Monday, June 3, 2013

Berserk Goes the Empire

What is the situation as it stands, in the world, June 2013?

This is a recent picture of Fukushima. Those blue and gray tanks are water tanks. They are holding groundwater that has leaked into the broken reactor(s), which has become contaminated. There are a bunch of underground tanks too, that are leaking. The solution to that problem is building more of these tanks, above ground. They have also floated the idea of pouring the water into the sea.

How do you fix a broken nuclear reactor that has groundwater seeping into it? You don't apparently. This is something those who believe that technology is a god, or that technology is the solution to all our problems, do not want to see, do not want you to see, as almost nowhere in the mainstream media will you hear mention of Fukushima, not even in the context of the third largest economy by country in the world, seeing a 12% decline in it's Nikkei index last week. In fact I just heard on NPR, twice in three days, that Japan is doing great!

There was an interview recently, on NPR Marketplace (where I heard one of those mentions that Japan is doing GREAT!), the host Kai Ryssdal and the redoubtable Donald Rumsfeld, talking about Rumsfeld's new book on Life lessons his mama taught him. Kai asked him for an apology, for the Iraq war; but not 9/11, which would get Kai fired. Which, Donald said time would reveal the reasons for the decisions of George W Bush. LOL. Indeed, one does not have to wait that long, unless you believe nothing in this world is true until it is sanctified in the official story. I.E...

Syria is a domino in the plot to maintain the preeminence of the petro-dollar. As was Iraq, as was Libya. As Iran is expected to be. That is also called American foreign policy, except not the official story part. The official story is we are spreading democracy, which is a euphemism for using the US military to spread globalist free trade for increasingly unaccountable, supra-national corporate and financial interests. The petro-dollar refers basically, to the fact that the dollar is the world reserve currency and that no one can buy or sell oil anywhere in the world unless they are using American dollars. Iraq was attempting to trade oil for Euro's, hence the invasion. Libya was attempting to institute a gold Dinar, which they would then only accept gold Dinar's for their oil; hence the NATO invasion, with the explicit support of Obama and the CIA. Despite all the Benghazi talk, neither the Democrats nor Republicans want you to know that the Federal Government through the CIA was financing al Qaida in Libya, and now in Syria.

Meanwhile, China, Russia and Brazil smell a weakness in the Dollar, and are lining up to create their own currency. They have had enough of the Dollar, and American dominance, and sense a monster about to go berserk protecting it's interests. How bemused they must be, watching the lofty Americans, who so easily betray their professed ideals with the Patriot Act, NDAA, warrentless wiretapping, confiscation of journalists emails, the jailing of whistleblowers and hackers etc (Oh and that wonderful gift to totalitarian scumbags of America the Supremacist Court offered today, giving the police the right to take a sample of your DNA any time they arrest you for any "serious" reason, ie for whatever reason, justified or not - before or after they strip search you!); how impressed they must be how easily the MSM manipulates Americans, to tow the official line, despite the absolute bullshit nature of it, as the American and Western European middle, and working and service classes, are hollowed out to save the bankers. Which bankers have their own ideas about the dollar, and will be doing every thing they can to push this next World War in the direction of their favor, creating some new International Currency, America, Russia, China and Brazil are in hoc to at the end of said war, the bankers building whatever army's they choose to finance in the aftermath.

Meanwhile in America, the vast mob of half-literate consumers are as likely to blame gay marriage, abortion, Mexican immigrants, Muslims, socialist liberals or patriot tea baggers, for the collapse of the dollar, as they would the Military/Industrial/Corporate/Financial/Law-Enforcement State, and scheming leadership. Kai mused to Rumsfeld, where would America be if we hadn't invaded Iraq? He didn't ask, would Americans have supported the war in Iraq if you had told them it was very much about oil and the preeminence of the petro-dollar? Except Marketplace was like the rest of the MSM at the time, demanding that we go to war in Iraq, and just as clear now about the necessity to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon, and Kai isn't about to say that NPR and Marketplace are nothing more than official talking points purveyors, that all the media merely reports what people in power tell them. They can't do otherwise, or they will be out of a job. That is how Fascism works, get it?

Meanwhile, the whole world just crossed the threshold of 400 ppm, carbon molecules in the atmosphere. It seems funny, that the organization was created like five years ago, to stop us from crossing 350 ppm. Which pretty much guarantees, at current progress, sea levels will rise upwards of (20!) feet the next 10-15 years, which will inundate much of the coastlines, where most people live. But according to the MSM, you should be worried about the viability of Social Security and Medicare. Because, like, we need to restructure Social Security and Medicare (hand all that money to big banks) to better take care of all those refugees. LOL.

And a rogue GMO wheat plant was discovered in Oregon. Reports too, that escaped GMO salmon can mate with evolutionary salmon. What did they GMO salmon for? Oh right, to eat GMO CORN. What happens to a people who's diet becomes primarily GMO? How do you fix a GMO become a catastrophe? Or a climate or a currency or an empire gone berserk? The same way you fix Fukushima. You don't. But what is the thing you will always hear, when you bring up these kinds of problems?

