Saturday, August 31, 2013


[Reader beware: vulgarity galore, dubious content, culled from the Doomstead Diner forum. Author inebriated, very probably. "Facts" herein can not be independently verified.]


From Rooters Newz Sirvis:

US Tomahawk missiles aimed at Damascus missed their target and landed on Washington, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve instead. Luckily, there were few casualties, as Wall Street and Federal Reserve usual suspects were all in the Hamptons fucking $5000 whores and swilling $60,000 bottles of Dom. Military spokesmen were at a loss to explain the derivation, but one expert said, off the record, that perhaps a recent solar flare had messed with the tomahawk tracking systems. Maybe. Obama is safe and being watched over by angels. Congress was luckily out of session, though no members have as yet been accounted for, as per usual. The MSM media is reporting that the missile strikes were a complete success, and Assad can no longer get an erection.

Stay tuned for further developments... 


From Rooters:

In the aftermath of the obliteration of Wall Street, Washington Institutions of Governance, and the Federal Reserve, there has been much confusion as to who, or what, would fill the power vacuum.

(cue giant sucking sound) Billary Clintons were heard on NPR moments ago, soothing the nation. "It is a terrible day," the conjoined twins said, "for democracy and the light of the world that is America. Luckily, we're here to make everything better. We are announcing a new foundation, in conjunction with the Bushes, for the betterment of Obama (and then Jeb and then Chelsea[Conjoined with a Mannings]) as President of the World!!! We are calling it the ClintonsBushes Foundation for Global Governance Over Everything and Then Some. Bread and circuses for everybody. We are hereby, um, recommending everyone in America take ClintonsBushes as their surname, and dispense with the Constitutional pleasantries." A less then traumatized nation was heard to utter a collective yawn. Miley Cyrus immediately thereafter showed her cootie to Jimmy Fallon on network TeeVee, and all of America was otherwise google-eyed.

Stay tuned for further developments...
[correction: Cootie was meant to read cooter. Though the author claims, the way Miley was dancing with mR Thicke, she probably has cooties.]


From Rooters:

Earlier today, in the confusion in the aftermath of the dust-ification of Wall Street, Washington Institutions of Governance and the Federal Reserve, an all-points bulletin was issued, calling all DHS, TSA, NSA, FBI, CIA and Local and State Law Enforcement, in the search for Larrys Summer, Roberts Rubins, Lances Blankfeins and Jamies Dimons.

"A quadruplet of leggy, exceptionally flamboyant transvestites reported them missing," said a Hamptons Police Department Spokesperson. "They apparently didn't show up for their appointment. Everybody else did, apparently."

Speculation abounded. Social media was alight, most of the afternoon, the devastation of the errant tomahawks forgotten, Syria seemingly not any longer newz.

"Lances is such a big boy," said one of the man-whores, dressed like a peach peacock dominatrix, to Caty Kurik moments ago. "He likes it so much, he's ever so very punctual."

"Jamies ummm, just so...I hope he's ok," said another, otherwise identifying "herself" as "Jamies's play toy."

The nation is mourning this evening. All four were found in the rubble of the New York Federal Reserve. "Hands on each other's cock," said a clearly angry police representative. "Funny thing was, we didn't find any gold."

Timothys Geithners could not be reached for comment.

Stay tuned for further developments...


From Rooters:

"Putins, Ayatollah whoever, Xi Jing-pings," said Obama, under the influence of the Angels, "sitting in a tree. XYZ, kissing tomahawks baby." As he listened to LCD Soundsytems, Dance Yourself Clean, in an undisclosed location, underground somewhere.

"Assad, aSS-AD, lookitme. Future president of the world, supported by the BushesClintons," mistaking the order of things, but then, not really.

"U2! What! Shut it off! Those traitor English! Goddammit, Executive Order, no more god-damned English music in the land formerly known as America."

