Friday, June 28, 2013

A Conversation with Gaia, Continued.

"My goddess. Gaia. My earth mother."

"My child."

"What am I? Who am I?"

"Wouldn't you like to know."

Silence. No response.

"What? Petulance? Not the answer you wanted? How many times have these questions been asked? Why do you suppose you are more worthy than any who have come before you?"

"People say they know of past lives. Many talk of God."

"You know well people will say anything."

"Yes, but..."

"Yes, are as old as the stars."

"That is one answer."

"Of many."

"It is a clee-shay." ************cliche'

"If it means nothing to you, you are not ready to hear more."

"It means much to me. I know the atoms that are at the core of my body are pretty much as old as the universe. There is a deeper reality though, I know."

"What are you doing now, that you would not be doing otherwise? You know what I mean."

Pause. "There was a woman. I might have entertained her tonight."

"And you did not make the offer, why?"

"I have little money."

"Is she a whore, that you would have to pay her to entertain her?"


"Then what about money did you need to be entertaining?"

"It is too much trouble."

"And what did you say to yourself when you first saw her?"

Silence. No responce.

"What did you think when she later presented herself to you?"

Silence. No responce.

"What about the easy talk?"

Silence. No responce.

"So what is the point of knowing who and what you are, if you are incapable of enjoying yourself? Incapable of enjoying another?"


"I, I...Me, Me. What if you knew the answer to the questions you ask? Would you be satisfied? Would you be ready to die? Would you be ready to live?"

"I am ready to die."

"You are a coward and a weakling. You are not ready to die. You know nothing of death. You know little about life. Though you have been here now some forty years."

"I know much about this life, and death."

"You know more about who and what you are than you are acknowledging."

"What I think I know is preposterous."

"Any more than this conversation?"

"Yes, in fact."

"Well then, what are you going to do?"

"That is what I am wondering."

"You think you know so much. Why do you ask me?"

"Confirmation. Or clarity."

Silence. No responce.

"You will not answer, my goddess?"

"Am I your whore that you would ask me such a question?"

Bowing. "My name is William Hunter Duncan, and I am in service to you."

"You might try taking yourself less seriously. How is that, as an answer to your questions?"

"All the answer I need."

"You are petulant. Do you understand that I make myself comprehensible to you? If I showed you what I am truly, you would not survive it. If I showed you what you are truly, you would not survive it."

Bowing. "I ask human questions."

"You might try acting like a human sometimes then."

"A human is more than human, you said."

"Yes. And what you become next, will depend on what you do in this life."

"So what am I to do?"

"What you are doing. Just enjoy it more. Be open. Be good and kind to people. Be good and kind to yourself."

"So, what am I? Who am I?"

"Keep asking."

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Conversation with Gaia

"My Goddess. Gaia. My earth mother."

"My child."

"My people are lost."

"Yes, many are. Almost all."

"What can be done?"

"What do you imagine can be done?"

"I imagine the earth again, a garden."

Silence. No response.

"You do not answer, my Goddess."

"You have a good heart. What do you imagine the likelihood that the garden you imagine will become the way of your people, in your lifetime?"

Silence. No response.

"Are you prepared to be born again here, until the garden you imagine is the way of your people, my children?"

"Will my kind survive long enough for me to be born again, here, on your surface?

"If not, will you return the many millions of times it would take me to arise a another species of your 'intelligence'?"

Silence. No response.

"What is this service you speak of?"

"It is hard enough to contemplate that I would be born again here, knowing nothing of any past life and even that such a thing is possible; to then imagine being born here many millions of times as something not human, after we have gone extinct."

"Then do not ask what can be done, if you are not prepared to hear the answer."

A pause. "I am in service to more than you, my Goddess."

"Then perhaps you have no choice but to return again, perhaps next time as a slug."

"I am in your service, my Goddess," bowing.

"Then perhaps you are ready to prepare your people for the garden you imagine. How has that worked thus far?"

Silence. No response.

"I ask again. Are you willing to be born again, here, to help make the surface of me the garden you imagine?

"I am."

"If it takes a million lives and never happens, and every life is something 'less' than human?"

