Saturday, June 7, 2014

Divide and Conquer

Nothing is more astonishing to me about the culture I inhabit, than the divide between the left and the right. I feel it even in my body, imbalance, as if the two sides are not fully in synch. In the macrocosm, indeed, the Left and Right in America seem ready to go to war against each other. Everywhere it seems, the destruction, the disintegration of families. Community? Long ago impaled on the lance of eternal warfare. Men/Women? Hyper-individualised, we are cast out into the abyss - go forth and hustle for the dollar, for ideology. Left and Right opposed, as if a Republic could exist one without the other. Republic? NSA say what? Bill of Rights? LOL.

What fertile grounds for the plunder of the treasury! Hardly anyone even trusts their mother anymore.

Will you hang me if I express sympathy with Bowe Bergdahl and his father? The State supports what now? Yes, it supports the autistic guys I work for. It also supports drone bombings, indefinite detention, total police-state/surveillance. We seem to want to make the world safe for banks and corporations, and their henchmen. And we condemn the Bergdahls for what, not being commercial enough? Not being profligate? Not supporting empire America? Do you suppose Bowe sympathized with those Islamists? A thoughtful man might even begin to sympathize with bankers, if he was captive in their presence long enough. Except, in my captivity, bankers are as physically distant from me as gods. Which, Bankers or Islamists, which is more eager/sly to enslave you? One does it with debt, the other with dogma. Banker have dogma too, dog.

Which America's wars are about what, now? Bowe Bergdahl is a divide and conquer strategy by the elite, too, what with Americans slashing at each other's throats, and not hearing each other talk about the historic bonds newly created between China and Russia. Why? I'm remembering 9/11; it seems the American people can only ever come together to agree on anything, when it involves going to war under false pretences; soon it will be righteous for me to kill Islamists, Chinese and Russians, in service to dollar hegemony and multinational Banks and Corporations – except the banks and corporations and dollar hegemony can't be mentioned – because it's about freedom. For sure.

Freedom to shop, apparently. For trash that turns quickly into garbage, mostly. I forget that the American people agree, left and right, that there is no limit to conspicuous consumption. We love the banks and corporations, for the largess they provide; but it is being taken away and we are being marshaled like in the trance of a death cult, raging, left against the right, right against left, while the architects relax, in leisure, content. Divide and conquer.

What better do I have to offer, though, than the bankers and corporations, Government? How do I unite the left and the right, in service to what? In the microcosm, first. Which integration, unification, balance, alignment, empowering, is precisely what the divide and conquer strategist abhors most. The last thing the great centralizers want is a unified, empowered people, except in service to war, and debt. In service to the earth? To community? Where are the warriors for the earth, air and the waters, the warriors of fire? The stuff of the body of the earth; divide and conquer, divide the people from the earth, from the body of the earth, and despoil both: rule. Without question.

Question. Or rather, a riddle: what is the solution to resource constraints, if you own the currency, but hardly anybody knows who you are?

Feel free to offer up an answer in the comments. Do you feel free?


Martin said...


As for the solution to the riddle - there apparently isn't one, aside from murder....

William Hunter Duncan said...


A wiping away of global debt would be a solution. So would building new currency's. So would empowering people economically, ending the lock on energy and food production TPTB have now. But then, what are the odds TPTB will inspire that to happen?


Steveo Van Damm said...

Good to see you back, William... Free?... I do on occasion, when I'm here at my little slice of heaven - until I decided to put a roof over my deck to enjoy outdoors when it rains or the sun is blistering... Then a town agent shows up outraged that I dare make an improvement without their consent and above all a fee called a building permit... Ok, so I'll find peace in the garden, but have to hide some fine herbage from view because it is a crime to grow... No victim, but mother nature... I can enjoy as much GMO's and sinister pharmaceuticals as I want, though... Well, I guess I feel free once in a while, but its all an illusion... I bid you peace...

William Hunter Duncan said...


Peace to you too. And, even to that control freak 'public' servant of Leviathan (lol). Smoke up. Avoid the pharma if you can. Stick the GMO's...all things in moderation ;)


Luciddreams said...

I'm so fact I'm thrilled to see you back at it here at OTGIM. I was really hoping that you wouldn't give it up. You're an inspiration to me, and others.

The noose is tightening on us all now. I feel it, in the "crawl spaces of our collective unconscious" as John Michael likes to put it. Shit is fucked and getting more fucked by the day, but the great trick of the BAU American Hologram is that nobody can see anybody else's discomfort with it all. It's in that unconscious crawl space. Until it's not anymore.

There is a sickness that has infected just about every American. Unfortunately the Zombie meme works here. Because it's true, it's a reflection of that crawl space. People can't face up to the pain, so they don't, instead they play with their imagadget and drive at the same time...while drunk and high on frankenchemicals.

John Weber said...

WHD - up here near Walker,MN. This spring and summer have been cool and rainy. Maybe should do rice paddies instead of potatoes.
It really has always been crazy, it is the nature of the beast. I would like to share this with you. There are five natural factors that determine and will continue to determine our history and future.
* All life reproduces to the maximum their environment allows (population density).
* All life will use all the resources in its environment to promote its present living (population pressure).
* Much of life manifest an us against them protectionism (even plants release poisons to the soil to protect their territory. This is the convergence of territoriality (which is manifest by all life) and the need to belong for this dependently social animal called human.
* We are immersed in an environment of our own making and our "brilliance" threatens us with unintended consequences (whether agriculture or nuclear power).
* Groups larger than the small group of 30 to 200 people, which is the social environment in which we evolved for a million years, creates power-over and inequality.
These five factors are a natural part of being human. For more detailed exposition:

William Hunter Duncan said...


Yes, there are others I have talked to, who feel the quickening. Thanks too, for the kind words to begin. True enough, the rest of what you said. Come together, build a node, expand the network. :)


A man worth of the name. Welcome. And well said. I would add off-shore oil wells to that list of part 4. Part 5 is key. How to maintain technology, by a network of such people? I'm headed to the blog. Thanks for commenting /!\


William Hunter Duncan said...


Steveo Van Damm said...

Hey William, I forgot to mention the success of my milk weed and butterfly weed plantings... Spread all over my 5+ acres, most are 16 - 18 inches tall, and should be blooming by early July... All thanks to your suggestion, I hope many others followed... Peace

William Hunter Duncan said...


Awesome. I hope the monarchs show up for you :)