Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I was reading about 9/11 this week. I know I'm a little behind the times, in that regard. I guess I always kind of knew, but maybe I didn't really want to know. An hour reading was all it took, to convince me, there is only one player on this planet truly capable of knocking down those three buildings in that way, and attacking the Pentagon in the way it was attacked, and that is my government. Or more accurately, the military/industrial complex. And the blame, while widespread, clearly rests with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. They were maybe following orders from someone or some others, but they were the hands on de-architects, no doubt.

I'm returning to this because of all the chatter on the Internet about a potential false flag operation planned for the London Olympics this summer. Some people think it will be a faked alien invasion, others think a small nuclear or “dirty” bomb. Many are tying it into the so-called Illuminati and their goal of the new Zion, or total world domination. That weird ass emblem has an uncanny resemblance.

It shouldn't take a genius to figure out something is being planned. Barack “hegemon” Obama hasn't eviscerated the Constitution for nothing. Many are afraid the elite of the world are preparing to exterminate the majority of us. Did you hear the Department of Homeland Security purchased 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets recently? Why are international elite special forces running drills on the waterfront of Tampa Bay? Why are American soldiers running drills on the streets of St Louis? One might argue, the government is afraid of riots, should the global economy go into recession, and they want to be ready to restore calm. What's that they say, about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? Conversely, how can an elite military/industrial leadership capable of something on the scale of 9/11, have anything resembling good intentions? Forty caliber hollow point bullets for crowd control?

Meanwhile, word is out that phytoplankton are going the way of the dinosaurs. Phytoplankton. I know we humans like to think of ourselves as the center of the proverbial universe, but phytoplankton are the primordial foundation of the existing ocean food chain. Not only that, they provide an estimated 50% of the oxygen we breath. Why are they declining? Because we are toxifying the oceans with our burning of fossil fuels and our chemical making. If the phytoplankton are lost, the food chain of the ocean collapses, the ocean dies, the air is no longer breathable, we all die. Get it?

This is old news (that should be on the news every day, every minute, every second, what we are doing about it.) The new news is (which isn't reported either, except to say everything is fine), conventional oil supplies are on the decline, but wouldn't you know it, they've gone and saved the day by figuring out how to drill for oil in super deep ocean waters, dredging it out of the ground like coal, and fracking for it; the later two methods compromising our already polluted and strained fresh water supplies, the former threatening an already strained and polluted ocean (they can figure out these funky new extraction methods but not how to efficiently use the renewable power of the sun, sea and wind to generate power?) But don't just blame the oil industry. The chemical industry is pouring more than 100,000 different chemicals and chemical compounds into the air and water, daily. Of course, humans breathe air and drink water. But that's ok, that they are polluting so wantonly, because we need economic growth more than we need breathable air and drinkable water, and really one of the few sectors where economic growth is even possible anymore, other than making weapons and bombs, is Health Care.

But clearly I do not know what I am talking about, and everything I'm saying is delusional, because if it were true, it would be reported in the mainstream media. Unless of course the mainstream media were simply appendages of the military/industrial complex. (Fuck you, Anderson Cooper, I don't care if you're gay or straight, you're no different than your high dollar cronies on the other end of the dial, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al - you're a well compensated shill for monsters.)

If you have the courage to put the pieces together, the reality is inescapable. Not only is humanity on a course of mass suicide, by way of mass global extinction, our elite global leadership may very well be conspiring to preempt such an outcome by killing off most of humanity. And if you think they aren't capable of that kind of logic, it doesn't matter, because if you're an American at least, there are 1.5 DHS hollow point bullets with your fate embedded in the lead. Whatever false flag operation there is planned, and the foil looks to be Iran, or Syria, it is merely an excuse to institute martial law, total global control, and probably elite managed mass death for the useless eaters and undesirables, basically, the non-militant and not-willing-to-be-a-slave sets.

