Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Plans and Vid

My friend Roamer stayed with me this past weekend. Roamer was my co-writer on the Sustaining Universal Needs (SUN) Prospectus. We spent the weekend talking spirit, and making plans for resilient infrastructure, i.e. taking this house off the grid. He translated my ideas into a 3D diagram of what this house would look like. We talked about closing the loop as much as we can, on a 3/16 acre lot like this, energy wise. Growing as much food as we can, generating as much energy as we can on-site without fossil fuels, photovoltaic or wind.  We are writing a business plan, to present to Kickstarter, with the intention to document every step of the way.

It was also the Doomstead Diner (where I am Admin) 2nd Anniversary party, Saturday night. So Roamer and I sat in my sunroom and chatted with RE, head Admin and founder of the Diner, and really, the first to articulate what would become the SUN. In the second video, you meet Surly1 and Haniel, also Admins @ the Diner. The video is somewhat crude, the tech is a bit sketchy (when is the tech not a little sketchy?), but it is human, just a few guys sittin' around (a few thousand miles from each other), and havin' a conversation about the issues of the day, gettin' drunk. 



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