Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here we are!

Here we are. The cusp of the long anticipated Dec 21, 2012.

I've been thinking about this a long time. Watching, wondering. What would become of the culture? To give credit where credit is due, the Maya prophesied this time, focusing us on this time. By way of the mystics Terence Mckenna and Jose Arguelles, with help from John Major Jenkins, dozens of other writers, lecturers etc, the denizens of the esotere, and Hollywood!!!.

The Mayan long count of 5,126 years ends Dec 21, 2012. Astounding, as the Mayans existed as a rising empire and civilization, from year 250-900 appx. How they would came by the detailed maps of the the stars and cyclical Time they did, in such a short period of time, without having invented the wheel, is a profound conundrum leading to befuddlement and severe condescension, among the cognoscenti of the West.


Terence Mckenna would have said, and I expect he did, that the reason was, mushrooms, containing psylocibin, particularly of the species Strophoria cubensis. His Timewave Zero was a significant advancement, in thrusting the Dec 21, 2012 date into the consciousness of the West, and indeed now globally. He was very fond of mushrooms too, through them he claimed, compiling from a pattern in the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, a fractal representation of Time that no one to my awareness has offered a satisfactory argument against.

What would happen! - this Friday! - he wavered. Without turning this in to a full exposition on Terence Mckenna, a portion of the West has distilled in part from his argument, and many others, that this is a time of profound transformation, some kind of hyper-dimensional, Time ending, evolutionary leap in consciousness. What that would really mean, no one can properly explain, by definition. And not least because mushrooms are among the most heinous social offences the government will allow it's law enforcement near free will over, in treatment of the partaker, lengthy incarceration and asset forfeiture being a very real threat - ruination - though Terence being a notable exception, by the power of his voice.

What is most extra-ordinary here, is the silence there seems to be about it, in the West, after the hullabaloo hey-day period of the boom-time 2000-2009, the Peak of 2012-phrenia in the West, another of its consumer gratification conspiracies for the economic consumer establishment. Mostly what is heard from Mainstream media about 2012 these days, is assertions by NASA etc Expert, that Dec 21 is NOT the end of the world. Thanks for that again, the apocalypse meme, mostly to the Media Hollywood acculturation empire, Monotheist particularly Christian apocalyptic exegesis, Governmental inexorable attempt to initiate World War, Corporate/Capitalist/Institutional adulteration of natural biology - that any living Mayan, or Terence or Joe wad ever said the world would end. Even the web community Reality Sandwich, a kind of epicenter of Terence Mckenna-like care and concern, is largely silent on the phenomenon (and the founder Daniel Pinchbeck wrote a prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatal!) Really, there is very little frenzy, specific to any rigid Dec 21 meme. It thought it might be crazy! But wait!

It is a bit crazy, don't you think? Christians and Muslims and Jews, seem destined (in their mind) to create one great final conflagration. Never mind, that humanity appears in every way at a time of Peak water, fuel, food, debt, toxification, garbage, evidenced not least by mainstream promises of cornucopian abundance, assured to exacerbate the reckoning. The gun banners are a bit late to the party; the world is awash in weaponry, of every sort, enough to kill every last human, and every other species but the single celled besides. Technology is at a cusp of awakening us, or enslaving us, and every government esp. now America's, aspires to use it to surveill upon All.

I've never shied away from my esteem for the Mayan calculation, in this blog. Fact is, and I've said it many times and it bears repeating, 5,126 years ago, humanity had collected to a degree that we invented the written word, which is a big enough deal that it transformed the left hemisphere of the brain, to a negative degree on the right, which physical transformation corresponds precisely with hierarchy, patriarchy, and the rise of institutions. The death of the Goddess and the rise of the Monotheistic God. Militancy, religious amputation and poisoning of feeling for the earth, and then a scientific amputation of the spirit. Here we are.

10, 252 years ago, two Mayan Long Count cycles, corresponds approximately with the end of the flood, after the last ice age, after a rise and perhaps sudden rise for any established seashore civilization (?), a 400 feet rise over a period of 2-3 thousand years, perhaps much of it all at once.

Agriculture, in the aftermath. We started planting seeds. Monumental in the transformation of human consciousness.

Terrence Mckenna proposed that we spent much of the 100,000 years prior to the flood, in a mushroom/assorted hallucinogen, inspired transformation out of apehood into Logos, language, ambling sex fest around the planet. Though we had long since descended from the trees, with agriculture we were confined to a geography increasingly small.

