A private bank, that's what.

I also read speculation about the possibility for uprisings in America, with this increasing gap between those who benefit most by the economy and just about everybody else. I commented that as long as there is abundant industrial food product, TV and gasoline, the children of Empire will take just about anything. And what would we revolt into? Religious fanaticism? Environmental degradation? How many Americans know what century this country was born in? How many Americans think the universe is 8,000 years old? Good god, the leading Tea Party candidate for President doesn't know American history. If Congress gives corporations and banks a tax holiday, Congress could burn for all I'd care, for all the good it is doing America. And if Congress burns, those corporate "persons" and their conspirator banks are sure to follow. And then we can descend fully into that truly capitalistic social darwinianism scientific materialists have been so good to bestow upon our consciousness, that has been so detrimental to America, and biological systems everywhere.

We could create a kind of Eden for everyone in America, if that's what we wanted to do. But that would require a return to the garden, which most Americans know as much about as they do about building and maintaining houses. As if the growing and building of things were the thing to revolt from, and not this empirical overshoot, this economically defined and enforced madness, tilting the world toward ecological oblivion. I keep voting for a graceful recognition and entry into this coming age of scarce fossil fuels. A healing time for people and the Earth. That would be nice. My reason keeps reminding me that the children of Empire are more likely to hunt down gays, pot smokers, Mexicans and single mothers, than stand together in the face of the looting of the treasury. Americans stand together to face the looting of the treasury, and the destruction of the biosphere, ideally. The children of Empire descend into the chaos of economic ruin, into madness, devouring each other, with ever the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Mostly what I think about in the times ahead are the families I know with small children. A neighbor recently told me he thought I was the sort of man who would gather the neighborhood together, in the event of a social breakdown. In this neighborhood? was my reply. These families I know mostly live elsewhere (though his family is one I would fight to protect). Your vegetables aren't going to save you, he said. I replied that I don't grow them with the belief that they would save me in a social breakdown, but to show my neighbors what is possible with a city lot. And to learn what it takes to grow enough veggies to survive the winter. It's not as hard as you might think. The trick isn't growing the food, it's saving a diversity of seed. Because a diversity of seed is a diversity of feeling. And a diversity of feeling is essential to health and well being.

Neighbors two doors south of me defaulted on their home. There was a crowd of men, mostly young, emptying the house and garage this past weekend. If I met these neighbors, I don't remember. Whoever they are, they didn't just give up the house, they appeared to give up everything. "Look at all that shit," said Sam, a delightful old black man with the slow, gleeful cadence of a movie star, pointing first at the front yard, then a dumpster, "That's the second dumpster we've filled." He was collecting steel. The front yard was stacked with furniture of an age and appearance that wouldn't recommend them to any but the homeless, the remnants of a life gone stale and somewhat sordid. There were about six TVs. By the size of the house, one might deduce that they had a TV in the bathroom, assuming most of the TVs worked. The crowd of thirty mostly young men were having fun, and everybody wore a mask. The topic of dissolution didn't seem to be on their minds, and I didn't bring it up. I didn't know what to say. There was a cheap steel plant rack I thought about asking if I could take. But it wasn't very sturdy, or that attractive, and I didn't want to bring home that energy. I returned home to weed the garden, which is one of my favorite things.

The quack grass is encroaching at every angle. But my soil is in good shape, and in the beds they are easy to pull. In addition to the beetles I pictured last week, I've found many others like them, many in the act of sex, and many of a smaller, iridescent beetle. It is like an orgy of these iridescent beetles, and I admired them until I realized they were defoliating my Frontenac grape vines. Then I crushed everyone I could, with my hands, though there is nothing very pleasant about it. There was a dragonfly stranded in a coffee shop I frequent, I tried to save. I actually felt her mouth open and clamp down on my finger. I let her be.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garden Tour

News came from Oak Park, Michigan this week that a woman named Julie Bass is being threatened with ninety-three days in jail for planting vegetables in her front yard. Apparently, Oak Park city code stipulates that only "appropriate" vegetation is allowed, which city administrators interpret as only grass, trees, flowers and shrubs; though presumably if she were to grow a wildflower meadow, she would be facing the same problem. Ms Bass has found herself at the center of a national commentary on the issue, which she seems to be able to handle with grace, on her blog, Oak Park Hates Vegetables. No entity less than Time magazine, and the writer Jessica Newman, felt compelled to write a hit piece against her, which Ms Bass detailed quite capably the errors of, in a recent post.