Someone will figure it out.

Hard to figure out though, when everything you are told everyday is basically a lie proffered by someone with something to gain by lying.

Like the FBI, becoming more like the KGB every day. Recently of course, there was the extra-judicial bullet in the back of the head to that young Chechen down in Florida, Todashev, the lies that were told about him being armed, like the ones told about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the “Boston Bomber”, being armed. Oh, Todashev was just about to sign a statement that he and that other Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan, (the one the FBI took into custody and then killed, very likely) murdered three people in 2011, because, you know, people do that, sign statements that they committed mass murder (If we say it, it is true! - FBI). Did he lunge at the FBI? Well, what would you do if it was clear that you either become a snitch, or your life is over (ie life over either way), or you agree to be the fall guy - 'sign this statement we put together for you. See, we are the FBI, and America will believe whatever we tell America. And you are a Chechen/Muslim/White Trash piece of shit.'

There was recently a case here in Minnesota, this one a white boy named Buford. He was supposedly building molotov cocktails and pipe bombs in his trailer, supposedly part of a militia called Black Snake, supposedly targeting the Montevideo Police Department. The FBI arrested him and then released a statement about FOILING A TERROR PLOT, which the MSM immediately, dutifully, plastered on every headline in the country. There are at least 3-1, probably more like 2-1 and maybe 1.1-1 odds, that an FBI provocateur or two infiltrated the Black Snake Militia (if there is one), and the “terror” plot (if there was one), was ALL their idea. Because see, it is not about justice, it is not about the truth, it is not about protecting anybody but themselves and their paymasters - it is about theater, to maintain and expand budgets, and you are being primed for an ever increasing FBI/NSA/Homeland Security/Local Task Force presence in your life, where every Buford and Ahmed and Jose is a potential TERRORIST!!!, that you must give up all your meager remaining rights and privacy to defend against.

See Google, as a new tool of the FBI, security surveillance state.

Buford, Ahmed and Jose don't scare me. The FBI/NSA/Homeland Security/Local Police? Increasingly hired thugs, miscreants and liars, increasingly assured there is nothing they cannot do or say in support of the status quo, of TPTB. A new class of specialized, high-paid muscle in America, separating the “useless eaters” from the “job creators” and “decision makers.”

Berserk goes the Empire, and everybody weeps.


Martin said...

William -

Berserkness has been going on for quite awhile but, it seems, has accelerated somewhat during the past few years and/or has become much more apparent.

Thanks to commentators like yourself and others, the 'Great Unmasking' is finally taking place and hopefully will cause more folks to wake up.

Please, watch your back....

William Hunter Duncan said...


I wouldn't have to watch my back, I suppose, if more people spoke up about what is going on. But then, when they do, they are usually only calling out the Right or the Left, thinking one side is evil, the other side wonderful!

I don't worry much about trouble though, I guess because hardly anyone is paying attention. In the whole history of this blog, three years of calling out what I believe to be the truth, there have been something like 56,000 hits. Assume 25%-50% are robots. Hardly anyone cares what I have to say. Perez Hilton gets that many hits between 10:30 and 10:43 on any random Tuesday morning. LOL. Besides, would they really go after that Goddess guy?

Thanks for the concern :) And you are perhaps right. Maybe I should retire from calling out TPTB. Focus on gardening, building things and writing novels no one reads. LOL.

Martin said...

William -

I don't run a blog myself - perhaps I should - but I'm pretty vocal about "How it is" among and within my local circle.

And yes, I often find I'm preaching to the choir and/or we-all lapse into nodding our heads over issues that, while seemingly politically 'important', are wide of the mark with respect to even basic overall survival of life on the planet.

However, now and then I find I've managed to shift someone's perspective around to what I believe the only 'real' issue is, that being the ramifications of global climate change and how we might at least begin to slow it down, even though I personally believe we're fucked.

Anyhow, I didn't mean to imply that you should give up the rant - I hope you keep on keepin' on - just that I hope you stay alert.

Thanks for what you do.

William Hunter Duncan said...


I used to think that the end of fossil fuels would save us, but I wonder now, all that particulate in the atmosphere, maybe that's the only thing keeping us from cooking, the weather from going totally whack right quick. If you follow that link in that paragraph about the 400ppm, "sea levels will rise...", you might wonder too. Which only means it's a matter of time, and there is nothing that can be done but say and do what you will, what you think is best, and let it take it's course.

Thanks for reading.

Martin said...

Hi William -

I just finished reading Wasdell's exposition on Arctic Dynamics, per your suggestion.

While I already knew much of what he presented, the acceleration he proposes is occurring is absolutely dumbfounding.

We are indeed well and truly fucked.

So, as I've noted elsewhere and perhaps here as well, enjoy the moment....