Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Curious Sight

I just saw a strange thing, on a break, cleaning my house. In the twilight sky above my house, three contrails extending toward the recently set sun, the full length of the horizon. There are several reasons this is unusual: I live close to the Twin Cities International airport, and I see planes every day, on the west horizon, flying north-south - I don't ever remember seeing a plane from my back step, heading east-west; I don't remember the last time I saw a contrail; it has also been a windy evening - I'd think they'd dissipate. In addition, the contrails, heading sideways south, fairly quickly without dissipating, with the prevailing winds high above, passed through the sun reflecting off Venus.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, considering them mostly a ludicrous collection of fantasies distracting us from the very real economic, ecological peril the species is in - and so preventing us from doing anything meaningful about it. But I do know there is talk about shadowy agencies spraying aluminum oxide into the atmosphere, to reflect sunlight, in an attempt to prevent global warming and the consequent climate change. It would be a very ruinous thing for life, such a thing put into the air settling to the ground, making the soil hostile to many growing things, and could only be the work of a people gone insane. Hard to imagine people could be so stupid, but If there are people spraying aluminum oxide or some other such thing into the sky without telling us, they should be hunted down and made to answer for their crimes as soon as possible. The only thing scarier than climate change is people thinking they can fix it, by some industrial method. There's also the fact that ecological limits are becoming more apparent to more people, and who knows what that is doing to people's thinking, who have the resources, the influence and the arrogance to think they can do something about the effect, while maintaining the cause.

It could also just be military planes on maneuvers of some sort, I suppose, but the militarization of American society is hardly less disturbing than rogue do-gooders of the Marxist sort.


Anonymous said...

I noticed it too, these past few days, but the evening trails especially gave me pause. Now they're doing it at night? There are several trails going north/south this morning. I notice days that start out sunny are cris-crossed with trails and eventually become overcast with thin clouds. Windy days not so much.

I'm never sure how much stock to put into conspiracy theories but Minneapolis was sprayed with zinc cadmium sulphide florescent particles over a three month period in 1953-- one example of many.

William Hunter Duncan said...


Zinc cadmium suplhide florescent particles? WTF? Perhaps I am naive - and over-wrought? I'm looking at an east-west contrail right now, this morning, so perhaps what I was looking at last night was not so unusual? Perhaps too, those in authority in America have always thought, and continue to think, that spraying wtf into the sky is o-k? Creepy.Creeps.