Thursday, July 4, 2013

Birthday Garden

Lest you thought I would leave you with a screed about what is wrong with America, this Fourth of July, here is the latest from my garden :)

Early this year:

My antique tea rose.

This little viola, similar to one we sold @ uber garden center, just showed up this year.

Boulevard flowers. A native, the name escapes me.

Hops next to a morning glory, ready to climb the garage.
The onions that stood so tall in a previous pic.
Blue Flag
Big Lobelia

More blue flag
A new species I'm tentatively calling Scopopalomien duncansonia. lol A cross, I think, between bittersweet nightshade and a potato.

Draining the pond

 Filling it back up again. Lily pads on the ledge

More blue flag, with the neighbors pergola I built.


Potato, bittersweet nightshade, carex, virgins bower clematis, sandaled feet.
Unknown flowers sprouting in the driveway

Potato flower, spiderwort, evening primrose and a bit of sage

Strawberries. About 12-14 quarts this year, total. Some of them brewing with wild strawberries, elderberry flower tea, sprigs of absinthia, rhubarb and some mead.

Bergamot, w/frontenac grape starts, onions, corn, potato, a pile of morning glory, and some kind of lily at the base of the absinthe @ the lower left.

Poppy above, wild strawberry with joe pye and yarrow below

Boltonia meadow
Familiarize yourself:potato, bean, summer squash, corn
The three most beautiful things to me, in my garden, are the blue flag @ peak, the hazlenut in the fall, and the elderberry in flower

Sunflower, w/borage, cosmos, California poppy.



The view from the patio.
Carrot flower
The garden at peace.

Happy Birthday America. Happy 40th Birthday, me :)


Jason Heppenstall said...

Excellent stuff!

Happy birthday WHD

William Hunter Duncan said...

Thanks Hepp!

Reverse Engineer said...

Happy Birthday Dude!

So when are we getting a WHD's Urban Gardening Tips Video?


Luciddreams said...

Your garden is an inspiration to me William. Very beautiful place.

On another note, I tried that "Elder Betty" from magic hat and wasn't impressed. Which is true for most of what they brew. I prefer New Belgium if I'm drinkin' mass produced "craft" beer. Doesn't get much better than Ranger IMO, but I'm a hop head so...

I'll tell you one thing. I'd love to hang out in your garden one day.

Luciddreams said...

oh, and happy birtday

Pete Moss said...

Wow! You've worked wonders. Bravo and happy b-day from a Nordeaster.

William Hunter Duncan said...


Yeah, I've been thinking about both garden tours, and how-to vids.


All that hops has burned out your taste buds, methinks :) LOL I like Magic Hat more than I like New Belgium, but maybe not as much as Deschutes, if we are talking mass produced.

Well, maybe if this house doesn't sell, and I get a real job, and you and the family are up for traveling...or, you know, maybe we'll figure out how to do what I've done to 100 acres somewhere, together.

Hey Nordeaster - Pete Moss


Steveo Van Damm said...

I think I would rather have read your screed on what's wrong with America... Not undermining your vegetation... I am very aware of the work it takes to do what you have achieved... Wish I could post a pic of my special herb garden...

Keep writing - I do enjoy your work...

Dagny Taggart said...

Nice work William!