Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Prophesying 2013/14

End of the year predictions? Of course, I said recently I think of the Winter Solstice as the true New Year - Dec 31/Jan 01, entirely arbitrary. But then, most of West Civ. is still mired in the Gregorian, and I am a supposed natural mystic, in the, um, bizness of prophesying, So I suppose I could comment on 2013 becoming 2014.

What was 2013? The year we got our reprieve from the world ending, apparently. Depending on your perspective. I guess when I think about this video, I sort of have my doubts about that.

What is that, the CIA? Anyone remember Mockingbird? What sort of pathology is this, this consumer script, to save the economy? To keep the world as we know it from ending? Is this what people are good for, buying stuff they don't need, to support the debt to support things like - bankers and nuclear facilities? - until we can't buy things anymore? I'm not sure which is more deadly, potentially, bankers or nuclear faclities, whether we keep buying shit we don't need or not, which of course humanity cannot think about putting that reckoning off forever. Don't be shocked if Fukushima blows again in 2014.

I was watching old Sandy Hook “hoax” videos last night, until 3am. God knows why. Talk about pathology; It is hard to tell who loves guns more, the Left or the Right in America. Of course the Left only wants Law Enforcement, the CIA alpha ETC, Imperial war machine to be armed to the teeth, whereas the Right wants everybody to be so stockpiled and willing. Watching the various videos of the immediate aftermath of that very sordid event, it is very much as if half the Sandy Hook parents cared more about pacifying and disarming average Americans than they did their own dead children, which is very strange, but then who can account for the pathology of consumers, in the land of more guns than people? I know that event happened in 2012, but it was the effects of that spectacular failure in every respect, that we felt in 2013. I don't think we can leave that to TPTB to decide what is what, any more than we can 9/11 or the Boston Bombing. But we probably will. Speaking of Mockingbird, we tend to remember history how we are told.

I much prefer watching this sort of thing. The proper use of a vehicle.

These folks did well in 2013. I wish more people would act more like them, in 2014.

Otherwise, there does seem a growing fringe consensus, despite that we survived Dec 21, 2012, that 2014 is the year global debt meets it's reckoning. The Chinese are playing pin the tail on that dragon, while the Rising Sun islanders nextdoor are feeding homeless to it. The Europeans thought they slayed it; we Americans thought we could ride it.

Smaug makes trillions for somebody, which trillions somebody's aren't inclined to give up; Hobbits may be about all that's left, by the time that fire stops burning. Whenever it starts. (Would we even have a 2014 election if that dragon started blowing more than smoke? More like WWIII.)

For awhile I thought 2014 might be the year we initiated the first SUNstead. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear there are any more people involved, than when we started talking about it in 2013. It hardly seems we have time left, but then maybe I am conflating my own life with that of civilization, and I am just thinking I would like to see the fruit and nut trees mature, the second generation to grow into adulthood.

While I work on building that, I expect the stock market to continue to give Damocles a migraine. Why does he need the sword to fall on his head, if he's just going to levitate until it splits him in half? Idiot might have the sense to get out from under that sword, but kings aren't made to abdicate the throne. I wish I could say the age of petty emperors would end in 2014, but best case scenario in my cosmology is, 200 years at least. Which is about how long I expect it will take, before Industrialism plays itself out. Of course, I'm an optimist compared to some, who think we won't get out of this century without a mass extinction and a zero point, or the former but not the latter; I'm like a shining sun compared, lol.    Where was I? Oh right, stock market. See debt smaug.

I met a woman at the end of 2013 :). We talked for like 15 hours total, on three occasions. I suspect my reality would ruin the bliss of her shopping, though. I can't let shopping happen without thinking about reality. Which made it a little too like pretending for the both of us, I think. No woman no cry.

I've been watching more of Bob lately. Which reminds me I'm almost out of cannabis. Oh right, fascist state. Funny, I was thinking recently how curious it is, that Colorado is now king of cannabis, Confined Animal Feed Lots (CAFO) and Fracking. I wonder if cannabis will make them come to their senses? Probably you'll see a fascist backlash, if too many Coloradans start questioning the latter. I would expect my own state to expand CAFO and mining before they authorize cannabis. Here in Minnesota it will possibly be decided in 2014, whether or not we are going to pollute the waters with sulphuric acid and heavy metals, for the next 10-25 generations, with a single generation of mining. Cannabis prohibition OMG! If TPP and TAP trade pacts become law, it won't even matter what the people of Minnesota or any other state think about mining or pollution or cannabis, no matter how high they are or not. The most vocal of them will get the Bob treatment.