"Sing it Johnny! Hot damn, gonna ring that Middle East in a ring of fire! Libya, Egypt! Syria! Iran! Feels good god damn, actually, thinking and talking like the Bushes! Fukushima rain down, what do I care, underground! Soon to be in Brussels. Presiding over a New World Order. President of the mother fucking world. Yeah!"

"God dammit! I decreed! No more god damn English music!

Stay tuned for further developments...


From Rooters:


From Rooters:

Overheard on the streeT:

"What the fuck do we do now?"

"Make it up as we go, I guess."

"Like how?"

"Be good and kind to people."

"Yeah, but..."

"Get drunk, get high, grow stuff, build stuff, sing, dance, share."

"Yeah, but..."

"Yeah, but what?"

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Angry (my apologies)

Alright, my anger about this Syria thing is blurring my vision. That last post crossed a line.

Fact is, it seems whoever I talk to about this stuff is basically indifferent. Like they are defeated. Like they are reconciled to eternal war. I rage about the security state, the CIA, the gov, banks etc, and they just look at me and nod their head. "That's the way the world works," they often say. Like they are too afraid of the NSA et al security state to truly stand against war, if they do have any feelings about it. That this could escalate into the war for all the marbles I've been predicting for some time, is whatever, I guess.

Anyway, I'm sorry for being so insulting. I'm going to shut up about this for awhile. Posts like that last one, or last few, aren't helping anything.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fucked, America

It is impossible to overstate how much I detest this man. Perhaps not as much as I detest these fucking people, Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney et al:

But then, you know Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld et al have a financial motive and are bloodthirsty warmongers. No one ever disputed that, but the people who treat these fucksticks like they are demigods.

John Kerry on the other hand pretends like he is a peace-loving kind of guy. Like some kind of Liberal moral compass. When in fact he has the very big cock of the Military/Industrial/Banking empire up his ass. Like Obama, with his Nobel Peace Prize, dropping drone bombs on the heads of women and children just about every week. So Assad is partially responsible for 100,000 dead in his country? So the moral thing is to finance al Qaeda and assorted jihadist mercenaries, to over-throw Assad, and then we bomb the hell out of the country - just as we did in Libya? Libya thankfully is not quite the hell hole Iraq is, but then, give it time. American foreign policy is an equal opportunity nation-state destroyer, killer of women and children.

These are the sort of monsters the current Administration is cavorting with. The kind of mischief the CIA is stirring up (the CIA of course answering to no Administration). 

Meanwhile, President Hollande of France is swinging his wet noodle, talking about "punishing" Assad, and America is up-in-arms about post-pubescent Miley Cyrus and her cadre of sexualized teddy bears:

One has to wonder, was this performance orchestrated by the CIA? LOL. Or is it just another manifestation of collective America's immature, vapid, empty sexual unconscious, in the land where people of all moral stripes FREAK OUT about a little titty, but the dropping of drone bombs on kids is oh-so-ho-hum (yawn). Hardly anyone freaks out about violent programming, but the contrived sight of a veiled nipple is a decades worth of moral grandstanding.

So it goes, Obama unleashes the dogs of war on Syria, and sexually confused, morally decrepit America is incapable of asking, who stands to gain? Assad, in his tiny country, the whole world watching? Or the Military/Industrial/Banking empire? What's that, the CIA helped Saddam gas Iranians in the 1980's? Is that supposed to be some kind of mind fuck, that this government that is hell bent on CRUSHING leakers, declassifies documentation of CIA involvement in gassing people, at the same time they are going to war against Assad for supposedly gassing people, when there is every indication that CIA financed and supported al Qaeda and assorted hyper violent mercenaries are behind the gassing, when all this is very likely really about IRAN?

Are you ready to get fucked, America?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Reading Recommendations

For anyone out there who wants to read about what has happened to the American economy, Jim Quinn has an interesting series worth reading, @ The Burning Platform (TBP). Jim is a Libertarian. I have sometimes referred to Libertarians as Anarchists who don't give a damn about the earth or people generally, LOL (I have sometimes referred to myself as an anarchist, knowing full well, almost no one has any idea what anarchism actually is, i.e. the way of nature, cooperation as opposed to competition, a state among people in which no one RULES.) Jim's commentariat at his blog are not very nice :) , which I take to be something of a reflection of Jim; otherwise, he writes excellent economic analysis. I recommend his latest series, for context.