"I want humans to live in joy and wonder on this earth."

"There is no joy nor wonder on this earth without suffering."

"Suffering will be eased if we treat this earth as a garden. By garden I mean, balancing the garden with the wild."

"That is accomplished quite nicely without humans. I was very much like the garden you imagine, before your kind planted seed deliberately."

"And I refuse to believe planting seed was wrong. Or that the course of events then 'till now were anything but inevitable."

"Yes, more regulated abundance and a sedentary life, in the advent of the planted seed, made many of your kind monsters. Why do you believe, if you continue to plant, you will not continue to grow monsters?"

"I believe there will come a time when the type of planting will not be conducive to the consolidation of power."

"Your kind have a curious conception of power. I could wipe you out completely in a fortnight. Without any great difficulty. The Sun, likewise."

"But you would not spend four billion years birthing us, to blot us out in a night."

"We might rather make you go extinct than have a few of you survive in an utterly desiccated toxic landscape, that would take us a million human generations to fully heal. We could birth another comparable to human, in the time it would take a human couple to birth a child. Would you think me wrong, to have had enough of human 'intelligence'?"

"You would not kill your child more readily than a human mother or father."

"Well, rest assured, your kind are capable enough to engineer your own extinction, without any help from us."

"So what is the point then, my imagining a healed, lush, vibrant planet with people still on it, if between yourself and humans there seems no destiny but fire and ash?"

"Fire and ash is what will become of my body, eventually."

"But not for a long time! What of my people, between now and then!"

"You are more than your kind. You know that."

"I know what I have experienced in this life: joy, wonder and suffering. I believe a time comes when humanity will live mostly at peace on this earth."

"Perhaps peace is not the way of your kind, or the point. Perhaps it is as they say, there is only a perpetual battle, between good and evil forever, with lulls between conflict?"

"I think in cycles of time. Though it seems at times evil has triumphed among my species, and there is nothing to be done but to prepare for the death of us."

"Why do you care so much about the fate of your kind, when you intuit there is so much more to you than being human?"

"Because I love this earth and this body."

"So what is to be done?"

"That is what I am wondering."

"Are you unhappy with the path you are on?"

"No. But I expect to see ever increasing war, pestilence, famine and death, the remainder of my life."

"And you are wondering what is to be done about that?"

"There is nothing to be done to prevent it. I only want help building a community, and a garden to sustain us, whatever happens."

"For that you have my blessing. And that of the Sun."

"Thank you, my Goddess. Gaia. My earth mother. I am in your service."



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ass(oc) of the Month

Can you tell what is wrong with this picture?

This is a bag of Cedar "Path and Play" wood chips, otherwise known as mulch, which we sell @ uber retail outlet. It is one of many kinds of mulch, either cedar, pine or cypress, shredded or chipped, sometimes artificially colored red, brown or black. 

I called the "manufacturer," to ask if they could define what they mean by "Virgin Forest," because to me, "virgin forest" has a very specific meaning: Forest that has never been cut, of which there is probably less than 1% remaining in North America. The woman I spoke with, who I had been transferred to, did not even know they sold a mulch called Path and Play. Then she told me it was pine or cypress. When I told her it was cedar, she acted confused. I asked her again if she could define "virgin forest," and she repeated that it was "forest product found on the forest floor." I thanked her for the "information," and let it go.

Who really knows where they get the wood they "manufacture" into shreds and chips? At first I wondered, do they really seek out forest that has never been cut, so they can tell Americans, 'see, wood chips from virgin, previously uncut forest, what your American children deserve to romp around on!' More likely, it is whatever cedar they can purchase on the open market, ancient trees 100x as old as any human, to immature trees growing in previous clear cuts. The statement that this is forest product found on the forest floor is a patent absurdity, conjuring images of people wandering around the forest picking branches dropped from mature trees. Industrial logging has one method and one method only - clear cut. Here is a picture of what they are doing to the Amazon, to grow Monsanto soybeans to sell to the Chinese.

