Monday, September 2, 2013

Hope: Birth of the Waterbearers

What rough beast
muddling unto Babylon
reeking of the rotting flesh of innocents
milk tainted and honey lost;
wasteland civilization
triumphant in the levelling of all that is.

The spectre of two cities burned
rising where the sun sets
to rain down the bitter tears
of the promise of illumination lost;
wickedness unatoned, undecommissioned
many a such/same poison pill
buried deep in the grid/soul
of a proud and imperial nation.

What darkness sits
where a white founder stood
eviscerating what declaration of rights
written by sages
who condemned their paternity to slavery?
Such darkness presiding over
what holocaust unprecedented,
for fear of a loss of credibility
before the gods of war, famine  
pestilence and death?

Riding the hydran headed Leviathan
birthed out of the exploitation
of ancient sunlight stored
in the bosom of the Mother
wreaking with the rules writ
by Father
implicit in the pure harmony of nature
Leviathan putrescence breaking
the bonds of a core connecting
down to the very seed of a spiral code;
mechanistic mindlessness
that cannot be brought down
by cutting off any one head.
Leviathan brought down nonetheless
as written in cosmic alignment
in the changing of an Aeon:

Nearly all will be lost
Monotheistic and Materialist.

While a consciousness like water
tenacious like life, lives on
and remembers.


Martin said...


Like even more - Good Stuff, William.

William Hunter Duncan said...

Thanks Martin. :)

Anonymous said...

New to your blog thanks to a tip from a friend. Staying due to your obvious creativity and avid storytelling ability. I live about 20 minutes from Wendall Berry in lovely Kentucky and can spot a good writer when I see one :) Agree with your view of world events so far and will keep you bookmarked.

William Hunter Duncan said...


I just posted one of Wendell Berry's Mad Farmer poems on the Doomstead Diner. A truly cherished one. Thanks for checking in. Blessings,