In the article I co-wrote, cross-posted @ TBP, I was very critical of Brandon Smith @ Atl-Market. He has a very heavy handed censorship policy at his website, which is to say, if you write a comment that he doesn't like, it will be gone in less than 10 minutes (I know, I timed it three times last week LOL.) I have also been very critical of him and the Liberty Movement generally, specifically for his and the movements typical denial that climate change is happening, and a belief more or less that oil is infinite. Whereas I believe most of the troubles in the world today can be traced to exponential population growth tied to oil consumption, and a consequent strain on available resources, Brandon thinks Climate Change and Peak Oil are Illuminati fictions, made-up stories to perpetuate Illuminati power.

His most recent article is a must-read however, for anyone who cares to understand what is really happening in Syria. He and I agree, many of the worst atrocities pinned on Bashar al Assad are very likely the work of al Qaeda and affiliated mercenaries in the ranks of the rebels, with the full knowledge and support of the CIA, and the leadership of America and our military leadership. The exact same tactics were deployed in Vietnam, and by the death squads presided over by President Ronald Reagan, in Central and South America. It is not too fine a point at all to say that Obama is presiding over death squads in Syria, and formerly in Libya.

I ask you to read these, because I believe these exact same tactics will be used here in America, in particular to turn Americans against the Liberty movement, which is mostly comprised of "salt-of-the-earth" Christians. That may seem unlikely to you, but think of the mood of America immediately after 9/11. One could not suggest war was a bad idea without being cursed as a traitor. Such an event, pinned on the Liberty movement, would have the same effect. Why the Liberty movement? Because they are the only ones in America significantly armed, and significantly critical of the Federal government. A financial storm is coming, and the Feds and banks and hedge funds and corporate executives are going to need an internal scapegoat, an internal boogeyman to distract the people. The FBI already has proven more than capable and abundantly willing, of nurturing would-be Islamic bombers. All they, or the CIA or NSA have to do is the same, but put a real bomb in the "Liberty Movement" patsy's hands. I think we already saw a precursor of something very like this in Boston. Remember how much of the MSM talk early on was (and remains), that it was the work of far-right conservative gun nuts. Articles like this one from the Wall Street Journal, in which the implication is, if you question your government, you are either a terrorist or brain damaged.

The point is, what the FBI/Gov says about "terrorists", Americans generally believe without question, as if it were the sacrosanct word of a Supreme Deity. It is not the word of any Supreme Deity, it is the word of men (mostly) who have built a global empire and mean to keep it, NO MATTER WHAT. They will sacrifice whoever, however, wherever, in maintenance of that power, of that influence. You might not prevent that; but you can't avoid falling prey to it, either to the financial collapse or the fear-mongering and scapegoating, if you don't know what TPTB have done and are capable of.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

End Game

It is impossible to overstate how imperilled my country feels to me right now. Not because of any traditional outside threat, but because of gross malfeasance, incompetence and indifference rampant, within. Nowhere is that more evident than in my government and MSM treatment of Syria.

It's hard to imagine that at one time, there was only a MSM, as far as information exchange is concerned. I like to the think, "back then," people had more ethics, were more moral. Maybe, maybe not. These days, based on the Mainstream treatment of Syria, at least, I'm inclined to think the whole bloody operation is corrupt beyond redemption, MSM intern - to the President of the United States.

U.S. prepares for possible retaliatory strike against Syria - LA Times


(Syria attacked the US?)

