Thursday, November 11, 2010

Govt/sky gods

I've written before about the $3300 the city of Minneapolis is charging me this year, for the use of municipal water, above and beyond the monthly water bill. I've now learned Hennepin County is charging me $1126.xx for a "special assessment," of which there has been no explanation. That, and their patently absurd inflation of the overall house value, by about $40,000 - $50,000. Which means, for the privilege of owning and living in my house in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA, in 2010-2011, I am expected to pay approximately $5,000 above and beyond the general cost of living: mortgage, utilities, food etc.

Not an easy thing for an avowed anarchist to swallow. If I were from the old-school, I would consider blowing up the water department, the Hennepin County tax office. Which would be pointless, counter-effective. Thankfully, I am not of the old-school, I do not accept or sanction the use of explosive material in any circumstance. (No one uses explosive material as often or as readily as Government, by the way.) Not willing or able to use explosive material, I'm not sure what alternative I have. I could refuse to pay, which will result in that $5,000 bill becoming $15,000 right quickly. Oh, the helplessness. The frustration/rage inducing, dis-empowering, bureaucratically numbing effect of Government.

At least I can write about my troubles, without having to worry (much) about a violent return. In many nations in the world right now, you can be beaten-raped-killed for telling the truth. I've a good deal more truth to tell, about Government and sky gods. I probably don't have much to worry about, in respect to a violent return, unless a large number of people start listening. That's not an issue now.

Question is, which is more the succubus, Government or sky gods and their Financial/Industrial/Corporate Empire? Who feeds more, at greater detriment, from people and the Earth? A toss-up, really. And our reliance upon them, our subservience to them, will be our undoing. It is exactly as inevitable as we believe Government and sky gods to be. Of course, nothing need be inevitable, least of all Government or sky gods. They exist because we support them. And how powerful and untouchable they have become, for that support.

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