Most likely, the virgin forest label is just the wit of a dipshit marketer/copy writer, who wouldn't know a forest from a tree, writing something he/she thinks is clever, to entice the "consumer" to buy the "product." Which 99.9% of the people shopping @ uber retail outlet wouldn't notice, and it wouldn't register or mean anything to them if they did. Nor do any but that 0.1% stop to wonder, where is all this mulch coming from? How can they sell so much cypress (our cheapest and fastest selling mulch by far), which is a swamp tree growing in a limited region of the southeast, in any way resembling ecological responsibility, or sustainability? Apparently the people who work for the company that "manufactures" the mulch, don't even know what they sell, or where it comes from, or how it is harvested. And no one apparently other than this blogger is checking-in to ask, or they would have at the very least a pre-packaged answer.

Which is another reason why America, and the species known as Homo sapien sapien, is DOOMED.

I walked into receiving @ uber retail outlet, two days ago, to throw away another twenty lbs or so of shrink wrap. Every pallet of merchandise that comes into receiving, 6-8 truck loads a week, is wrapped in shrink wrap. I imagine millions of lbs of plastic shrink wrap goes into the garbage every year, just at the corporation I work for, just as every pallet of merchandise for every single retail outlet in the country, is wrapped in the stuff, none of which is recycled. Not to mention, just about everything on the pallets, known as merchandise, is destined for landfills within 5 years, resources of the earth that can never be recovered. 

As I was throwing away the shrink wrap, I noticed a perfectly good front-entry door lying on a cart. Next to that on another cart, was a stack twenty high, of perfectly good $30 aluminum window screens. I asked the guy working the electric fork lift, pulling pallets off the truck docked at the gate, "they aren't really throwing this stuff away, are they?"

"I'm just waiting on confirmation to throw it all down the chute."

"You're kidding me!"

Laughing. "You just aren't immune to it yet."

"No, I'm not."

"After the first million bucks, you will be."

"No I won't," I muttered, as I walked away.

This of course is standard practice at corporate retail outlets all over the country. See, no one will define for you why, except this blogger or critics like me, who will say that uber corp will not put it on clearance, because then the buyer won't buy the stuff at full price. They won't give it to thrift stores because they don't want the consumer to shop at thrift stores, because then they won't shop @ uber retail outlet. They won't let employees take it, even to install it in their own home, for the same reason, and because they don't know that the employee isn't going to sell it. A customer bought that door as a special order, but didn't like it. Into the garbage it goes. The window screens remain a mystery. Weren't selling, I guess. Hundreds of millions of dollars of perfectly good merchandise, thrown in the garbage in America, by uber retail outlets every year. Perhaps billions of $ worth. 

What is terrorism? Do you really suppose brown people on the other side of the planet hate us for our freedom? No, they hate us because our corporations, backed by our military, financed by our banks, have been raping their land and their people for the greater part of a century now, installing and supporting vicious dictators who care nothing for democracy or freedom, so that we might shop blissfully not knowing where the merchandise we buy comes from or where it goes when we are done with it. If we simply pulled back our military from the rest of the world and stopped buying cheap shit we don't really need from uber retail outlets, we would not have to worry at all about terrorism, except the more usual kind emanating from our own government, visited on us in the absence of small, undeveloped countries to pillage and rape and rule over. 

Which is why aspiring fascist totalitarian dictators like Senator Lindsey Graham say things like 'bloggers should not have the right to blog.' Because just about the only place you can get anything like the truth about what is currently going on in the world, is on the Internet, from the alternative media. I've watched and read with some relish, the last several days, how much the MSM squak box celebrity 'journalists' have sounded very much like the alternative media, which has been railing about gov overreach since at least the Patriot Act. Shocked and astounded they are, in the revelation that yes in fact, elements within our gov have been building the infrastructure to capture, hold and analyze every digital communication on earth; it finally dawning on many, oh shit, this is serious. It has been rather fun, watching how clearly has been delineated, the line between those who believe the gov/corp/bank/military/law enforcement State has the right to control everything, and those who know that such a power is the fascist totalitarian ultimate dream, that it will be abused, that it is abused rampantly, to the great detriment and destruction of freedom for everybody.