Have you noticed, the sarin gas attacks in Syria have gotten worse over time? A hundred here, a hundred there, just lately, 3600 in one fell swoon. Of course we are talking about real people here, mothers and fathers and children. Who are the perpetrators? Your government says it was Bashar al Assad and his henchmen. There is plenty of evidence to suggest, it is in fact the rebels gassing people, to bring International heat down on Assad's head because they are otherwise losing the war - or there is no gassing at all, or less than is reported. How wicked is that? Considering the rebel fighters are mostly al Qaida mercenaries and the like, nothing unusual here. Except they are CIA and NATO financed, no dispute there. Where's the wicked what?

There is growing evidence your government is incapable of telling the truth about anything meaningful.

So suppose Assad is the wicked bastard the US makes him out to be, which I don't dispute. And he has figured out, I can go ahead and gas my people, because it is impossible to unravel who is doing the gassing at this point. So the answer is, for America to rain bombs down on the country, so that it turns into an eternal guerilla war zone like Iraq? Unwrap that wickedness.

Of course, things are never really as they seem, in the realm of International fuck yer brother. As I've pointed out in this blog, at risk is the status of the Dollar as the world reserve currency, and the petro dollar. That is why we rain-down bombs on Muslims; to show the world that we are not fucking around. We are going to control the politics of the Middle East, and it's oil; or at least, keep the Middle East in chaos just enough not to empower it, that we might more easily manipulate it, and if any Arab country gets a little too out of line, we will bomb it back into stone tool making and camel riding.

Which of course, all of this rests on a declining foundation of resources generally. If you think the MSM tales about who is responsible for sarin gas attacks in Syria are bullshit, you perhaps are dubious about "imminent" American energy independence. Because, like, that's why we are drilling in 10,000 feet of water, and gouging it out of the earth, and fracking every where we can frack, and bombing the shit out of and destabilizing the Middle East, because we are so awash in fracking oil and gas? LOL. If you believe fracking is an energy revolution, I have a housing bubble to sell you. Which if you know anything about the talk lately, about the housing recovery, you know that is bullshit too. Btw - Yer gov says fracking does not pollute.

Which of course, all of this points to a very precarious economy, the Fed is out of "ammo", thus, walla, Assad gasses 3600 of his own people. Enter big ass military. If you can't kick start an economy, kick start a war. That THAT is the logic of monsters should be a foregone conclusion by now.

Now I don't write this to generate despair or cynicism in you. I do so that you will come to understand, America is warmongering it's way into civilizational collapse. Which is why the NSA exists, to keep track of what people like me are saying and doing, so that they can treat me and the others like me like they are treating Assad, like they have treated Iraq and Afghanistan, like they treated South East Asian and South American people and hippies back-in-the-day. Should our beloved elite decide they need to expand the definition of internal boogeyman, to wield their warmongering against. Because they are otherwise losing control over the situation. That is why it is now LEGAL for the United States government to "disappear" any American. That is why they want control over the Internet. That is why they want to restrict access to blogs like this. That is why bankers are too big to prosecute and hackers and pot smokers get the fascist treatment. TPTB are driven to madness, realizing they cannot anymore lie with impunity; there are a growing number of people out there, able to put things in context. In their madness, elite America defaults in the only way they really know how, which is the exercise of power, which ALWAYS trends toward the abuse of power, esp. in a country so rich and powerful as America. 

Anyway, it seems to me we are approaching some kind of end game. Russia and China are not sitting on their hands about this Syria bizness. They are actively engaged in undermining American preeminence. They are not just going to sit idly by as America evolves this Syria thing into an Iran thing, a la Iraq. Can you blame them? You might as well get over the idea that America is better (i.e. good), insofar as the projection of power. In fact, there is not a more corrupt, nefarious, mean-spirited, psychopathic government than ours, in the totality of it's influence, which reflects very badly on Americans generally.

So I encourage you not to sit on your hands, about your government's warmongering, dragging us into Syria. Whatever that means for you. Which I don't mean, go out and protest, as much as go out and prepare for the collapse of the dollar as the world reserve currency and petro dollar. Contradict the warmongers among you, the bloodthirsty who think any American warmongering is by definition Just. Educate yourself, start talking to people.

Because nature has no tolerance for lies, for any stance of invincibility, in the long term. Just ask Fukushima.   

