Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Here I am, dear readers. Thanks for reading.



petere said...

Hunter, I mean William, you looked great in the video. Now we know who you are in the flesh. Don't believe the propaganda about business being up anywhere. Even here in the great OC of Southern California things are just tolerable unless you work for the wealthy. I feel like I live in two parallel universes here, the monied and the servants. Not that that is anything new in the history of the world. I design and install gardens for that wealthy crowd, but I really want to be a farmer in the north. I am weary of indulging the unsustainable fantasies of that ilk that seem to be clueless to the arrival or changing world of resource limits.I'm planning my escape.

William Hunter Duncan said...


I see two different economies coming - the one where there are monied and servants and muscle, and the other, a local, fiercely independent, separate currencied, barter and share economy of skilled builders and growers. Best of luck helping to create the latter. The OC of Southern Cal is definitely not the place to try it. The Midwest has better soil, plenty of water, sturdier people and enough cold to keep riff-raff out, post contraction. The more we have here, who know how to design and build gardens, the better.

Though the situation in Minneapolis is not much better than the OC. We have vast parkway lands which I'm eager to transform into pasture and garden, but my local government rules these parks like a French Marquis. We've built suburbs for thirty miles in every direction. There isn't enough food grown within a hundred mile radius of my house, to feed a hundredth of the people. Large communities of Hmong, Latino, Black, Somali, etc, all of whom more or less hate each other. Plenty of meat-headed white boys. Lots and lots of guns. Race war, anyone? Famine?

Intimations of an economic free-fall in 2012. I really do hope I'm wrong. But if Americans stop buying stuff, at the same time the financial class are gutting the economy, what exactly is going to prop it up? Mass upheaval coming, for sure.

That said - there are always choices, for each of us. What life are you going to create? There are energies abundant, right now. Channel them, to fulfill that plan of yours.