Let's review: this government has made it legal for the government to strip search you for any arrest for any reason, to take your DNA for any "serious" reason, to arrest and detain you for a secret reason, to detain you anywhere in the world, until you die, without ever telling anyone where you are or even that they have taken you; oh, and it is legal for the gov to kill you, if the State says you are a threat to national (State) security. Remember that, next time you hear a State/Media shill say, everything the NSA, the secret FISA court, the ill-informed and compromised Congress and your constitutional lawyer President is doing, is "legal."

I hear a devil laugh every time I hear an American say, "I have nothing to hide." Such people effectively saying, 'I am OK with the State crushing anyone, as long as it isn't ME.' Which people are very much the sort of people who believe our corporate State is exporting democracy, that America can go on shopping unto eternity. 

All that said, guess who is Associate of the Month @ uber retail outlet? LOL.

You know why? Because I am one of the hardest working people there, they want to keep me around, and because they like me. That, and unconsciously, they know that what I am being paid, relative to what is the median in this culture, for the work that I do, for the knowledge I hold, for how well I get along with people, is unconscionable. Which they at the store-level can't do anything but hire me on @ the unconscionable wage the corporation dictates, so they do what they can to let me know how much I am appreciated :)

Which, my problem with the corporate/financial/military State has never been about people generally. It is about the rules, which are defined by the socio-path monsters who rise to the highest points; about the Institutions public and private they rule over, which ever more look to me demonic, very much an attempt to enslave the people, and ultimately to destroy the capacity of the earth to sustain human life.
Happy shopping.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spy On This

With much of the country ranting and raving about the emerging surveillance/police state, I thought I'd take a break and give the NSA/Homeland Security/FBI something to relax with, in their fascist, secret courts, secret legal interpretations snooping. LOL. Sorry the pics aren't sunnier, but the sun seems to have abandoned us here in the upper Midwest this year. Welcome to my lair. LOL. The north side of the houseMushrooms under the Stella Cherry, amid potato vinesMy front, um, "lawn". With a little Coer de ??? apple, and a Mesabi Cherry growing next to the big logOn the corner of the front step, out of the crack in the sidewalk, large leaved aster, swamp milkweed, anemone, viola, and Joe-Pye weedThis is my black-cap raspberry patch. About 18 quarts of berries last year. It's about twice the size it seems, this year. Not exaggerating, the healthiest black cap patch I have seen anywhere in my various travels in the state of MinnesotaFire on the prairie at the base of the fire hydrant, with encroaching wild strawberriesColumbine among a profusion of fleabane - shooting starsA black currant given to me by the blogger @ Eighth Acre FarmMy woodland-edge walk, wildflowers jumping from the boulevard to the "lawn"The pond and patio from the sidewalkThe treasure chest should be full of Dahlia and begonia, late summer, if we ever see the sun againHops, planted, five on either side of the garage, here among spontaneous snakeroot and astersBlueberriesAnemone among the red raspberries and blueberriesThe step to the main gardenPotatoes, two apple trees, etc. There was asphalt here, which I tore up and built this garden, which they told me I couldn't do, which I told them if I hear another thing about it I'm suing the city for harassment. They let that go and then fined me two weeks pay for those big logs that were meant to be carved statues hereKohl rabi, beets, turnips, radishes, bunch onions, various greensSwamp milkweed among the cabbagesAsparagusCultivar strawberriesDahlia emergingSummer yellow squash amid a ring of sweet corn, with spontaneous beans and bracken fern, and interesting, small but emerging potatoes lower and upper in the pic, emerging from SEED set by a few potato vines last yearred and white onions in a spirala wild cherry tree emerging by the water spigot, I can't seem to find the desire to cut backLast years turnip flowering, making seedPotatoes in front of climbing snap peas, with a hill behind that with zuchini and poona kheera cukesMy sad, sorry melons and cukes, many of which have died, the sun having abandoned us, cool temps and too much rainCactus in what is normally a very dry spot, which I had to clear out of weeds and sage to take this picA Western Sand Cherry on the left established there on its own, some very happy onions and my new rhubarb. A toy snake my 2 year-old nephew left hereA volunteer sunflowerSouthside. The patio and the pond