Friday, August 23, 2013

Homo insane insatiable (americanus)


Homo insane insatiable (americanus):

A particular, -sub, -sub class of Homo sapien sapien, characterized by a deeply-ingrained sense of entitlement, invincibility, historical inevitability; while manifesting a particularly weak assessment of economic, political or ecological reality.


Huffpost is reporting that Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, thinks Larry Summers would be a bad choice as Fed Chair.

"In Taibbi's view, Summers will continue many of his predecessor's policies -- specifically quantitative easing, a complex policy under which the central bank purchases securities from the Federal government and private financial institutions in order to provide the financial system with capital."

To which I replied:

LOL. I'm sorry, did HuffPost mean, Qurantative Easing, a system by which the Fed "prints" money to the tune of 85 billion a month, which they give to big banks, in exchange for their bad bets on toxic mortgages and such? Every American thereby paying for it, in less and less buying power of the dollar, as in real inflation more like the 10% range rather than the next to nothing reported by the Fed? Which 85 billion the banks do not lend, but bet on riskier and riskier money making schemes, by which they will take the profit but sell the losses to the Fed? Good Gawd, HuffPost.

And by the way, Summers is the one talking about scaling back QE (though he won't.) The Left's beloved Yellen is perfectly fine with endless QE. Inflation is GOOD! says

I mean, how insane has this country become, when Matt Taibbi can't distinguish between which elite non-choice? How honest can he be, really? You can't tell me he isn't freaked out by the death of Michael Hastings (cue the MSM, how to insinuate a crash was drug caused contrary to the facts.) What was that, "Vampire squid?" What, vampire squid managing director is a rapist? Good Gawd, why don't we just give up the pretences and put O and GWB up for co-president, 2016. What's uglier than co-tyrants presiding over a country full of fascists? A warmongering Hilary, apologized for because she is a woman, that's what. Or yes, her status quo equivalent warmongering gangster apologizer on the Right. Fuck.

Meanwhile the Left thinks the new fight is to make a Manning a Chelsea, and one can't tell if that's some twisted homage to Bill and Hillary's heir, or just another excuse to deny the total surveillance capabilities their beloved leader O has been nurturing. We do adore our royal families. ("Turd-blossom" didn't serve GWB because g was a commoner. LOL)

(Thank you, Bradley Manning. I'm sorry so much of our country has lost it's mind.)

Do I want to live in a society where women are empowered and gay and trans-gendered people are respected? Absolutely. What is the rest of the world to make of us then, torturing people, incarcerating millions, many for the pettiest of reasons, dropping drone bombs on women and children whose men don't respect their women and gays (!), and don't support our thirst for oil, putting people away for espionage who reveal state war crimes, rapes and murders, while the rapists and murderers and their defenders go free to commit more, in the name of fighting terrorism?

Meanwhile HuffPost and most of the rest of the mainstream media can't quite agree on how much to tone down the threat of Fukushima. One week the corporation TEPCO is admitting 200-300 tons of nuclear water flowing into the ocean every damn day, with no end in sight, there is no plan; the next thing you know the mainstream media is reporting there was this one spill, these few times (read, everything is under control.)

Meanwhile my whole working life has been dedicated to the maintenance and building of an infrastructure financed by bankers, making nuclear and fracking necessary, among other hideous assaults upon the ability of the earth to sustain Homo sapien sapien. And the only people really talking about rebellion in America (Liberty, Tea Party, Libertarian) are people who think climate change is a fiction of Illuminati/Lefty types, oil is infinite, and as often as not the earth is six or eight thousand years old.

As for that Qurantative faux pas in my Huffpost comment, I think, who is more the danger to freedom in this world, fundamentalist religious types or International Financiers? It isn't an either or, actually.

Who is a total surveillance state built to spy upon? The NSA and their corporate brethren exist to maintain the power of International Financiers, corporations, banks, military, law enforcement and the state. It doesn't matter if the perceived enemy is Muslim, or any American, elder, woman or child.