So what has to happen? I'll tell you what I think needs to happen, assuming our leadership doesn't reverse course and start telling us the truth (acknowledging that just because I think this is what needs to happen doesn't make it a good idea, or even plausible. Think of it as me venting.) Fence off the DC beltway with concertina wire, let no one from Congress, the Pentagon, or K-street escape alive, empty out the executive suites and board rooms of the Fed, Wall Street and all the major banks and corporations, the major players in all the major family empires, the various billionaires, and basically the entire political class and their shill major media talking heads, and add them to the DC mix, and then leave them to cannibalize each other. Or just cut off their heads and be done with it. You know that fence surrounding the White House? The head of Dick Cheney on a spike right out front, with his new heart spiked to his forehead. Donald Rumsfeld on a spike next to him, with GW Bush on one side, and Barack Obama on the other. Ring the rest of it with the rest of Congress, and whatever other major players, and then toss the remaining on the grounds. There'd be heads overflowing, from the roof of the White House to the peak of the fence, yet hardly a percentage of all the sick fuck who have poisoned this earth and turned it, and us, into their private ATM.

But what am I saying? That's so awful! Well, if you think that, you haven't been paying attention.

Of course, all those elite monsters who are driving this military/industrial/technological/financial machine, are also in control of the mainstream media, which is actively engaged in perpetuating the mythology of progress and growth, war mongering, lionizing elite etc, encouraging the demonization of the right or the left among the people, of the poor generally, and otherwise titillating the senses ad nauseum unto blind obedience and abject stupidity. No one gets time on the MSM unless the Machine approves of the message. (Isn't it astounding, how much the military/industrial/technological machine has come to resemble the great beast of the book of Revelations, and yet here in America there are hardly any more fervent supporters of that great beast, than Christians.)

What am I prepared to do? Not much. I have no military training or fighting skills, nor any keen desire to kill or even hurt anybody. I haven't even struck someone in anger since I was sixteen, and then I had a hockey glove on, and he had a face mask (he was also my teammate and he slashed me on the wrists with his hockey stick, in a team practice scrimmage, the prick.) What I want really, is a quiet, ascetic kind of life, to build my own house off the grid, studying plants, gardening, hunting and fishing, with some friends and companions, who appreciate dancing and singing. That's it. But what is that, when the path of humanity is so clearly engaged in making that very simple thing impossible for anybody? When the economic system we take for granted is so inherently hostile to life, so geared to depriving us of true health and general welfare, so clearly destined to generate death on a grand scale here-to-fore unseen? These people who rule over us are not American, in the pure sense of what that was supposed to mean. They are scarcely human, with their desires and their actions, having so closely come to resemble a machine. It's no wonder people get to thinking they aren't human, reptile aliens in disguise (there is not a greater charlatan than David Icke.)

I'm down to my last few dollars. My house is on the verge of being condemned for failure to pay my utility bills. I am estranged from most of my family and my friends. Today, July 04, Independence Day in America, is my 39th birthday. My name is William Hunter Duncan, and I used to be afraid, but I'm not afraid anymore.

You might want to consult another voice for this kind of thinking, without the recital of explicit violence, and something more in the way of doable


John D. Wheeler said...

Don't kid yourself, the Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency) was perfectly capable of doing the attack in that way. And they could easily have infiltrated Islamic groups and manipulated them so that they even thought it was their own idea. The payoff? Bringing the US military more directly into conflict in the Middle East. Based on the past decade, I would say the reward was handsome.

Of course, this is just wild speculation ;-)

William Hunter Duncan said...


The Mossad certainly is capable of it. But not without the CIA's knowledge.

And it has been a big payoff. Many trillions of dollars, and that much closer to total world domination.

Nick said...

You are not alone in your goal to simply homestead, appreciate nature, lead an ascetic life and be left alone. I am right there with you. I too am down to my last couple hundred jobless and uncertain about upcoming rent. I got some long shot job interviews...and part time $9/hr shit but more less am staring into the abyss...
I go through waves of intense anxiety followed by a sort of surreal calmness where I'm just like "what will be will be". Anyways it would not at this point surprise me if you are correct about massive top down military action....wish though I had some better ideas about how to respond...I just can't express how surreal all this shit seems to me as I start to connect all the dots...

William Hunter Duncan said...


Necessity is ruthless, be it the rent, mortgage, bills, taxes or military occupation. Surreal indeed, that it is coming to this, this overwhelming tyranny. Best of luck, figuring out WTF when you've connected sufficient dots to see the culture for what it truly is.

Luciddreams said...