That any government could presume to dictate what you grow in your yard is ridiculous in the extreme; that your government might tell you that you cannot grow food, is some curious bit of tyranny. Sadly, it seems her community is more concerned with enforcing conformity than checking the irrational reach of government. Which, it could be argued, as government is an extension of the people, and the people don't want their neighbors to have veggie's in the front yard, then government is only enforcing the will of the people. To which I reply, if that is the case in this case, then the people have gone insane. If they have not, and they believe their local government in this case is wrong, and they are not stopping this action, then they are cowardly.

It's a case similar to mine, as I have turned my entire yard into a garden. I've written before about the harassment I have received from city bureaucrats; the latest example of which came in the form of a letter informing me that my driveway is a public nuisance. I have not been threatened with jail time for what I'm doing with my yard, unless you count the time I asked what would happen if I moved back into the house they were threatening to condemn, when they were threatening to remove me from it for not having natural gas hooked up. To be fair to my Minneapolis city government, if my yard were in Oak Park, I might be threatened with life imprisonment, or death.

I recently came across a book by Michael Pollan, called Second Nature. In the third chapter, he discusses the lawn and its history in America. The lawn as we currently conceive it originated shortly after the Civil War, when Fredrick Law Olmstead was commissioned to design what was one of America's first suburban developments, outside Chicago. Each house was set back thirty feet from the road, no walls or fences were allowed, and the front lawn was seeded with grass and expected to be cut short. Lawns had precedence in Europe, but only in America were they democratized. As Pollan points out, this lawn aesthetic is a "totalitarian landscape....subdued, homogenized, dominated utterly....nature under cultures boot." Speaking to our puritanical origins, the lawn is "a vehicle of consensus, rather arena for self expression." And, "just as the Puritans would not tolerate any individual who sought to establish his or her own back-channel relationship to the divinity, the members of the suburban utopia do not tolerate the homeowner who establishes a relationship with the land that is not mediated by the group's conventions."

To the horror of some of my neighbors, I am trying to establish in my garden a balance between the wild and the cultivated. I'm inclined to think my plants flourish best if I work with nature rather than against it. It would seem the bugs and the birds agree. I'm searching for that same balance inside myself, and it seems to be working, if my dreams, and my financial prospects are any indication. I suspect it will have to be a perspective Americans at large embrace, if we hope to enter the future of resource constraints with anything resembling grace. Otherwise, I suppose, we can continue down the path that leads to us incarcerating people for growing vegetables, which I suspect leads to a State far more dark than that.

I vote for grace. Which is why I think of my yard as a garden. Here's a tour:

My backyard. A tomato bed in the middle with a bit of blue jade corn; a fingerling potato bed upper left, grape vines on the fence.

The north side of the back yard. Bean and pea trellises made with grape vines. Brassica on the left, more tomatoes on the right. Wildflowers beyond that. I built the trellis in the background; another example, perhaps, as another neighbor has said, of my lowering the neighbor's property values?

The fenced garden. I built the fence. It needs a little love. I'll get to that.

A closer look at the fenced garden. Carrots between Brassica: khol rabi, cabbage, turnips, rutabaga. Peas on a trellis. There's a compost bin covered by grape vines, upper right.

The north side of the fenced garden. In the foreground, radish and arugula going to seed. Strawberries in a horseshoe around two young blueberry. Asparagus in flower beyond that.

The driveway, which is the reason for the latest accusation of my being a public nuisance. This is a planting on two hundred wheelbarrows of dirt I set here. The future orchard. My neighbors never complained when this was an ugly sheet of aging asphalt.

I convinced a tree trimming crew to drop this load of wood chips, which I'm in the process of spreading around the garden. It's all a process, and the garden is evolving, but some of my neighbors don't care. If I was wealthy, I might be able to hire others to do the work. I do it all myself. That I have spent approximately 300 hours working in this garden this spring is impressive to some, lost on others.

The driveway through slender penstemon on the boulevard.

My raspberry patch.

The pond.

Black caps.

I have about 100 tomato plants. I'll harvest about 400 lbs of potatoes. Both are of the nightshade family; this is a bittersweet nightshade next to the pond. If you look close, underneath is a potato plant. I've never planted potato here. A new variety?

I pack the plants in. Romaine lettuce in front of Russian red kale. Cilantro flowering on the lower right. Potato on the left. The romaine were given to me by the neighbor who thinks I'm lowering property values. He wanted some, but I like the way they grew (the ones closest to the left receive more morning sunlight), and I wasn't inclined to tell him they were ready after his most recent tirade.

Bee balm.

The view from the sidewalk.


Butterfly weed

Some kind of amanita mushroom, of which there were about fifty popping up in this tomato bed.

