Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So I've been thinking about this Ukraine thing...

So here are the rumors: Ukraine is deeply in debt without any domestic energy resources in any volume to accommodate Ukraine consumption. The IMF "offers" a deal, here is cash for a pittance of what you owe, austerity for everybody but the oligarchs and secured bondholders, a free-for-all for Western monied elite in your breadbasket, find your own fuel. Russia sayz, 3x's the debt forgiveness, a third decrease in the price of natural gas. Neo-nazis ever eager to kill, hired to sabotage Russian/Ukraine deal, by EU/America/IMF. Like Al Qaida in Middle Eastern countries.

Mayhem. Petty Yanukovich ousted, free-for-all for monied western elite still possible.

Official story: Putin is anti-gay, anti-freedom, imperialist bad guy. America is the good guy, supporting the good Ukrainian's pursuit of Democracy.

Pardon me if I find clarity in rumor. It seems to me, Western monied interests are investing, to the bond subservience of my sister's kids, and their kids and beyond.  Everything and everybody on planet earth. Using guys like that and much worse, to keep everyone in line when "necessary"...


I was at one of the houses I help manage, today (after a clothes dryer that started to smoke, in a different house, that I fixed - a bad wheel-guide and belt; holes in the walls at another house, a thermostat cover ripped off.) A door had been ripped off the medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinet is something of a euphemism, for the pharma stock hold, to manage the moods of the clients. Autistic people can be volatile; one of them broke the fake fingernail of one of the staff recently, with his teeth.

I replaced the hinges of the medicine cabinet, and the lock, changing the code to 1776. When I told staff what the new code was, and why, one asked me, are you patriotic? I told him I love my country. I said too, I didn't love what my country had become. I think now as I sit here in my house, high on cannabis and drunk on apple cider from apples I gathered and fermented, I love that I can sit here and type my thoughts for the world to read (erasing half of what I type.) I don't love that the whole of what I say and don't say, is recorded on some database somewhere. 

Fuck it. Three bottle(s) of cider and smoke until...


Pandora keeps cutting me off, because I don't pay.  But never cuts me off fully, just because I don't pay.

I marvel, so much, at the technology. I want to keep all of it. What about this culture we have!? I want to throw my hands up into the air, and believe...

Then the commercial break. Because I don't pay. My reminder. The consumer cost.


There's a limit to what I can consume. Before I don't make sense.


William Hunter Duncan said...


51 days below 0F in Minneapolis, this winter. The weather finally seems to have turned. I shaved my beard last night. Hopefully soon, greenhouse and garden, off-grid energy projects to report on; instead of all this stuck inside on the Internet paranoia breeding critique of totalitarians. LOL


Clyde said...

I read somewhere that the BoE estimates that it will grow it's assets from around 40% of UK GDP, around 100 years ago, to something like 9 times UK GDP in a few decades.
Then I wondered how long it would be before a private corporation decided to declare war on a small nation.
Then I realised that it has already happened. Many times.

William Hunter Duncan said...


Most wars at this point, are about who is going to extract what resources through what corporation.

Thanks for checking in.


Anonymous said...

Really liked the 1776 comment. don't stop posting...ever!!! there are so few of us who know and care about America. We see the lies and must remain vigilant waiting for the day when others will seek our knowledge.

William Hunter Duncan said...


No intention whatever, to stop posting. Thanks.