I knew, way down deep where it counts, when I was in the Arabian Sea bombing Afghanistan that it stunk to high heaven. I also knew I wanted nothing to do with I've spent the last 11 years making that so. I don't even pay taxes anymore due to my resignation from the Matrix. I found a back door to get the matrix to support me without it's knowledge. You could say that back door was luck...but I think it's more along the lines of an early release for moral and just behavior.

Whatever the case may's clear to me what is happening. Dick Cheney is right...Michael C. Ruppert connected those fucking dots and published it in 2004 (I believe) in Crossing the Rubicon. I've hoped that Peak Oil would stop the machine in time, and I still hope that is true although my thinking mind tells me otherwise. It's completely irrational on my part to have any hope towards the matter of the planets destruction of the scourge that we have become. I think most people are mostly good, but power corrupts and whatnot. The love of money and power is going to do us in as a species. So stupid and shameful really.

I personally don't take much responsibility for the mess. Fuck that shit...I was born into it and never had much of a chance to do anything meaningful about it. I had to spend the better part of a decade putting the god damn pieces together for myself and now that it's a complete puzzle it's too damn late to do anything about it. Well...I'm attempting to create and perfect the art of zombie whispering...some hope that is.

It's fucked my friend. Maybe when we die we'll wake up in that peaceful place and be able to sing and dance while the mindless command and controllers busy themselves getting pecked at by the birds. It seems to me that anger is the only appropriate response to this mess. Instead of getting angry...I just want the world to know that I accept no responsibility for this. I'm 32. I was born into it and did the best I could with the mind I have.

I'd recommend that anybody reading this should probably do the same and at least accept no responsibility for this. I'm just going to keep learning about plants and food producing animals while creating the art of zombie whispering. I'm going to also remain hopeful that our species can unfuck this mess somehow. I promised my permaculture tribe that I would not lose hope in humanity during a closing ritual. So I won't...however badly I feel it necessary.

William Hunter Duncan said...


I just said to the kulturkritic, if there is an antidote to despair, peal back the veil, look within, ground oneself in the earth, and trust that you are divine.

Justin said...


Your point about Congress and the White House is misguided on technical grounds. People are very good tailoring their beliefs around their behaviors. George W. Bush never killed a single Iraqi, others actively chose to respond to his psychotic message. He spoke, they acted. They all had various reasons, freedom, terrorism, patriotism, etc, the point is they acted.

Our country has a great freedom of individual expression, people are allowed to fabricate any old meaning out of their lives as they wish so long as they pay their debts and taxes.

If the reality is as dire as you suggest, and I'm grimly inclined to agree with you, a few billion rounds of hollow point rounds is a hard thing to rationalize away as anything other than a not so implicit threat to my being, then why don't you know how to shoot or defend yourself? You don't have to become a bullet head to spend a few hours acquiring basic firearm training, maintenance and safety. With a bit of training you can become quite good relative to the untrained and within the ballpark to the trained. Similarly with martial arts.

I think your point is also misguided on moral grounds, its not our charge to determine who is wicked and needs to be killed. Its one thing to see the reality, its another to act on it. That is our moral compass. Learn to handle weapons if you think that's a realistic worst case scenario. Obviously, the premise of our lives is that if you learn to think and act intelligently, you aren't likely to get to the worst case. I have my doubts as to whether that's valid, in any case, we'll see.

As always, good luck.

William Hunter Duncan said...


I'm not interested in taking any proactive stance on ridding the world of the wicked, with violence. Is I said in the following post, any attempt to would be met by overwhelming force. As to guns, I don't own one. But I know well how to use one, and I've been thinking, if it comes down to the difference between killing someone and being eaten, say, I won't have any problem knowing where I stand on moral grounds.

Justin said...

Is I said in the following post, any attempt to would be met by overwhelming force.

And if it were not met with overwhelming force? I am sorry and mean no offense, but your reasoning on these very technical grounds - that you couldn't get away with it - scares me. That is all I am saying, indulging in violent fantasies like that and then saying that you are really against it because you'd only get yourself killed/captures in the process is missing the point. That same logic along with a dash of hubris is what got us into Cuba...Guatemala...Iraq... etc.