As for 2014 in America, and a definitive metaphor, this New Year's Eve? It's so cold, ravens are roosting in the middle of the day, in the tree outside my window; I shot a rabbit, I was going to eat it, but I think I'll feed the ravens instead; I'm going to go buy some alcohol, and then eat the left-over Chinese I bought last night. I threw the rabbit outside; the ravens flew away. I got drunk and high and forgot the Chinese. (maybe it will make sense this time next year.)

Anyway, if anyone want's to talk about SUNstead prospects, or anything else, check in. I'm on gmail. The Doomstead Diner. I don't often check Facebook or my website.

Merry New Year - Happy 2014


Friday, December 27, 2013

Simple . As . That

The ArchDruid John Michael Greer wrote a most interesting blog post this week. In it he compared Anton Lavey's Satanism, Ayn Rand, and elements of GOP and various purported Christian agendas. As the favored tendencies of the GOP so resemble Lavey's diabolical morality and Rand's Objectivism, Greer speculated as to whether Rand-isms (paeans to Ayn) had become code between the followers of the prince of lies:

"...The Satanic Bible....a book-length screed denouncing Christian morality and upholding an ethic of raw selfishness and might-makes-right. It’s still very much in copyright, so I’m not going to quote it here, but any reader who turns its pages will find the present social policy of the GOP precisely reflected in LaVey’s dismissal of two thousand years of Christian teaching about our duty to care for one another, his shrill denunciations of the vulnerable and needy as “parasites” and “vampires,” and his insistence that the successful owe nothing to anybody else.

Greer called his post satire, but it cuts a little TOO close to the truth. 
As the number of devil worshippers in evangelical churches and the Christian end of the Republican Party increased, though, their most pressing need would have been some surreptitious way to signal their involvement to those who shared their convictions, without believers in the Christian gospel being any the wiser. Coming up with a Satanic shibboleth that would be instantly recognizable to other devil worshippers, but completely opaque to devout Christians, might seem like a tall order, but it’s one that seems to have been met with aplomb.

Yes, this is where we discuss Ayn Rand. 

I love it. I encourage everyone to read it :) From the comments:

William Hunter Duncan said...[slightly....edited]
That's the most interesting post I have read in a long time, anywhere :)

So I was visiting my parents this week. Christmas Eve, my father was watching Fox news. Eric Bolling was celebrating a young entrepreneur, as a "maker, not a taker." Then he was celebrating $10,000 tips to servers for dinner (on bills around $500-600), "Tips For Jesus" [It perhaps not occurring to many Christians, the irony of a rich man giving tips to Jesus, about giving. 'the best way to give to the poor is to get super rich!] I turned to my born-again Christian mother and said, "It's Jesus birthday, let's celebrate money making and rich people!" She gave me as close to an evil eye as I have ever seen from her.

Then my father turned it to CNN. They were wailing about [for intervention in] South Sudan. I turned to my mother and said, "See, CNN is just as bad. Here, look at this 3-page paid advertisement that reads like an article, in this Dec 30, 2013 Time magazine. It's about all the great investment opportunities in South Sudan. How much do you think this is trouble stirred up by multinational corporations, for the benefit of multinational corporations?" Who owns CNN? Time Warner. My mother says to me, but those there are evil Muslims killing Christians! I said, "you all come from the same Abraham, I don't see why you can't get along." "My," she said. "you are far gone." LOL

She's no Satanist, but she'll believe just about anyone who claims to be Christian. And she's been taken in....

Incidentally, thinking further, I was wondering what Christians would have to say if those who initiated the total surveillance states were proto-satanists, and not really the Christians they claim to be? ;)


William, a good point. I'd encourage you and other readers to spread the word! ;-)

Bolling and his Fox News ilk were not merely busy managing a proto-satanic moral agenda about rich and poor (are autistic people makers or takers?), they were busy blaming the deflationary 2013 holiday retail numbers, on The Affordable Care Act. Because of course, the shitty retail numbers couldn't have anything to do with a trillion dollars of student loan debt (due predatory capitalistic institutions of higher education and their investors and creditors); or turning half the workforce into marginalized, economically insecure part time/seasonal/contract "associates"; diluting the dollar with 85 billion dollar-a-month shifts of private loss to private gain/public debt; generalized global resource constraints; or guys like Bolling making millions, sanctifying expanding inequality and the rights of multi-national corporate/banking/finance overlords to run rough over everything and everybody.

