Monday, February 6, 2012


If the original definition of the word Apocalypse is "the removal of the veil", then I would argue we are in fact in the midst of Apocalypse. Everywhere, there are people actively revealing the lies and myths that prop up our culture. The growing number of people everywhere looking plainly at the economy, ecology, and energy, asking, how did we come to this place of impending collapse, and how is it so few people recognize it?

To know is to seek out the work of such people, whose collective voice is growing louder and more whole, which voice still can not in any way compete with the mainstream Media. The Super Bowl was a prime example. Was it irony that lead Madonna to dress herself and her paramours in the style of Rome? Perfectly fitting, the aging Diva's reappraisal of a career spanning the peak of Empire, now in decline. Then also, the oblivious, clownish every-day American male, eating twinkies in the ruins of Empire (Chevrolet); the war machine glamorized by real warriors, priming and riling us up for more death and destruction (Act of Valor). Rumors that each player on the winning team will be given a million dollar bonus (while the NFL Man of the Year earns this title for helping some of the many men ruined by the pro game and otherwise forgotten.) Cars, Cars and more trucks, souped up as they ever were. Budweiser as the epitome of freedom. The people I was with, watching this grotesque imperial spectacle, were entranced; I was sick to my stomach.

More and more, 2012 seems to be a lifting of the veil. What is being revealed? Among other things, the poverty of local supply. If there is some kind of global economic collapse, I consider Minneapolis as good a place as any to be. The people here are mostly good to each other, I think they desire peace; though I've said before, there aren't gardens in this city of 400,000 to feed ten thousand people half the year, and we've got 30 miles of suburbs in every direction. Our water comes mostly from a polluted river downriver from a nuclear plant (I wonder if that stomach ache is partly from the water I've been drinking from the tap). Thankfully, we have good soil, there are abundant parks to transform into gardens, and enough rainfall to collect what water we need (as long as the climate holds). We should be thinking about seeds.

I wonder too about some greater shift in our awareness of what it is to be human. I hesitate to write about that, as I am so clueless. I'm having difficulty articulating the shift I feel going on inside me, which I can best describe as an expansion of my entirety, of everything that I am (which is met with plenty of resistance on my right side). The core of the shift is the turning on or increased clarity of the interior life, in conjunction with an awakening in the body. I'm optimistic about Nassim Haramein's attempt to reconcile Einstein's Field Equations and Quantum Physics, to give some scientific credence to the ancient myths of awakening, to help unchain us from the tyranny of the purely material and the religious, in a move toward connection.

According to his math, every proton at the core of every atom has the energetic potential to expand into an entire universe. Not only that, the vacuum that is empty space is calculated to be more energetically dense than the atoms that make up what I am, by an order of 38 magnitude. That is, add 38 zeros to the energetic mass of the little black holes at the core of my atoms. What would happen if I added 38 zeros to my bank account? I would be richer than everyone in America combined, by a magnitude of 25 or so. And, there is so much space between every atom in my body, that this profoundly more energetic empty-space is passing through me at all times.

A physics that could embrace infinity could help us remove many of the boundaries we have set for ourselves, or more properly, have been set for us by the culture. Because ultimately, what the apocalypse may be revealing, is the tyranny of much that we have been told about our world. That is, we and the world we inhabit are vastly more energetic and dynamic than we have been led to believe. And knowing it, opens up vast horizons of possibilities.

My point is, if there is going to be a lifting of the veil, it makes sense, as we can, to pull it back ourselves beforehand. Which may very well be the purpose of this time.

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John Wheeler said...

What you describe are indeed apocalypses. For the most part, though, they are not THE Apocalypse. Just like the Dance of the Seven Veils, each veil lifted reveals a little more, but the Truth is not seen until the last veil is lifted.

You are on the right track about what it is to be human. That is the path that THE Apocalypse lies on. Just be forewarned, there is a reason few people go down that path. What the Last Veil reveals is both beautiful and painful at the same time. It will set you free, like jumping out of an airplane. Just make sure you have a good parachute first.