Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I bought $200 of beans rice apples flour etc, Monday night. Some white gas and propane too. And liquor. I'm more than a thousand miles from where Sandy made landfall, but I'm not naive about what closing down Manhattan for a week or more could mean for the global economy.

Eleven feet to clear the levee? How about 13? The full extent of the flooding of the New York subways will not be known for days; that's where all the electrical lines are. Maybe Wall Street should have thought about that? I mean, they figured out how to game the housing market. Too busy counting their money I guess. They might have thought themselves able to conjure money out of the ether, but they need electricity to do it, at least to keep the global economy from going into default. We just might see how sturdy these big TBTF banks are, sometime around election day. LOL.

Epic. That storm lifted the south end of LAKE MICHIGAN eighteen inches! Everyone has been cautious about prognostications, but I just heard the folks on NPR say it might be WEEKS before the subways are fully operating. What are the odds they have electrical at ALL polling stations, next Tuesday? If Obama doesn't win big in the Eastern states, he doesn't win. Romney aims to make the world in an image of himself.

Damn lucky, one of those ageing nuclear facilities didn't pop. It's still early, though. They wouldn't necessarily say anything until it was SERIOUS. I mean, the Feds stopped monitoring ambient nuclear radiation after Fukushima. I don't toss around the word evil, but it does seem about the only word with the appropriate oomph, here.

A full moon. Synchronicity writ Gaia. Amplifying that storm, wreaking havoc. Whole neighborhoods gone. Evidence, even of roadways, buried under sand. Some whole neighborhoods at the height of the swell, burning to the ground.

Consider this a test for America, Americans. A test of character. And American's general refusal to reconcile global climate change, the end of the age of fossil fuels, and the end of civilization as we have know it. The end of America as we have known it.

BTW - If the Doomstead Diner went away, would anyone notice?


Luciddreams said...

well I looked into the doomstead diner after your comment about being added as an administrator. Mew...didn't really catch my interest much. I used to be an avid member of the kunstlercast forum. I used to start threads and get into discussions on that forum. After a couple of years I lost interest cause it seemed like the same old shit over and over again. I looked into the LATOC forum before it went south but found it too big and ridiculous with all TEOTWAWKI crazy. So when I looked at the diner it didn't seem anything knew...same ole shit with a new name. So to answer your question, I wouldn't notice it if it went away.

I noticed when you didn't blog for a while, and I notice when you blog now cause it shows up when I open blogger up. Those forums are just too big and anonymous. What's it matter how many times somebody has posted? They tally an online community with post elders?

Yeah, that storm. Funny thing. I remember being glued to the television for Katrina having never seen anything like that before in my life. Now I don't have television and therefore don't see a lot of the holograms propaganda. My news comes from reading blogs and the headlines I catch a glimpse of on yahoo when I check my email.

Lots of suffering going down right now cause of that storm. I'm thankful I didn't get any of it (and so are my chickens). All we are getting is cold air coming from the northeast. I suspect a wet winter down here in the south...we are past due.

John D. Wheeler said...

If Doomstead Diner went away, I would notice in a couple weeks when it slipped to the bottom of my bloglist. Would I care? Not really... I'd only be sad because they rallied around you when you were hurting.

It was kind of cool here, I was actually a couple miles from what was left of the eye of the hurricane around sunset last night. No real damage, just really, really wet.

Justin Wade said...

What's a doomstead diner? Sounds too bleak a place to eat.

finishing my coffee...

William Hunter Duncan said...

Fellow bloggers I admire for the choices you have made in your life,

IMHO, the Doomstead Diner is a foremost vortex of useful information on this curious time, anywhere on the Net, for the purpose of making one's way in this life. I'd love to see a thread in the forum on Kim Chi, Luciddreams. JDW, I wouldn't mind at all your Christian viewpoint in dialog with Ashvin. Justin Wade, perhaps a thread on something you have learned in your most recent endeavor, that would be useful to others, or maybe just a question you want answered?

Or not. Though I will say a community is only as vibrant as those who participate in it. And I posted the question, because the server was down much of the last two days, and not necessarily because of Sandy.