Every 5,126 year Mayan Long count also happens to be 1/5 of the precession of the equinox. A curious phenomena of the planet's celestial passage, by which the poles ascribe a circle in the sky, 26,000 years in the making, round and round. 26,000 years ago being the approximate end of the species Neanderthal, corresponding to an approximate expansion in language, the Logos, among Homo sapien, perhaps beginning ten thousand years before the flood?

Thus, it appears to be without much question IMHO, that whatever tranformation is upon us, it is profound beyond conception. How much of that transformation I will see in my lifetime, assuming I live to anything like a ripe old age by modern Western standards (30-40 years more), I expect to see plenty, dwarfing what we have seen the last 40 years. Something very like the dissolution of the industrial nation state, which would be a very perilous, and potentially creative time for humanity, with the date of 12/21/2012 seen by many as a kind of bifurcation point, a shift of epochal proportions, unto a new Aeon. 

(Which, being near about that 40th Milestone for me, inspired in part by two bloggers I admire, Jason Heppenstall and Aaron McCarty,*** I'll have one more post about what this date means to me personally, a kind of autobiographical thing, with an announcement of sorts (Thanks Jason ;) this Friday.)

As for anything happening this Friday, Solstice, Dec 21, 2012, if we had to bet on any one prophecy, I'd bet on Daniel Pinchbeck's return of Quetzalcoatl; but not like some bird headed serpent god descending out of the sky, but a series of 40+ x-class solar flare direct hits, wiping out the global communications/electrical grid.

But I'm not betting, because I don't expect anything esp. surreal to happen (if things aren't already surreal enough for you), but continued, accelerating chaos instead. Which, if you know from physics or astute observation of nature, that the "game" is really all about chaos, and Western and now global culture is all about control, well, you're in about as good a place as anyone can be, facing the Apocalypse. And if I recommend anything, I recommend you greet the Mayan end/beginning with dance and song. Blessings,

  ***When I published this post, I spelled Aaron McCarty, Justin McCarty. I was mistaking him with the Artist Justin Wade. I think I did so because I needed a reminder not to take myself too seriously, to get in touch with Justin about his sight, and that I might have mistaken Justin for Aaron, as I find them both similarly profound characters.

I also managed to spell Jason Heppenstall's name Jason Heppenstahl. I think that is because he is living in Denmark, though he is an Englishman by origin. I think maybe I was a little jealous too, myself such a lame homebody by comparison. If you read his last several posts, I think you will agree, he has lived a most serendipitous life.


John D. Wheeler said...

According to the Mayan Ac Tah, what will happen is a brief raising of consciousness, an apocalypse in the root sense of the word, a revelation, an unveiling, an epiphany, or his favorite, an awakening. The danger is that like a solar eclipse the peak will only last for 8 minutes and we can easily go back to sleep.

Luciddreams said...

you have a pretty convincing argument for the significance of the 5126/26000 year cycles.

I definitely think it's just going to be another Y2K on the surface. Deep down however, something ominous is going to awaken...I think. As stupid as it seems, I could use something to alleviate my collapse fatigue. Something to verify that we are right to feel the way that we do, but I know that will probably not come. It will just be more slow descent just as it has been, a Chinese water torture for the soul.

Your admiration is reciprocated WHD. I'm looking forward to both your and Jason's announcements. Wish I had something to announce, but I don't. I am, however, going to write another blog today concerning all of this 12/21/12 hullabaloo. I want to write at least one more blog before the world ends ;0)

William Hunter Duncan said...


I should know you would post a Mayan who wore a white collar. :) Ac Tah is a curious bird, like yourself. Bless their hearts, if the crowd wants to give him money. I hope it makes it's way to a Mayan village in a way that didn't ruin it. I wouldn't give him any money though, no matter how many times he says torroidal, or proton. Though I know I would welcome a cultural shift in consciousness resembling anything even like awakening.


Is that emoticon winking at me with an open mouth and a collar, or a big nose?

I don't recommend thinking about it like it's a Chinese water torture for your soul, either. Not sure what good that will do, is all.

You don't have something to announce? You've got a new one on the way! Congrats!

Reverse Engineer said...

The Pahty is Ovah.


William Hunter Duncan said...


Indeed it is.But wait. I new Aeon has just begun ;)