Friday, July 1, 2011

Maia and Masyn

I went to work landscaping, for a friend, this past Wednesday. I was in a dark mood, having awakened from a dream in which I was being attacked by some sort of amoral frankenstinian entity, who could not harm me as much as I could not escape his presence and his attempt to somehow envelope me; when I finally escaped his presence long enough to retrieve an ice axe, I opened up his head until he was inert. My mood seemed to bleed into my friend Jamie who picked me up, who is otherwise as happy and peaceful a man as I know. He actually punched the steering wheel when someone on the road deliberately cut in front of us. The day was exceptionally hot, and I sweat out most of the hostility, though by the end of the afternoon I knew I was still very much in need of some Maia and Masyn time.

Maia is my eight year old niece, half Mexican, half Celtic and Germanic, very happy, generous, smart, sometimes witty and a little clumsy yet, though I hope to get outside with her more than I do. I was teasing her the other day when I called her a weirdo, and she said, laughing, "that's because I'm related to you." We went swimming and picked serviceberries and ate ice cream. She hadn't had dinner yet when I bought her the ice cream, but I'm not convinced it's going to be available in the abundance that it is today, all of her life, so I don't worry much about it.

Masyn is five months old, part African, Celtic and Germanic, and likely a smattering of many kinds of ancestors. He is not such an agreeable child as his older sister, suspicious of those he doesn't know, with a need to be held that keeps him from sleeping for long periods. I've had a difficult time getting him to smile. I sat slightly distressed as I watched Maia throw him around like a rag doll, but I quit castigating her when I realized, the little kid could not have been smiling more broadly than he was. Watching them together, I realized what a beautiful life I have, so full of joy, so abundant. So many kind and generous friends, such a beautiful family. Limitless possibilities. It's not so easy to see that, obsessed as I am with the darkness I do see, so all-pervading in the world.

I put his sister to bed though she didn't want to stop talking, she was so happy, and then I hung out with the little guy while I watched the premier of the NBC "Reality Show," Love in the Wild, aka pretty people on parade in the jungle. I thought of the conversation I had recently with the musician Magic Mama, who is taking her children to an intentional community in Costa Rica. There is so much that is interesting, going on in that Central American country, and here are these children of Empire fumbling their way through the jungle, in a dominating and invasive way, oblivious or cynical but driven, no doubt. I thought about the woman who lost, who was about the only person on the show I found interesting; I've spent approximately 18 months of days camping in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Wilderness, mostly alone, and if I had been her partner I can assure you at least, our raft wouldn't have fallen apart. I think we would have ended up in the oasis together, actually, but bald guys with hair on their back don't get invited to the parade for pretty people.

Masyn bounced around on my lap, and ripped my glasses off my face, and sucked on his fingers, and investigated everything within reach. Then he put his forearms over his forehead the way he does when he's tired, and I took him to his crib. He wailed like a banshee as I set him down, but I pulled the semi-rigid, light blanket over his head, and he was silent in about three seconds. I pulled the blanket back, and went back to the TV, to watch the news about our government shutdown in Minnesota, and then Nova: Science Now, and a piece about the growing of diamonds.

Diamond has one of the highest atomic densities of any compound in the Universe. It is excellent in the extreme as a conductor of heat, sound and electricity. If we could grow it, not only would it put an end to the grossly exploitative trade in diamonds, it would replace much of the silicone we use in our gadgets and infrastructure, making our high tech tools of communicating immensely more durable and effective. It could have a profound democratizing effect; though you can be sure some jackasses would endeavor to out-compete each other building the greatest laser ever, in their dumbass and ignorant pursuit of terrestrial domination, destruction and death.

My sister and her partner Troy came home, and we drank mead and Deschutes Mirror Pond, while we argued the validity of the chem-trail theory, which my sister is consumed by. I argued that the plants in my garden are very happy; if there were high concentrations of aluminum, barium and strontium in my soil, they would not be so happy. She conceded that, but made me promise to get a soil sample. I told her I would (I later asked a landscaping friend where I could get one. He said the University of Minnesota, but then added, "which is a government institution.") I told her I had not seen the entire documentary she sent me, and I promised her too, I would watch the whole.

I watched the full video this morning. Basically, again, the thesis of the documentary, "What in the World are they Spraying"* is, that there is a world-wide effort to spray an aerosol containing the three heavy metals mentioned above, in the contrails of jets, ostensibly as a means to slow global warming - and maybe even as population control, and the establishment of one world government.

As I said in the last post, I take a dim view of conspiracy theories generally. I tend to think no one is really in control of anything globally, to the extent conspiracy theorists would have it. But I do know there are many who believe one world governance is the only means to prevent world-wide catastrophe, and many of these see America as standing in the way of such an entity, the U.S. thereby condemning the planet to catastrophe. I also know there are some in our own government who would like to control the weather. I know there are others in industry and government who dream of controlling the world-wide distribution of seeds. I am also aware that science has dis-invested the universe with any meaning, and that, combined with the capitalist motive and the institutional mentality of corporatists and bureaucrats, has left competition and domination as the pre-eminent and only fully sanctioned morality. Watching the video, I came away with the sense that our federal Senators and Representatives are either afraid, or incapable, and likely both. The documentary implies authentically and capably that there is either a vast conspiracy centered in the socialist nations of the European Union, or a conspiracy in which our own government and corporations are complicit. I don't want to believe it, but it is a powerful story.

