Thursday, May 12, 2011

Individual Sovereign

Last Saturday I met my mother for a gathering of statewide members of the Republic of Minnesota. As I mentioned in the last post, they believe that with the Act of 1871, the United States Federal Government has been operating outside the constitution, as a corporation; effectively eliminating our status as individual sovereigns within a Republic, making us corporate "citizens" within a Democracy that has descended into oligarchy. What they are doing is "re-inhabiting" the Republic at the state and federal level, by establishing grand juries and electing public officials, and declaring themselves sovereign members of the Republic.

The meeting took place in a VFW in Bloomington. There were about 75 people, in a bingo hall with a capacity of about 500 - and yet I couldn't have spit without hitting a conspiracy theory. I am generally fond of entertaining curious and far out ideas, but after awhile I found myself feeling a little like my head was about to break, such were the number, and distance these theories were flowing from. Basically, if I can distill them to their core, it goes something like this:

With the Fourteenth Amendment our Rights became "privileges", and our Federal Government was empowered to go into debt to foreign powers. With the later "surrender of the people's gold" and the creation of the Federal Reserve, an international cabal of Bankers secured control of the money supply, and now the Government, which was never meant to be anything but a surrogate of the people, extracts copious funds from the citizenry to empower corporations and International Banks, going ever deeper into debt, while mismanaging the affairs of the nation such that corruption and pollution rule. The goal being, to destroy America, because our Constitution is the one document extant in the world establishing individual sovereignty, contrary to the establishment of One World Government. Soon, the planned economic collapse of America will take place, and in the vacuum a global elite will assume full control of the World.

I wasn't taking them very seriously at first. If you think people are generally any less superstitious than they were in say, the Middle Ages, you'd be wrong. Only now instead of fairy folk, people believe in HARP, mind control and geologic manipulation, in government plans to gas whole segments of the population to quell dissent. As the meeting descended into an all too typically dull civil meeting, following the Rules of Order, I started to check out - until Governor Urdahl, responding to a question about how much time there is before the Federal Government collapses, said that "the people funding us are the same ones who will be dismantling the Fed." The whole room went silent. I'm not sure what he really meant, but it certainly was a statement filled with the gravitas of monumental imminence. I asked him about it later and all he would say was, "the people need to know."

(I also heard in the meeting that the military supports this, and will step in when it's clear that a new government is established and functioning. Also, that all governments and and law enforcement agencies, and many foreign governments have been notified, and that the legal justification is established.)

It was at that moment I realized, these people are engaged in the earnest work of saving their country. Just regular people, they are attempting, in all 50 states, to rebuild the government, not from within government, but from the ground up. With a distinct emphasis on the idea of the sovereignty of the Individual, according to the principles of our nation's founders. This is where the distinction between Republic and Democracy is important. Democracy is, as our founders understood, the rule of the mob. Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution does the word Democracy appear. In Democracy, whatever majority is in control makes the rules, even if those rules are contrary to reason and simple sense. In a Republic, every Individual participates in governance, in grand juries or as surrogate office holders. Watching them in that VFW, it was clear, we Americans are not accustomed to the idea of governing ourselves; even among these, who are aware it is possible, who are aware it is what our founders intended for us.

Former US Representative Clyde Cleveland has put together a document called Common Sense Revisited, which speaks more clearly and in far greater detail to these points than I have. I tried to look at the website for the Republic of Minnesota, but entering the site my computer was hit with an attack unlike any I have ever seen. My computer was deluged with malicious attacks, and continued to be every time I went online thereafter, until my computer went through a lengthy and exhaustive scan, deleting more than a dozen corrupted files (which is why I was not able to maintain the publishing of a post every fourth day.) Someone doesn't want people reading what is contained there.

This Republic thing seems less a movement than a potential means to take the country back, if we want it. I'm not sure Americans really care. What would we have to bitch about if we were actually running things ourselves? We are so accustomed to government existing for government's sake, and all the entitlements it has offered us, to assuage us in its usurpation of our Rights and Duties. It's hard to imagine there being any broad scale will or desire to consider the difference between Sovereign, Indigenous power and the surrogate power of governments.

Anyway, I continue to go about establishing in myself a greater understanding of my individual sovereignty. I go about that most clearly in my yard. Every spring, a lone white tulip pops up in the middle of a mess of unforgiving black cap raspberry vines. To get close I have to go through the gateway - next to my new pond, which I'm going to spend some time in this summer, when it gets really hot.

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Thardiust said...

This post actually reminds me of a podcast about global consciousness coming under the control of global elites. Overall, the video definitely portrays an interesting perspective on what a one world government could like without getting too controversial or conspiratorial.