Another fungi, growing on a black spruce stump. I have seen upwards of thirty different kinds of fungi growing in this garden this year.

Rattlesnake snap beans.

A very happy bumblebee. Look at those pollen sacks. He is making love to a leadplant, which the early settlers called devil weed, because the cable-like roots foiled the plow.

A potato flower ready for some lovin'.

A cabbage moth couple going at it. Insect porn. My goodness, outlaw such imagery! I hear the puritanical among us screaming.

A female cabbage moth with her yoni aloft, ready and waiting.

Two june bugs, in ecstasy.

And look, another female cabbage moth, on a morning glory leaf, the june bugs in the background.

In swoops a male.

Consummation! (Too bad the steward can't get layed.)

The veiw of my front step. I've let the spiderwort and yarrow be, where they come up in the cracks of the sidewalk. That's a red-osier dogwood on the right of the step. There was an even bigger one on the left side until recently. No wonder some of my neighbors are distraught. My god, the breakdown of civilization!

The north side of the front garden. More potatoes, beans, peppers, etc. That's a dead lilac. I have cardinal vine, moon vine and heavenly blue morning glory climbing it; which I hope will be my version of good ol' red, white and blue.

The south side of the front garden. More tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, amaranth, evening primrose, more potatoes, etc. Fern along the fence. It looks more chaotic in the picture than it does in person; some see only chaos. There is a path. Another neighbor who is moving told me, the only reason her family has considered staying in the neighborhood is my garden.

The view of the pond from the street. I built the screen to keep wayward children out, as the water extends underneath the chain link. Bee balm on both sides, with black caps on the left. Frontenac grape vines climbing everything.

There will be three gallons or more of black caps this year.

Front step progress. I am sensitive to what the neighbors think, and I'm tired of the harassment. It's all a process. And by the way, this year, despite all you've seen, I've spent less than $100 on this garden. For what will prove to be about $3000 worth of veggies.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


For the record, I do not actually believe the Chem Trail theory. The violence of the second-to-last paragraph of my last post stems not from belief, but from the nature of the theory and its meaning, if it were true. As an existential threat - one threatening to explode at the very foundation of life - it is one of the more plausible I have heard. If it were true, there would be no point to do anything at all but to make it stop. My words are more like a warning, albeit one without much support from any quarter. But you know where I stand.

And my, my, aren't the existential threats piling up. Every day comes more dire word on the fate of humanity. Seven billion people on the planet. Rising food costs. Global climate change. Peak oil. Nanotechnology and the gray goo. The technological singularity. Failing oceans. The proliferation of toxins. Desertification of the equatorial rainforests. Rising ocean levels. Melting glaciers. Mass specie extinction. Shifting poles. The sun, CMEs and the potential for permanent blackout. The draining of aquifers. Hydro-fracturing. The increasing prevalence of food borne illnesses. A new threat of nuclear proliferation and the danger of aging facilities. The failure of Government. Corporate and Financial malfeasance. The increasing ascendancy of an elite. 2012 and the annihilation of almost everything.

Meanwhile here in America, liberals rail at conservatives, conservatives at liberals, each growing ever more extreme, liberals delusional about the virtue of government, conservatives delusional about the virtue of markets. I've been repeating that old yarn about the liberal being the one who thinks he understands what is in your best interest better than you do, and the conservative doesn't give a damn. Really, which ideology is more responsible for more unnecessary death? Which ideology really takes responsibility for much of anything that is currently going wrong in the world? Both perspectives utterly blind to the balance of opposites inherent in universal porcesses.

What if I said the FDA and USDA were actually much the reason for the prevalence of food borne illnesses in America? What if I said the so-called Green Revolution so championed by conservatives and liberals alike, providing massive amounts of cheap corn to third-world countries and poor and illiterate people living under despots, was much responsible for runaway population growth, and what may very well be impending mass starvation? What if I said they were feeding chicken shit to the cows you eat? What if I said there is a dark energy all-pervading in the world, and you will find that most prominent wherever power collects? If you were a demon or a goddess in her dark aspect, and your goal was to destroy the Earth and all its creatures, what would you do? I'd introduce ideas that eliminate any sense of the divine nature of all things, I'd introduce the idea of a God who sanctions violence and domination, and I'd make as many people as I could rich.

Curiously, despite the evident doom, I've come to intuit that things may not be so drear as they seem. I've been railing at the God and Goddess of late, asking what is the point, how can this mess continue, demanding answers. It is not a sustainable mood; nor do I think it impotent. In fact, the synchronicities have been piling up, some profoundly so, even stupifying, pointing to a far more positive future than I ever considered. At least for me and those closest to me. And of course, extrapolating out, I can't see why that can't be the case for all humanity.