It's a dark magic, the way they are silent about Fukushima. What were the topics that could be talked about this holiday Christmas season? Retail sales, Duck Dynasty, Health Care Hijinks, and South Sudan. NSA was in the news, but only to talk about what was being done to fine-tune the total surveillance state. Notice there is not a serious national discussion about who set it up, how and why. What for? Why do we really need it? For whom? You (whom) want to be able to record every digital communication - but you won't talk about Fukushima, and you stopped measuring radiation in the atmosphere? You want to know what everyone is saying and doing digitally, at all times, and record that information for eternity - but you don't want us to read the global trade pacts you are negotiating, before you enact them into law? The only thing we can talk about, apparently, is that which will service economic growth no matter what cost. We cannot talk about Fukushima anymore than we can talk about nuclear facilities here in the States. Cannot talk about corporate/finance takeover of nation states, evisceration of existing law. Cannot talk about what crisis could initiate what nightmare expansion of the existing military/police state with full internal dispersal of drones/total surveillance?  

It hardly matters if there are genuine satanists in the various levels of government. Capitalism mirrors any serious definition of demonic, the way it is so dependent on lies and evasion of the truth, the show of force. Even the current guy in the typically uber-obtuse-about-the-poor office of the Pope gets it! LOL. If you were part of a cabal of Satanists or proto-satanists attempting to destroy the earth or enslave it, just because, you couldn't invent a better way than to convince most people they are consumers, that producers can be rich without limit. Or invent a more powerful machine for the managing of mass consciousness than the MSM. Seriously, does "devour the body of the earth without limit, that we might become rich without limit," sound like Jesus talk to you? Sound sense, even? But that is basically the message of Christ-mass, and consumerism generally.

Which, btw, few Americans could believe those towers could be brought down by Christians. Which initiated this total surveillance, increasingly paramilitary state. But what if the perpetrators were Satanists, or proto-satanists, masquerading as Christians? Could you believe it then? What then, if some of the the most basic tenets of Capitalism are effectively Satanic? Why is Capitalism so dependent on proto-fascist, mercenary, all-seeing controls?

Of course Marxism is as dead as industrialism, so don't go there. Marx saw Capitalism devouring itself. He didn't see how readily and unremittingly his glorious centralized workers party would devour and despoil the earth. Jobz! Jobz! Jobz!

So it would seem time for some revisioning, eh, about where we are headed?  Because they are otherwise setting up more wars, Christian-Muslim-Jew, Capitalist-Socialist, rich-poor, white-nonwhite. Strong-weak. Divide and conquer.

I mean, seriously, if you were a Satanist, assorted minion of the devil, wouldn't you totally glory in the spread of nuclear energy, weapons? How would you get off, setting off one, or hundreds of nuclear charges over the years? The people cowering before you! What wicked glee, Fukushima. And if you don't get cancer from radiation, wait for long term immersion in systemic chemical toxicity! Off-shore, deep water oil platforms? Fracking? The price of progress? Or a plan to enslave the earth? Or simply to destroy it? How to make the people glory in their self-destruction? Seriously, how would you laugh and laugh to hear the monarch butterfly population has crashed? What proverbial orgasm would be the total surveillance state, military/industrial complex? Drones? Seriously, demon.

So btw, how far along the continuum of societal and biosphere/specie collapse are we, if monarch butterfly go from 100 million to 3 million, 2012-2013? About time something shifted for the better? But then, most everybody thinks that means, more growth, more stuff, more money, which only exacerbates the problem. Societal collapse may mean an extended period of lawless consumption, war and pollution; laws barely protect what's left.


What's needed is not a change in behavior, or even a weeding out of Satanists or proto-satanists, but a mass shift in consciousness. Mass consciousness now capitalist/consumer/proto-satanic, is fundamentally indifferent to and uncaring about the health of the earth. If we are to survive as a species and not be enslaved, some new consciousness will have to learn to care for the earth. To care for each other. To care for all things. 