I was in my local grocery the other day, and I was like, is there anything in here that isn't GMO?

Fukushima? GMO? The wars against Muslims for oil, the fascist controls and abuse of Plants and Fungi? Sounds like the makings of a holocaust to me.


(As for the image above, the ape didn't become human because they  discovered the use of a club. More like, the ape became human because they ventured onto the savanna and ate psilocybin mushrooms. ;) )

As for evolutionary advantage, lol, there's a podcast I did in two parts, with Blair Longley, party leader, Marijuana Party Canada (W/ RE and Monsta666) at the Doomstead Diner, coming Sunday Aug 25, 2013. Blessings,

WHD :) )


Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Newz...

Markets were jubilant Thursday, on newz that the United States had finally embraced efficiencies.

"Consumers and the Great Holy Market have spoken," said new Head-Ideological Spokesperson, Priss Lipsmith. "In the interest of efficiency, the Democratic and Republican parties have merged, to create the America Kicks ASS! party. Americans will be better served as a result."

When asked if s/he thought that might be contrary to the spirit of democracy and the Republic, Lipsmith replied, "What is your name? See the man in the mask before you leave."

Not everyone was such a hater. The Wall Street Gernal opined, "Too-big-to-fail has proven such a boon to the banks, it only makes sense for the Federal Government. Keeping up the pretence of ideological differences is a terrible waste of capital that would be much better served fattening the golden calf  (market) (us, bitchez)."

In a question and answer survey with new Head-Ideological Spokesperson Priss Lipsmith, the path for the new government was most assiduously outlined.

Q - The global bond market has been in chaos. There have been concerns that there is looming, a financial crisis potentially worse than that in 2008. How will this new government respond?

PL - No.

Q - No, what?

PL - Next question.

Q - Um, there are some concerns, particularly on the West coast, that Fukushima is spiralling out of control.  How does this new government respond?

PL - The NSA, FBI and CIA have all confirmed that "Fukushima" is actually a low-budget soft-porn film created by a UCLA grad student. All copies including the film maker have been disappeared, I mean rendered - renditioned.

Q - uhhh...There are rumors that the status of the "petro-dollar" and the dollar as the world reserve currency, are imperilled. Many are reporting that the Chinese and the Russians have been acquiring copious amounts of gold, in support of a gold-backed Yuan, as a replacement for the dollar.

PL - The Espionage Act is very clear. ANY information imperilling the ability of the America Kicks ASS! party to properly function as the TRUE WILL of the people, is in violation.

Q - But the Chinese and the Russians cannot be in violation...

PL - I wasn't talking about the Chinese or the Russians. Next question.

Q -  (gulp) The situation in Egypt threatens the flow of oil out of the Suez canal. With Brent crude at $111/brl, that could cripple the global economy. Does this government have a plan to contain the situation?

PL - Mubarak is back. Don't worry your pretty little head about it.

Q - But, the Arab Spring...

 PL - (sing song) Rains keep fallin on my head...

Q - similar situation could arise in the straights of Hormuz if there is a concerted effort between Iran, China and Russia, to challenge the dollar. With a weakening Saudi state, that could spell very difficult times for America.

PL - Repeat, three times: American Energy Independence. American Energy Independence. American Energy Independence. Click your heels, Dorthy. Oz is just around the bend.

Q - But there are signs that the fracking revolution is little more than an asset bubble in the spirit of the housing bubble and the tech bubble before that.

PL - WTF did I say about the Espionage Act? Do you remember those text messages you sent to that man who is not your husband? Right. Next question.

Q - (tentatively) Many are concerned about Climate Change, that it may become difficult for humanity to feed itself, if the climate continues to be destabilized. Does this government...

PL - Well, you'll be happy to know that everyone in the America Kicks ASS! party is in fact Monsanto GMO, designed to resist climate change. No worries (Cheshire grin)

Q - (more assertively) It is also widely believed that the military and law enforcement in this country, are self-perpetuating, and growing in a way that is not healthy for the country.