We have all the knowledge, tools and wealth available to provide an eden-like life for everyone on Earth, if that's what we wanted to do. Which of course, would require that everyone start taking responsibility for their life, meaning that everyone stop expecting any government to take care of them; and, that everyone would agree that no human should accumulate for themselves what would otherwise provide a beautiful life for hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of people. I said as much in a comment on a recent post on John Michael Greer's eminently informative blog, @ His response was, essentially: if pigs could fly. Which is not a helpful attitude. But he does not believe in a game-changing event, a kind of quintessentially epic Black Swan, to borrow a phrase from Dr. Taleb. Which seems to me imminent.

It would seem civilization is on a crash course toward ecological oblivion. It would seem we are very likely to destroy the biosphere on which all life depends. But could it be instead, that we are running out of fossil fuels just in time to avert disaster; just in time to come to a different understanding of ourselves, and our place on this Earth, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe? And could it be, that this change could be part and parcel of a radical transformation in global consciousness? I certainly think so. But I believe in a divine universe. It's also true that the end of fossil fuels will be the epic disaster we expect, if that is what we expect.

I believe Homo sapien sapien was essentially still an ape until one first sampled a mushroom containing psilocybin, about 40,000 years ago. There, consciousness bloomed. And here we are now. I intuit that we are on the verge of some similarly grand evolutionary leap. I don't know what that will look like, but none of us can. We can only imagine. And the more of us that imagine what that eden would look like, the more likely we are to make it happen.

For ourselves. For the whole of the Earth.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Maia and Masyn

I went to work landscaping, for a friend, this past Wednesday. I was in a dark mood, having awakened from a dream in which I was being attacked by some sort of amoral frankenstinian entity, who could not harm me as much as I could not escape his presence and his attempt to somehow envelope me; when I finally escaped his presence long enough to retrieve an ice axe, I opened up his head until he was inert. My mood seemed to bleed into my friend Jamie who picked me up, who is otherwise as happy and peaceful a man as I know. He actually punched the steering wheel when someone on the road deliberately cut in front of us. The day was exceptionally hot, and I sweat out most of the hostility, though by the end of the afternoon I knew I was still very much in need of some Maia and Masyn time.

Maia is my eight year old niece, half Mexican, half Celtic and Germanic, very happy, generous, smart, sometimes witty and a little clumsy yet, though I hope to get outside with her more than I do. I was teasing her the other day when I called her a weirdo, and she said, laughing, "that's because I'm related to you." We went swimming and picked serviceberries and ate ice cream. She hadn't had dinner yet when I bought her the ice cream, but I'm not convinced it's going to be available in the abundance that it is today, all of her life, so I don't worry much about it.

Masyn is five months old, part African, Celtic and Germanic, and likely a smattering of many kinds of ancestors. He is not such an agreeable child as his older sister, suspicious of those he doesn't know, with a need to be held that keeps him from sleeping for long periods. I've had a difficult time getting him to smile. I sat slightly distressed as I watched Maia throw him around like a rag doll, but I quit castigating her when I realized, the little kid could not have been smiling more broadly than he was. Watching them together, I realized what a beautiful life I have, so full of joy, so abundant. So many kind and generous friends, such a beautiful family. Limitless possibilities. It's not so easy to see that, obsessed as I am with the darkness I do see, so all-pervading in the world.

I put his sister to bed though she didn't want to stop talking, she was so happy, and then I hung out with the little guy while I watched the premier of the NBC "Reality Show," Love in the Wild, aka pretty people on parade in the jungle. I thought of the conversation I had recently with the musician Magic Mama, who is taking her children to an intentional community in Costa Rica. There is so much that is interesting, going on in that Central American country, and here are these children of Empire fumbling their way through the jungle, in a dominating and invasive way, oblivious or cynical but driven, no doubt. I thought about the woman who lost, who was about the only person on the show I found interesting; I've spent approximately 18 months of days camping in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Wilderness, mostly alone, and if I had been her partner I can assure you at least, our raft wouldn't have fallen apart. I think we would have ended up in the oasis together, actually, but bald guys with hair on their back don't get invited to the parade for pretty people.

Masyn bounced around on my lap, and ripped my glasses off my face, and sucked on his fingers, and investigated everything within reach. Then he put his forearms over his forehead the way he does when he's tired, and I took him to his crib. He wailed like a banshee as I set him down, but I pulled the semi-rigid, light blanket over his head, and he was silent in about three seconds. I pulled the blanket back, and went back to the TV, to watch the news about our government shutdown in Minnesota, and then Nova: Science Now, and a piece about the growing of diamonds.

