Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paean 2 Payl Ruan (In Shadow)

Does anyone else find it funny that only a few days after Payl Ruan was selected by, well who knows really, as Mill ro-Money's running mate, that the first Gen Xer on a major US presidential ticket, is forced to comment incessantly on the definition of rape? Payl Ruan, as I like to call him, as he has set up the blueprint for you to pay to ruin your country by way of making our elite much richer than they already are, institutionalizing the transfer of money UP the social hierarchy.

The "biggest brown noser," voted as such by his fellow High School classmates, willing apparently to stick his nose up anybody's ass if he thought it worthwhile; but of course, you don't become a youthful brown noser unless you hope one day others will find occasion to stick their nose up yours. A kind of expectation, actually. Such people not ultimately thinking rape is any kind of big deal, thinking as they do the only truly meaningful relationships are those having to do with power, as in dominator/dominated - and really, if you are willing to let your nose get a little brown, well, you have to be willing to bend over. That the presumptive VP has been so willing in his life to assume the submissive position, doesn't in my mind bode well for him to become the potential supreme leader of empire, not because I think he would be weak, but because I think he would have the expectation that we all get down doggie style. Whether he would be standing upright in the front or back, and which way he would be facing, is as yet one of those disconcerting unknown unknowns.

It seems like old news now, but lets review the particulars. ro-Money introduced Payl in Norfolk, Virginia, in front of the battleship Wisconsin (decommissioned, presumably gutted, precisely what ro-Money and Ruan intend to do with Social Security, Medicare, unions and government generally, leaving empty hulls - except for the military/police/spies domestic and foreign placed, which you can expect to be fattened up, invigorated and robust.) I assume, to send the message that this is the ticket for continued, perhaps exponential warmongering. ro-Money introduced Ruan as, "the next President," which may or may not be the plan, if ro-Money turns out not purely free-market sociopath enough - which one wonders, did those who made the choice of Payl Ruan, make it clear to ro-Money the terms, and oops, that slipped out? He covered himself by offering up a double negative, "I did not make a mistake with this man," which also maybe roundabout implies he didn't necessarily choose Ruan either. Norfolk, by the way, is ground zero for the part of global climate change that is rising sea levels, just about the first American city that will drown, which is also ironic (amid ironies) that it is a naval yard, and fuck-the-earth (including women, children, elderly and the otherwise vulnerable) is basically now part of the Republican Party platform - the party of JESUS CHRIST, I would like to add (how many Christians this week tied themselves in knots, condemning presumptive Missouri Senator Akin for opening his big mouth, if not necessarily for what came out? Or outright defensive, of his righteousness? "In certain parts of Missouri rape by a kin is legitimate, apparently.")

Speaking of rape, Payl Ruan's family is in the business of earth moving, as in digging out, scarring, devastating, gouging the land, transforming it in the industrial, opportunistic, exploitative image, for all time, for immediate profit. Much of that profit, perhaps most, coming from government contracts that have facilitated/were facilitated by Payl Ruan's political ambition, the great upstart professional demonizer/facilitator of all things big government. Oh, and he votes for oil subsidies, while owning shares in oil wells, while dehumanizing the poor, and those beneficiaries of the social contract. You do not get any more perfectly corrupt than that.

Have you noticed what big eyes Payl Ruan has? All the better to prey upon you with. The forlorn puppy dog look. It taking a feral, scurvy-dog kind of mind, however, to be taken in by the psychopathy of Ayn Rand, that great popularizer of all that is vicious, that philosopher who would tear you limb from limb just because she could, because she deemed it in her interest. That most efficiently industrial kind of thinker, having debased all that is good, all that is nurturing, gentle and kind.

[You say you want a Constitutional designation, personhood for the fetus, Payl, jail time for abortion (and inevitably in such an environment, for a great many miscarriages)? What say you of the near total evisceration of the first and fourth amendments, for actual, air ensconced flesh and blood persons, since 9/11? What say you of the lawless environment on Wall Street, and among the TBTF banks and corporations, those designated "persons"? What of the growing surveillance state, the ratcheting up of command and control techniques? What of the way this government is arming up, as if for war against the people it is said to be of, by and for? Say you nothing? Not a word, not one criticism, of the growing crypto-fascism, among your myriad criticisms of too-big government? Because it is not big government you despise, it is big government you desire, on your terms, to enforce your will.]

What else? He is a Catholic. Is it any wonder then, so comfortable with the institutional model as defined by his service to the Church and Gov, he has become insensitive to rape, or that he is wont to so perfectly model corruption in the name of virtue?

Speaking of hunger games, he's a bowman too. There are to be food shortages, this next presidential term, and hardly a more ruthless two on earth than Mill ro-Money and Payl Ruan. What they will do with the money of your social contract, they will do with your food, using the government to funnel it up, to those they deem worthy. Not that this is any endorsement for O, who is not one whit less cannibalistic of the body politic, only a different color. Color not making one whit of difference in the one who is about to eat or rape you, figuratively speaking, of course.

This Payl Ruan, the first of my generation, X, on a major US presidential ticket. I am so proud.


John D. Wheeler said...

I just noticed, an anagram of "Paul Ryan" is "U R A Palyn".

William Hunter Duncan said...


That fits too. The same sort of down-home authoritarian.