To put this in perspective, I ordered a plant recently, called Ojos de la Pastora, Eyes of the Shepherdess, also known as Salvia divinorum. In Minnesota, it is illegal to possess the plant, even if my only intention is to nurture it and occasionally partake of the leaves. The hallucinogenic compound the plant contains is active at 3 micro-grams - in solid form smaller than a grain of salt - which partaking of, it is said to deliver one into the presence of some kind of goddess. Apparently, according to this documentary, soil, snow, air and water samples worldwide have been found to contain aluminum in concentrations as high as 600,000 ppb, when the recommended limit in municipal water is something like 2, and there has been no official comment about that from any government anywhere. If the presence of these heavy metals is real, whether it is a conspiracy or not, it is surely madness and must be stopped, because heavy metals in high concentrations are hostile to the living systems on which all life on Earth depends. I'm not allowed to partake of a plant I can grow that has no toxicity, but it is evidently not a problem to toxify the entire biosphere to the great risk of everyone and everything living.

The plant, though the grower said he sent it two Tuesdays ago, has not arrived. There are many possible explanations, including that I have been scammed, or the package came within the purview of a rouge element within the Postal Service, who either kept it or gave it to a government agent. If I am in jail soon, there may be many explanations; though somehow I don't think that will happen unless a great deal more readers read this blog than currently do.

Knowing that, combined with the feeling left after watching this documentary, I feel free to say, if there is such a practice as the deliberate seeding of the biosphere with heavy metals, in effect, and if those participating in that practice do not cease and desist immediately, then there is no punishment that is too severe. And if our federal government is involved, or any corporate or educational institution, then I say, line the streets of the beltway and each campus with the bodies, and leave the bones as long as they exist.

My name is William Hunter Duncan, I am an American, and I was born on the fourth of July. I am in service to my friends, my family, my community, my species and the Earth. I am in service to the God and Goddess. I am a child of the Earth, a child of the Sun, a divine being. And like all life, I am sacred, and not to be so tampered with, without the risk of blowback, that unknown unknown that can prove so terrifying.



Luciddreams said...

I used to be an Alex Jones following conspiracy nut myself. It took me several years to grow out of it. Growing out of it was mostly a product of talking to the Kcats on the kunstlercast forum. I've been posting there for a couple of years now. At any rate, I don't believe in any of the conspiracy theory stories any longer. The reason for this is that politicians are mostly incompetent and useless. They can't even figure out that infinite growth on a finite planet it not possible, much less agree on anything. Just look at Obama's decision to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve. The only conspiracy is the conspiracy of the corporations to hold profit sacred above all else.

I've seen a few docs on chemtrails and I used to believe it. I suppose anything is possible. Just look at the story of how fluoride appeared in our tooth paste, or how raw milk became mostly illegal, or how DuPont managed to make hemp and therefore marijuana illegal. It's always to service the bottom line, money. Our world is being destroyed by this human "conspiracy" to capture all of the wealth of nature (which is an amazing read by the way, if you haven't already read it). I could easily believe that the chemtrail story is just another fluoride, just another way to get rid of some industrial waste. Just more business as usual. Just more evil driven by the pursuit of money. Make no mistake, man will destroy the biosphere completely if nature doesn't decide to "shake us off like fleas" first to quote the great George Carlin.

That was an interesting dream you shared. Sounds like society was trying to force some Zoloft down your throat. I too wander how society will ultimately deal with me. My method has mostly been to stay out of site and out of mind. It worked well for me while I was in the Navy, it's where I learned how to do it actually (Navy stands for "never again volunteer yourself"). It works well for me as an EMT working for Tenet, which is a for profit corporation. My county contracted the EMS services out.

EMS is quickly becoming damn near impossible to do because of all the bureaucracy and computerized complexity. It's a sad state of affairs when you actually want society to collapse. I have a one year old son. I still want society to collapse. Sort of like a natural selection of sorts. Maybe it will get rid of all of this human incompetence and ignorance so that a healthy civilization can emerge. JMG's ecotechnic future. Maybe in my next life.

By the way, I put that warning on my blog because I sometimes use obscenity and crude allusions when talking about the man.

mwk said...

Wow, that last paragraph gave me chills. Great writing, great blog, William, you don't know me, but we are kindred spirits and I share many of your same feels and frustrations. It's always nice to know you're not alone, thanks for that. Keep up the good work, oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

William Hunter Duncan said...


As a friend of mine is fond of saying, plan for the worst, hope for the best. Funny, I'm not familiar with Alex Jones or the Kcats, though I've read a bit of Kunstler. Though I admire his work, I have a hard time with it as he comes off as such a prick - so much that I'm not sure he'd mind me saying so. I keep a low profile as well, despite the tone of this blog. Don't despair. It seems to me we are going to need you, to help build that ecotechnic future.


Thank you. That makes you one of people to wish me a Happy Birthday. I had to stop and think about that for a moment. Such is the way in which I live my life. Blessings,