Diamond has one of the highest atomic densities of any compound in the Universe. It is excellent in the extreme as a conductor of heat, sound and electricity. If we could grow it, not only would it put an end to the grossly exploitative trade in diamonds, it would replace much of the silicone we use in our gadgets and infrastructure, making our high tech tools of communicating immensely more durable and effective. It could have a profound democratizing effect; though you can be sure some jackasses would endeavor to out-compete each other building the greatest laser ever, in their dumbass and ignorant pursuit of terrestrial domination, destruction and death.

My sister and her partner Troy came home, and we drank mead and Deschutes Mirror Pond, while we argued the validity of the chem-trail theory, which my sister is consumed by. I argued that the plants in my garden are very happy; if there were high concentrations of aluminum, barium and strontium in my soil, they would not be so happy. She conceded that, but made me promise to get a soil sample. I told her I would (I later asked a landscaping friend where I could get one. He said the University of Minnesota, but then added, "which is a government institution.") I told her I had not seen the entire documentary she sent me, and I promised her too, I would watch the whole.

I watched the full video this morning. Basically, again, the thesis of the documentary, "What in the World are they Spraying"* is, that there is a world-wide effort to spray an aerosol containing the three heavy metals mentioned above, in the contrails of jets, ostensibly as a means to slow global warming - and maybe even as population control, and the establishment of one world government.

As I said in the last post, I take a dim view of conspiracy theories generally. I tend to think no one is really in control of anything globally, to the extent conspiracy theorists would have it. But I do know there are many who believe one world governance is the only means to prevent world-wide catastrophe, and many of these see America as standing in the way of such an entity, the U.S. thereby condemning the planet to catastrophe. I also know there are some in our own government who would like to control the weather. I know there are others in industry and government who dream of controlling the world-wide distribution of seeds. I am also aware that science has dis-invested the universe with any meaning, and that, combined with the capitalist motive and the institutional mentality of corporatists and bureaucrats, has left competition and domination as the pre-eminent and only fully sanctioned morality. Watching the video, I came away with the sense that our federal Senators and Representatives are either afraid, or incapable, and likely both. The documentary implies authentically and capably that there is either a vast conspiracy centered in the socialist nations of the European Union, or a conspiracy in which our own government and corporations are complicit. I don't want to believe it, but it is a powerful story.

To put this in perspective, I ordered a plant recently, called Ojos de la Pastora, Eyes of the Shepherdess, also known as Salvia divinorum. In Minnesota, it is illegal to possess the plant, even if my only intention is to nurture it and occasionally partake of the leaves. The hallucinogenic compound the plant contains is active at 3 micro-grams - in solid form smaller than a grain of salt - which partaking of, it is said to deliver one into the presence of some kind of goddess. Apparently, according to this documentary, soil, snow, air and water samples worldwide have been found to contain aluminum in concentrations as high as 600,000 ppb, when the recommended limit in municipal water is something like 2, and there has been no official comment about that from any government anywhere. If the presence of these heavy metals is real, whether it is a conspiracy or not, it is surely madness and must be stopped, because heavy metals in high concentrations are hostile to the living systems on which all life on Earth depends. I'm not allowed to partake of a plant I can grow that has no toxicity, but it is evidently not a problem to toxify the entire biosphere to the great risk of everyone and everything living.

The plant, though the grower said he sent it two Tuesdays ago, has not arrived. There are many possible explanations, including that I have been scammed, or the package came within the purview of a rouge element within the Postal Service, who either kept it or gave it to a government agent. If I am in jail soon, there may be many explanations; though somehow I don't think that will happen unless a great deal more readers read this blog than currently do.

Knowing that, combined with the feeling left after watching this documentary, I feel free to say, if there is such a practice as the deliberate seeding of the biosphere with heavy metals, in effect, and if those participating in that practice do not cease and desist immediately, then there is no punishment that is too severe. And if our federal government is involved, or any corporate or educational institution, then I say, line the streets of the beltway and each campus with the bodies, and leave the bones as long as they exist.

My name is William Hunter Duncan, I am an American, and I was born on the fourth of July. I am in service to my friends, my family, my community, my species and the Earth. I am in service to the God and Goddess. I am a child of the Earth, a child of the Sun, a divine being. And like all life, I am sacred, and not to be so tampered with, without the risk of blowback, that unknown unknown that can prove so terrifying.