Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seed Sorting Day

Salvaged last fall.

I've never had good seed starting conditions in this house. My starts are always small, leggy, compared to what is available. This year, I'm going to build a greenhouse outside these three windows. I'll access it by crawling through the window next to the bookshelf. I will have a door outside too, but I would rather not open it until planting time. I will circulate air through at night, and hopefully it will add heat to the house during sunny days. Add moisture to the interior of the house; it has been so cold, and the air so dry, my throat and sinuses are raw.  

These are some very happy plants.

This is a clementine. I bought it at the uber retail outlet where I worked, last June. It is three times the size it was when I bought it. All that new growth is from the last month. I'm going to buy a bunch of citrus trees this spring, sprout some avocados. Put them in big pots, keep them out on the sidewalk and driveway in the summer, haul them inside in the fall.

This is a Jasmine I bought at the grocery store. All those green shoots are growth from the last two weeks. Needs a bigger pot, like the clementine; and a bigger trellis.

Jasmine flowers, slowly opening.


This is my rosemary. See those two tall shoots out front? All new growth this winter.

Oh, and these.

I'll be building some sizable gardens at a few of the houses where I work. I have a plan to experiment with seed saving, while planting a mixture of heirloom and hybrid. Hopefully too, planting a bevy of fruit trees. I'm ordering about 12 more fruit and nut trees and shrubs, for this house. By this fall I might have 70+ fruit and nut trees, shrubs and vines, on this 3/16th acre lot.

The spring greenhouse will be temporary. I hope to expand it in the fall, and make it more permanent, extending it most of the full length of the south of the house, incorporating passive solar heating of water, and aquaculture. I want to try to grow pepper vines. I'm going to try to get off natural gas as much as possible in the next year. I would like to expand the house and garage, make them super efficient, self sustaining to an extent - but I'm going to need a little help with that.

So anyway, see, it's an exciting time. :) I am in love with this life. So don't suicide me, dudes ;) Plant fruit and nut trees, build gardens. Sing dance share. 


Martin said...

It would appear that 'selling the house' is now off the list. I am pleased that you appear to have decided to stay put somehow, especially after all the work you've put into the place.

William Hunter Duncan said...


I'm quite happy with my job. I am able after a long time, to put into practice some of my ideas. I think I can build some very nice greenhouses on the cheap. I'm excited about the possibilities, comfortable in this house like I never have been.

Besides, if you have read the article from Jim Quinn, over at The Burning Platform, also on the Diner, about the housing market - there is no market.


Martin said...

I read the article and Quinn is correct - it's all a show and the theater is on fire. This is evidenced by things in the R.E. market where I live - an part of southern Oregon that has been in perpetual decline for the past fifty years (but the weather is generally great). Lots of stuff for sale and overpriced in an area where the real unemployment rate is probably around 18 to 20 %. Go figure....