Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It is quite astounding how many people come into Monster Halloween to buy toy guns. Almost all of them, Mothers, buying toy M-16's and Uzis, asking for Ak-47's, though I used most of the stock in my statue, "Black Heart".

A woman came in today, asking on behalf of her ten year old son, "Do you have any of the guns for sale you have in the display?" I told her that it was not a display, that it was a sculpture. I said I built it because young boys kept grabbing the guns off the shelf and running around the store shooting everything and everybody in sight. She looked at her son, who seemed affected by what I said, and said, cheerily, "Sounds like you, Huh?" She bought an Uzi and a Tommy gun.

More guns in America than people, a trillion dollars or so dedicated to the War Machine each year, all ostensibly to keep us safe. A cowards weapon, the projectile fired by explosive material. Used by men, in every Nation. No greater tool to instill fear, to rule, to wreak havoc, to plunder.

From the perspective of race, the gun is justified. From the perspective of nations, the gun is justified. From the perspective of the individual, the gun can be justified. From the perspective of species, the gun is contemptible, immoral and unjust. The species designation transcends all others, though not more than a few of the seven billion Homo sapien sapien on Earth know it.

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