Simple . As . That


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Through the Solstice Static...

Five first-takes - Beginnings

They're Alive!

My garage greenhouse, here on the shortest day of the year. @ 10:30 CDT

As you can see, about five degrees below freezing, at floor level.

Soil temp in the lowest rack, just about freezing.

A few greens even here though.

Second level, everything a bit larger, healthier.

Third level, much the same as the second, a bit more growth.

The top level, most of the growth, healthiest.

So, not edible-ready, like I hoped, three weeks ago. But some growth, and this in a month of December that has been less than freezing about 95% of the time, six sub-zero days (12 sub-zero days all year, 2012), ten days two-degrees or less, temperatures consistently tracking below average.

Impressive, I think, especially as these are sprouts. That implies, had I started a month earlier, more like the middle, to end of September, these would be mature, and probably growing somewhat, hardier. I've been leaving them in the greenhouse most nights, except two or three of the coldest nights, when I pulled the rack into the garage. Two of the coldest nights I filled two five-gallon jugs with hot water and set them inside the rack, and I water the plants with warm water, but otherwise I have not used any heating method other than solar.


This day of course is the true new year. How Dec 31-Jan 01 came to be celebrated as the New Year is entirely arbitrary. Reflecting back on 2013, what can be said?

I've made little secret that I think last Dec 21, 2012, was indeed a shift. Early in 2013, a major media blitz declared Peak Oil dead, America destined for energy independence, the new Saudi America (lol). It was revealed this year that Fukushima has been pouring 200-300 tons of radiation-laden water into the oceans, every day since the meltdown; there has been a suit filed in Federal court, 75 US Navy personnel suing TEPCO, because they are suffering all manner of radiation poisoning short of death, all of them on the USS Ronald Reagan, near Fukushima in the aftermath of the Tsunami. What do we know in America about it? Next to nothing, as there is an effective government and MSM blackout, about Fukushima.

We very nearly averted WWIII in Syria. More and more talk now about Trade agreements, shifting the global power-arrangement further in the direction of corporate control, less Nation-States. Meanwhile NPR doesn't blink when they report 12% monthly median house-price increases, even as the dollar is weakened terminally: the greatest monthly handout in recorded history, QE; assorted global predations on the imperial State; continued, increasing resource constraints. Duck Dynasty is a heated topic. Plasticizing the oceans is not. Nor cutting down the worlds rain forests to plant GMO soy. Etc. Etc. The NSA, we know now, has the ability to read what I write as I type this. Banks are what, 35% larger than they were....

The gap between the reality of the situation, and the story we tell ourselves to assure ourselves that "progress" will continue at least as long as our children are alive, grows ever wider. I'm not sure what to do about that. Keep trying to interpret the signs, I guess. Otherwise, what did I accomplish in 2013? I got a cool new job. I drank too much and wrote some stuff. Danced. Sang. Grew veggies. 

Here's to the Dollar...2014

Happy Solstice :)


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Playing Hookey

I've stayed home from work, the last two days. There have been -30 windchills, temps as low as -7. It snows each night, hard, dry snow that when compacted becomes glare ice you'ld be safer to skate on. Local roads become rutted, worse than gravel roads studded by constant heavy traffic, bone jarring (in my old van). The freeways become spin-out zones. Who wants to get stuck, stall out? Yeah we have cell phones (not everybody) and yeah people will arrive to help (for a fee). But... I have the luxury of staying home, as the company I work for has no immediate need for me - though I am on call. I don't get paid except for the hours I work. I haven't done much these two days, but move about the Internet, reading this and commenting that, thinking, eating, writing. Being lazy.

What sort of economy have we built, that people have to work today? Tonight it's supposed to snow an inch or two, with temps as low as -14. What do you suppose the roads will be like tomorrow? Wouldn't it be safest if everybody just stayed home?

What heresy! Seriously though, what have we built? The agents of the Federal Reserve are playing with fire, this very cold winter, as Kunstler so clearly called out (harsh, clever and direct even by Tyler Durden standards.)  So what, we have to light a fire to feed this debt burdened economy, to make it grow, more mining, more nuclear, more fracking, more consuming, that it might serve what – bankers? You might as well tell me I am serving mammon, for how much I want to be serving the fiat Dollar right now, today. Granted, some have to work today, like many of my co-workers, caretaking those who can't take care of themselves. But otherwise, there isn't that much that NEEDS to be done right now, for the majority, and those who are working should get paid more, eh? How's that for sensible? But bankers have no sympathies, nor do corporations, nor government. This economy cannot stop. It will not stop!

