Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reflections on the Morning After

Many are calling the American midterm 2014 elections a Republican rout, a repudiation of Obama and the Democratic agenda. More like, Democrats have no agenda, nothing to say of any consequence, and a little Republican something is better than Democrat nothing. Never mind, that Republican something is tax cuts for rich people, gutting of environmental protections, dismantling of programs for the poor, MORE WAR and shows of force domestically, the dismantling of the Republic in favor of multinational corporations and banks. But then, that is what Americans have got from their government Left or Right, for 40 years, so what kind of rout is this really?

What will the Republicans do with their "rout"? 2015 will see bill after bill, from massive tax cuts for rich people, the gutting of the EPA, outlawing abortion, opening the Keystone XL pipeline, dismantling Obamacare, probably every bill structured in such a way that Obama will not sign it. Consequently, nothing will be done, and 2016 will be all about new elections and Billary vs the Bushes, aristocratic cock fighting, two years of worse gridlock than we've seen. About the only thing we can be certain of, coming from this government, is MORE WAR.

Americans generally seem to have taken a hard right turn, what with them voting Republican at the states level too, even in Dem-leaning states. Which is more a symptom of the poor and Dem working-class not showing up to vote, in the absence of a Liberal standard bearer (to chant mindlessly for.) What will Billary's slogan be? Hope? Change you can believe in? Americans have seen their wages collapse, faced with rising debt and high fuel costs (which the Fed doesn't consider in their CPI/inflation hoodooo); in all the time since electing Mr Hope, we have heard little but economic misinformation from Washington, recovery this and recovery that, which has felt like stagnation or worse to anyone not tapped into QE free $Trillions$ from the Federal Reserve. That, and what incompetence! The CDC is like the poster child of the disfunctional government agency, all-official in appearance only, more about managing perceptions, than viruses and bacteria. That and ISIS, that hideous step-child of American foreign policy; what evil genius, the Republican establishment, to double-down on all the policies that exacerbate violent, radical Islam, in the name of fighting existential evil. Americans are duped; more war will only serve to destroy America as empire. By voting Republican, it is like Americans have said YES to the geopolitical show of force, YES to war.

Here in Minnesota, "energy independence" was on the lips of everyone running for office on the Right. That suggests too, many Americans believe we are at the verge of a new golden age of fossil fuels, the only thing standing between America pumping TWICE what we pump now, is Democrats captured by radical environmentalism. LOL. Never mind we are drilling like mad pretty much everywhere we can, and we are still 8 million barrels a day short, and the economics at $80/brl or less don't work - that is how misinformed Americans are, that we can be told it is the fault of Democrats that oil isn't $30/brl and we aren't drilling TWICE what we are, and we believe it. At least Minnesotans didn't fall for it, keeping their do nothing/say nothing Dem Gov and US Senator.

Indicative: neither party here in Minnesota, nor the media, ever mentioned the fact that mining for copper/nickel in northern Minnesota, will lead to 200-500 years of sulphuric acid in the waters - for 20 years of mining (though that is a fact admitted by the Canadian company that wants to do the mining, PolyMet.) All I heard from every candidate on either side, was that the mine should happen, as long as we do it "responsibly" of course. Which speaks to the national mood, and the Republican "rout". Americans want a "healthier" economy. We don't care how. If war will do it, fine. If mining will do it, fine. If drilling wherever will do it, fine. If letting the banks and corporations do whatever they want, fine. Consequences don't matter, future generations don't matter; we want a better economy NOW!

Nothing will improve the economy, however, until something is done about the Federal Reserve; fiat, fractional reserve currency; and the banks. Debt costs are drowning the real economy. That and increasing corporate, multi-national monopoly. That and strained resources globally, and technological elimination of jobs. But these are issues most Americans heard NOTHING about this election. Nor will they hear about it next election. When Billary runs, poor and Dem-leaning working class turn out in hordes, and the Dems ROUT!

Back and forth we go, where it stops nobody knows.

The simple fact is, America as empire is dying; a gutting of the empire is taking place. What will be left of America, when the empire is gone? Democrats or Republicans, the collapse of America as empire will proceed apace.


Luciddreams said...

It's great to hear from you, and to read your writing again.

I've been stuck in a writing rut lately. As in, I don't want to write it seems. I worry that by not writing I will lose the ability to do so gracefully and with poetry. Never mind grammar and the rues of the english language.

Anyways, I've been trying to cook a blog up in my mind lately. But what to write about? I'm pretty heavy into the oracle of Ogham lately. I wake up and study it, and then I go to work and study the physical trees as I "landscape" know, with professional grade zero turn mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, chain saws, and blowers.

But, I figure, at least I'm outside interacting and plugged in to nature. I find myself in the woods talking to the squirrels and listening to the trees.

Anyways, I suppose I should just blog about something that's not politics. I'd like to request that. Blog about wherever you are spiritually and I'll promise a blog on the Ogham.

William H Duncan said...


Anonymous said...

Everything you claim is not true. When the rich get tax cuts, they invest it, which gets borrowed to people for cars and houses. Obama is the one sending more troops to Iraq and covering up Benghazi for political gain in 2012. The keystone is in favor by many democrats and it will be environmentally clean and lead to our energy independence, it keeps getting blocked by railroad unions afraid of losing business, not the your homework and stop using propaganda and scare tactics.

William H Duncan said...


LOL. Propaganda? Scare tactics? Much of what you claim is straight from the mouth of corporate MSM. Trickle down? It trickles, all right. Iraq and Benghazi? All that covert funding of Jihadis doesn't ever work out quite as planned - for either party. Keystone XL, clean? That is a statement absurd beyond absurd. Energy Independence, to borrow a phrase from a well-know congressional nozzle - is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against the American people. Railroad unions, boogy man blockers of KXL? This government, at the federal level and in Nebraska recently, is set to give eminent domain authority to a foreign corporation, to take American's land, people's homes!

Do your homework, anon.