The United States government is a lot more fragile than most people believe. The U.S. military couldn't pacify Iraqi citizens, Iraqis are tough because they've been through a lot. Namely a U.S. puppet tyrant and several U.S. wars. In the big scheme of things, this is a blip in U.S. history. American citizens, by contrast, are downright terrifying. They're all in various states of mental crisis, from the people daydreaming about Top Gun Tom to MMA to the ones coming back with severe PSTD from any of the U.S.'s constant bush wars. Not only that, but they're armed to the teeth. And then you have to factor in the notion that U.S. troops almost revolted over killing Vietnamese people, asking them to fire on Americans after amping them up with intense nationalism is not exactly going to play out according to any predictable plan. Policy planners know all this, this is how they think. You seem like you've read enough of the shit that gets out - like Larry Summers infamous load of toxic waste memo or Operation Northwoods - to know what I mean.

Things may come go faster than we expect if the empire finally falls apart and the flood of cheap, but dazzling imported electronics and other gizmos, when the stuff we have starts falling apart on schedule to its planned obsolescence. That moment may be in fifty years of five years, but its coming on its own historical cycle and no overwhelming use of force will stop it.

William Hunter Duncan said...


Any way you look at it, it's going be a macabre spectacle. And it will start in earnest this winter, if the corn crop fails like it looks like it's going to, food prices skyrocket, and those 1.5 trillion in spending cuts kick in Jan 01.

Anonymous said...

William / Justin,

I think what you guys are talking about is a philosophical idea that has been around for quite some time, and it's called the Non-aggression principle. It's a moral principle that states that it is wrong to initiate the use of force against another person who is acting peacefully, but it is not wrong to defend yourself, with lethal force if necessary, against those who have initiated the use of force against you.

The NAP is the basis for much libertarian philosophy. I would suggest ANYTHING by Stefan Molyneux of, this video is as good a place as any to start:

LucidDreams, you've got it right re: responsibility. Your spidey-sense should tingle any time someone you don't know uses the term "we".

Once you understand the how the violence of the State fraks up everything around us, all of this makes a lot more sense. Withdrawing your consent and rejecting the collectivist responsibility for the crimes of others is one of the first, and most important, steps.

The Internet Reformation is upon us, gentlemen, and we are going to need you among our ranks if we are to stand a chance. Please keep going down the rabbit hole, I think you'll find the actual (i.e. not MSM-distorted) arguments for anarcho-capitalism, voluntaryism, and FREEDOM very compelling!

William Hunter Duncan said...


"The Internet Reformation is upon us, gentlemen, and we are going to need you among our ranks if we are to stand a chance. Please keep going down the rabbit hole, I think you'll find the actual (i.e. not MSM-distorted) arguments for anarcho-capitalism, voluntaryism, and FREEDOM very compelling!"

Ok, and yes, on the non-aggression principle. And if you want me as part of that reformation, I'm asking you to help me out and spread the word.

BTW- you got a name?

Anonymous said...


I've actually been trying to get a hold of you. I sent an email to the address listed on your other blog (Garden Beds and Food Forests), but haven't heard back - maybe I stuffed it up?

What is the best way to get a hold of you privately?

Let me know!


Justin said...

And if you want me as part of that reformation, I'm asking you to help me out and spread the word.

I'm always linkin.

William, I'm still resisting the macabre prediction. It could go that way, but it may not. You are a visionary in that you are ahead of the curve. If your writing is closely based on your actual life, then you were once a dead eyed corporate zombie yourself. Look at how far you've come.

People are in denial because they depend on the industrial economy to fill every need they have as well as about 100 they've taken upon themselves as part of the buy in. As the industrial economy shakes them loose, they'll feel that same sense of fear and sickness that every dependent feels upon being asked to be more independent. If freshmen in college can get past this, so can and will others. I think we'll see a lot more shovels being picked up than shotguns.

I'll do everything I can, albeit its not much, to help you get your voice heard. Those ahead of the curve ought to be able to speak to those further behind.

Its not going to be easy, but nothing really is.

William Hunter Duncan said...


A great many will pick up shovels instead of guns. A great many too, may have to pick up both, to protect the crop and the people depending on it.

Thanks for the help.

Blair T. Longley said...

"... the blame, while widespread, clearly rests with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. They were maybe following orders from someone or some others, but they were the hands on de-architects, no doubt."

That is the conclusion that I also came to, which was confirmed over and over again, after looking long and hard at the publicly available material.