Exclamation point. I was commenting on Huffpost today, called “sigh - another economic illiterate” by one cMontalvo. His cornucopian vision for the maintenance and restoration of the status quo economic-growth paradigm, is mining under the sea for fresh water, and industrial nuclear fusion. I replied, among other things, based on his avatar, photo "a rose is just a rose, unless it has teeth, in which case it lives on blood and not soil fertility" (of course as you can see, it is really a urinal shaped like a female mouth shaped like a rose) (and Huffpost thinks a third of my comments are beyond the pale.) Shortly after that I learned that HuffPost is requiring all commenters to sign in to Facebook to verify you are who you say you are (and perhaps cut down on some of the trolling.) I haven't signed into Facebook in perhaps a year. That was fun. More and more I wonder about this all-seeing-eye, this economic juggernaut that knows everything digital about me.

A letter came from work, today. I missed the dead-line, for signing up for benefits for 2014. Oops. They put a letter in my in-box a few weeks ago, though I notice they didn't seek me out at the last minute. No doubt they feel backstopped by the Affordable Care Act, and are fine, to not have to pay their share of my coverage. Which is fine. I am ambivalent, insofar as I already pay a considerable amount of social security (which is paying for this business to exist), and I am curious about how the government will respond to me not carrying insurance. Curious, that hardly anyone assumes social security will provide for my retirement or care, but that everyone assumes Institutional Health Care including Insurance will be here, 30 years from now. I live as if comparatively little of it will, and take care of myself more or less as if I will never have access to institutional health care. (Acting as if the SUNstead will be all of that for me.)

No one commented last time (except UB and Surly1 on the Diner), which is partly why I wonder; would you think I was crazy if I said future generations were telling us to exploit uranium, drain and pollute aquifers and surface waters, mine in sulfide beds and shale and under the sea, and buy plastic crap to throw into landfills and burn and plasticize the ocean with, as fast as we can, to serve corporations and governments and bankers, that future generations might drive in flying cars and robots will clean up our mess and no one will work and everyone will have a clean shelter, healthy food and water and platinum health care? I could probably start getting paid for this. I hope everyone otherwise sent a comment. (Who are the Waterbearers, again?)

UPS guy and gal just showed up. Dropping off something for work, that didn't NEED to get dropped off today.

I should work tomorrow. But I don't NEED to work tomorrow. Granted, I have to pay the same amount of debt, no matter how much I work, how much I make this month. Though most of my Internet activity could be classified as work, except the owners of money would not say so, the drivers of THIS economy.

But then, I'd be fine if all debt were wiped out tomorrow, and usury be declared punishable by death. LOL

Which I know I'm in the tiny minority about. But I'm pretty sure the vast majority are going to come around to that way of thinking ;) (amnesty for all the current practitioners, of course.)

Quick Addendum: Budget Deal this quick means QE taper

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sulphuric Acid in the Land of Ten-Thousand Lakes


Actually, it's more like 15,000 lakes, but ten-thousand is a nice even number with a long history, which rings. People remember it. I grew up on the shore of Lake Carlos, one of a chain of lakes in west-central Minnesota, where three major ecosystems come together: the Eastern deciduous, the prairie and the northern spruce and pine. I am old enough to remember a comparatively sleepy lake, more fish houses on the ice in winter, than boats in the summer. Boats the last two decades inundating the lake, followed closely by zebra mussels. The usual residential “home” building orgy. They say silver carp are coming, to extinct native fish.


If that isn't insult enough, the polluting of the sacred waters of this state, a Canadian company named Poly-Met wants to open a copper-nickel sulfide mine, in northern Minnesota, not far from the beloved Boundary Waters Wilderness. There is a boom-worthy amount of copper-nickel, they say, and there are a dozen corporations or more, many of them international, lining up behind Poly-Met, to pick at the carcass of the iron-ore Boom, that went mostly bust.

The trouble is, these copper-nickel deposits are tucked in sulfide, which turns into sulphuric acid in contact with air and water, leeching thereafter, wherever water will go. The waters have heretofore been more pristine, in the northern part of the state, less population, less top soil, less farming.

