Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Feel free to contact your Congressional Legislators in Washington, and let them know that TPP and TTIP Fast Track Trade Authority is unconstitutional at best and treason at worst.

They vote this week, and it looks like Congress under the radar pretty much, is going to vote for it, because every one who does, knows they will be richly rewarded, never mind apparently, they sold out the sovereignty of America and Americans, to elite foreign and domestic interests.



For reference, Naked Capitalism has had some excellent coverage on this, particularly an article by Lambert Strether, on the enshrining of Absolutist Capitalism.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will effectively criminalize any local control over the land, air, water, and public health and welfare. All Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances will be held subject to international trade law, as defined by an international tribunal of corporate attorneys appointed by multinational corporations. It will allow multinational corporations to go ANYWHERE in any signatory country, including America, and say, we want to mine, plow, drill, log etc, and if State or Municipality says no, they will sue for profits lost, and win. Legal extortion, for the corporate set.

It is unbelievable that Congress is for this, but then Congress has no idea what it is about anymore, except maintaining American empire, and their status in it. If America had any sense of itself anymore other than a consumer paradise, Americans would put every one who votes for this bloody trade pact, to washing public toilets for a decade or more, or some such equivalent.

If you think Baltimore is a mess, wait about a decade after TPP passes, and America has been hollowed out even more, it's populace even more economically insecure, preyed upon from every gov/corp/bank angle, with the TPP and TTIP empowering an increasingly untouchable and wealthy Washington and Wall Street elite.

If they pass it, at least you can say you stood up and said no.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

It is China's turn to be the empire, whether we like it or not. I don't. But do we have to make it so easy? Stephen Harper has signed a horror much like the one you are fighting, and tied the next governments down to it. It is sickening. Corporations rule the world. The only thing that keeps me sane is my healing work and my garden. Carry on the good fight!

William H Duncan said...

No great empire will follow America. Harper, Europe and whoever the lunatic US pres is will make sure of it. Besides, China is choking on it's own pollution, 300 new middle class with their savings tied up in the biggest building bubble in history, the highest rate of debt growth ever, and 700 million illiterate poor who will roll over the communist party like waves on a beach.

As for staying sane, you commenting helps me too...:)