Friday, December 6, 2013

-30 Windchill

Riffing off The Current @ 6:26 12/06/13, after work



Surly1 said...

Indeed, "the booty don't lie."

Luciddreams said...

You dance well.

Wish I could dance well. I'm too anglo saxon and hairy to dance like that. I just look like a retard, which is why you'll only catch me dancing if I'm drinking.

And I damn sure wouldn't put a video up of me dancing. Slaughtering chickens on the other hand...or diggin' big ass holes...but dancin'...not gonna happen.

I think it's cool that you did, and that you plastered it on the web.

William Hunter Duncan said...


No lie :)


Well, I'm Anglo Saxon. You even see my lily white belly in a few of those frames, when I reach for the sky. ;)