PL - What is good for this gander is good for the people. All right, that concludes this question and answer. I hope I have alleviated any of your concerns about the transition from two-party plutocracy to one-party despotism. If not, the NSA will be recording any and all communications, ongoing. Have a nice day! :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Late Summer Apex

It was reported last week that TEPCO, the corporation responsible for the "clean up" @ Fukushima, has been lying about nuclear contaminated water discharging into the ocean - that contaminated water is now, and has been for some time, pouring into the ocean, some 200 tons a day! It has also been reported this week that no less a personage than Hillary Clinton, assured Shinzo Abe and his nazi cohorts, secretly, that America would continue to purchase Japanese sea food, that the Federal government would not test it for contamination. Which means there could be nuclear contaminated sea food in America's food supply.

Where has this readily available information come from? Well, aside from the links, I can tell you where it did not come from: your friendly corporate-owned Main Stream Media (MSM). I mean, they are reporting on the spill, sort of, but not the extent of it, nor the extent to which Fukushima is a disaster IN PROGRESS, with no discernible strategy to fix the predicament other than lying about it being a predicament that has no available fix.

Meanwhile, the NSA is collecting data on every American, maybe even every keystroke as I type this. And Americans collectively yawn.

As for Hillary, I'm not sure what kind of strategy it is to turn a blind eye to the potential poisoning of Americans, if she wants to be president. But then, poisoning Americans is probably not enough to prevent a little more than half of American voters to elect her (instead of that other evil candidate.) How are they going to know anyway, if the MSM won't report it? After all, every branch of government and the MSM will line up to assure Americans they are not being poisoned, no matter what the evidence, as evidenced by the 100,000+ chemicals readily circulating in the biosphere. And Americans, so inured to chemical usage generally, even if they knew what Fukushima was, even if they knew their government was allowing potential nuclear contaminated sea food into the food supply, would probably not stop eating it, if they are accustomed, imaging as they tend to do that the government exists to protect them, whatever the evidence. If Americans will believe every word out of the FBI as if it were the gospel of God Himself, then they certainly aren't going to question the government saying the food is safe, or fracking does not pollute the water supply, or the NSA and secret courts are defenders of liberty. LOL

I mean, this is the Apex of humanity? We are the most evolved people who ever lived? The possibility of devolving is about as readily acknowledged, as economic de-growth, or that this civilization will collapse as all civilizations inevitably do. That de-volution might precede civilizational collapse, does not occur apparently, to a people who allow a "bio-tech" corporation to be put in charge of the food supply, which corporation conspires with this government, not to let the people know when their bodies are taking in genetic material manipulated by said bio-tech company. That we are being poisoned, fattened and weakened by TPTB is not cause to alarm, apparently, to a people poisoned, fattened and weakened, otherwise gorged on the entertainments.

So something like 20% of the economy is dedicated to Health Care for the poisoned, fattened, weakened and misled, and about 20% of the economy is Law Enforcement police state building and maintenance, to keep the poisoned, fattened, weakened and misled that way, and war making, and the rest of the economy is basically about making people sick, and people buying cheap toxic consumer garbage. But hey, America is the GREATEST!

I mean, I get to write this stuff, and not get hauled away to some legal, secret prison, never to be heard from again - as long as no one is listening, of course. Which, no comments on my last two posts, something like 76 listens on the Toby Hemenway podcast after a week, that's not nobody, but not enough thankfully, for government minders to come snooping around building a case to muzzle me. LOL See, talking about the Goddess has it's perks - hardly anyone will take you seriously, including, probably your government, unless there were like, millions of you taking action. Actually, I expect there are in fact millions of you, taking action in small ways, at the fringes. Most of you, less poisoned, less fattened, less weakened, less naive than your average consumer. LOL

Enjoy the rest of the summer. I don't recommend sea food at this point, though. Nor the MSM. Or the Federal government. Or any corporation, bank, or any law enforcement agency. They are all in on it. ;) LOL.