Monday, January 13, 2014

Garage Greenhouse Journal 01132014

Twenty days, from Dec 6, 2013 - Jan 09, 2014, we had temperatures here in Minneapolis below 0F (12 all last winter). From the evening of Saturday, January 04, to the afternoon of Wednesday the 07th, it did not get above 0F, with temps as low as -23 on Tuesday, -20 the night before that. The temp was as low as -11 into the 09th, not exceeding 5F until Friday mid-day.

I did not open up the garage greenhouse; the racks were outside in the greenhouse, the whole of that early 2014 deep freeze.

I think the saving grace was, it was sunny most of that time.

No heat source but solar:

It's reads 36, 46 outside. Level one. A few left.

The jugs are frozen solid. 31, down here.

Level two.

Level three.

Level Four. Not much left on any level, but the spinach. But they're alive. :)

Garage Greenhouse Journal 12212013

Garage Greenhouse Journal 12012013


Martin said...

Not too shabby, all things considered.

I assume the patio door glazing is evacuated double pane - might help things if you added a third layer on the inside using tape-on shrink wrap on a skinny-wood frame since the metal frame around the glass likely transfers a lot of cold. I also assume that all the joints between the glass panels and the framework are sealed.

All that being said, I think I'd add a small solar-powered fan up near the top to un-layer the air since it is obviously stratified - the lower-level planties would love it and the upper-level ones wouldn't roast.

Just some thoughts...

Justin Wade said...

Q: What are you going to do when a starving, heavily armed zombie comes upon your garden once things come undun?

A: Offer to give him money for one of his guns so he can buy some food. Or trade him some veggies for ammo.

Mammon is a mammal.

William Hunter Duncan said...


The inside is sealed reasonably well, though the west side is not attached to the garage door. I probably should have draped a black sheet in the back to help keep the air from getting in, but it is an experiment. Next one gets attached to the house - coming soon.


Let's hope that day never comes. Methinks a true zombie won't be open to reason, but I will try to reason nonetheless - with some backup.


Justin Wade said...
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Justin Wade said...

Lets hope that day never comes,
When lengths of rope come undone,
Sleight hands and zombie open season,
If no true Z would listen to reason,
Why not take a step back and start from A origin?