Thursday, August 12, 2010


In early 2008 I read Joseph E. Lawrence's Apocalypse 2012. It was one of the reasons I became disillusioned with my service to the Behemoth. Reading it again, I am shocked by how much information I have simply forgotten, or subconsciously denied, and by how much more intuitive it seems to me now. Having read some of his source material, I'm finding myself unwilling to integrate it, on some levels, and hungry for it in other ways. While it adds up to a clear, glorious and profound vision of the dynamic inter-relatedness of the Galaxy, the Solar System and the Earth, it also speaks to the vulnerability of our species, which of course, runs wholly counter to the sense of control, constancy and dominance Civilization, it's Institutions and it's Citizens depend upon.

It seems the Solar System is passing through an interstellar energy cloud that is both distorting and energizing the Heliosphere, and all the terrestrial bodies in it. This, at the same time the Sun is entering into a Solar Maximum, a period of intense sun spot activity on an eleven year cycle. We know the Sun is capable of rendering the electrical grid of whole continents effectively useless and unrepairable, and nearly the whole of global communications silent and unrecoverable. That, and for some unknown reason, our magnetic shield, that magnetosphere of the Earth that protects Life from the harmful aspects of the Sun, is showing holes, as if it is short circuiting.

The last hundred and fifty years we have torn so many metals from the Earth, redistributing them across the globe, concentrating them in major cities, those constantly electrified, throbbing points of excess. And the streaming lines of metals in the air, on the ground and water. Perhaps all of it, slowing down, short-circuiting the great Dynamo, the spinning molten-iron center of the Earth, responsible for the charge that is our magnetosphere, weakening the charge, making us vulnerable.

And soon the Sun, perhaps already berserking, will come between the Earth and the great womb- like center of the Galaxy, the pulse from that center perhaps amplified by the Sun, perhaps amplifying the power of the Sun. We should all be living as if we may have to go underground for an extended period of time, at any time. But of course, we are not. Time may be ripening that possibility. A healing pulse for the Earth is not necessarily a healing pulse for the majority of Homo sapien sapien, though I'm hoping we are all suddenly awakened, at 11:11 Universal Time, 12/21/12, to the great inner workings of the Galaxy, our Solar System's place in it, and how fragile and yet protected the Earth is.

I expect it more likely, if there is an event, or a series of events, some great dragon-like fire from the sky or the bowels of the Earth, that much of Humanity will construe it as reason to annihilate the Other - whatever or whomever that Other may be. Do not be seduced by the purveyors of violence. They will be many, fundamentalists of Empirical, Religious and Market persuasions, and they will lead you to your destruction, when you might otherwise lead yourself on a path of healing.

The Earth, the Sun, the Center of the Galaxy - that great Trinity, though the same energy that flows through each flows through everything, including people. Rejoice! The Earth and all the Universe is pulsing with the energy of the Divine. Tap that energy, and be good to each other. Awaken. There is no greater purpose.

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