What we know is, and everyone involved acknowledges, including Polymet, it is something like a 20-year potential boom. Water flowing from these sites, containing sulphuric acid and heavy metals, has to be filtered by reverse osmosis. If you have ever bought a gallon of such water, you know it is something like $2/gallon (and they don't start with sulphuric acid in the base.) The trouble again is, this would have to go on for something like 200-500 years.

Five-hundred years is 25 generations. More than twice as long as America has been a Nation. Anyone care to ask what they have to say about filtering sulphuric acid from a few hundred million gallons of water from a dozen or more sites, every year, for 450 years? I can say that I speak for them, when I say they would rather not. They tell me, most of that time, they won't be able to. Even if they could, why should they have to? Who are you....

Polymet readily acknowledges, that mining will take place for 20 years, and filtering of waters will have to take place for 200 years, in their recently released environmental assessment. You can be sure if they are saying 200, it will be longer. What poverty of care for the earth or even our children or their children, we show, what delusion, to take seriously such a corporation when they assert they will be around even 40 years from now, to manage their mess, 20 years after income from the mine has ceased to flow? What madness is this, to think that after 40 years when all the principle players in this are dead or dying, the people in the midst of life then will be happy to clean up, for the whole of their lives, OUR mess?

Not that I am surprised, this being up for debate, those with the most to gain of course making no mention of such generational responsibility. “Why would we pollute this place? We live here?” False premises – you ARE going to pollute the place, as soon as you start drilling, and it will not stop until the whole thing is naturally played out, 500 years after you open that wound. You won't and really can't stop that, any more than anyone is going to remove the zebra mussel from Lake Carlos. If you are going to move boats from one infested lake to a clean one in a different watershed, you can't stop the spread. If you don't mine you won't pollute.

But what does anyone expect, in a state where we are holding nuclear material by the hundred ton, on a flood-plain island in the Mississippi River (Prairie Island), if we are talking generational injustice? Anyone care to ask what posterity would have to say about that?

Everybody of course knows this is WRONG. But when money is involved, nothing is sacred, and nothing else matters. The only thing in the country that is truly holy, is the Dollar (but even that now, we have defiled.)

All of this against the bank-drop of the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Partnership trade pacts, negotiated in secret, attempted to be fast-tracked into law without consulting Congress, by the Obama Administration. If the rumors about these trade pacts are true, mom who's toddler jumps in the creek and is burned by sulphuric acid, can go talk to that corporate tribunal in Brussels, if she has a problem (or presumably, similar corporate minions stateside.) Brussels tribunal is not going to support local concerns, over Intl corporate “persons.” Leeching sulphuric acid into the waters will be effectively legal (just as it is currently legal that the Feds can disappear the protesters, if they deem them threats to “national security”. Seriously, is there a greater threat to national security now, than corporations, central and TBTF banks, gov run amok?)

But then, if the rumors are true and America loses reserve-currency status of the Dollar, people will be begging for economic progress even if that means sulphuric acid in the waters, and all of this will be fast-tracked, to hell with anything but making it like it was when credit flowed in the streets.

But you can't go back. You can't get the zebra mussel out of Lake Carlos once it's there, you can't get back the reserve-currency status of the Dollar once you've lost it, you can't really fix Prairie Island nuclear facility once it has gone critical, and you can't really prevent sulphuric acid from leeching into the waters once you've opened up a sulfide mine.

Which is why these nickel-copper sulfide mines cannot open. And there is a chance yet, to prevent them. The State of MN is taking comments, holding meetings. Please, let everyone know about it. Use every channel. Be like water with the message. This sulphuric acid could leech into the Great Lakes, so this is an issue for the entire watershed, on both sides of the Intl border. This can be stopped. It is only one thing, in a long list of grievances, increasing pressure on the ecosystems of the earth, but it's an important one. If we defile the waters of the Land of Ten-Thousand Lakes, this way, what hope is there, after the indifference that surrounds the Fukushima debacle, that this will not cascade, this defiling, everywhere on earth, everywhere in America? There is already a very lengthy list of lands that remain defiled, that remain poisonous, that next to nothing is being done about.

Human beings are 70% water. What we taint the waters with, we become. Treating the waters as sacred, we heal Life.

There are 25 generations, waiting. Speak up.