Friday, September 24, 2010

Green Man

Late night at Monster Halloween, dancing, testing the green makeup, wondering about painting myself green, applying latex horns, and dancing at the opening party, trying to shake the feeling left by the condemnation order and all I am required to do to get myself out from under it. Wondering about Government and the war between it and Finance, which I have stepped into the middle of. Minneapolis municipal government stands to benefit if I walk away from the house. Thousands of dollars in fees applied to the taxes, which the bank will have to pay in the event of foreclosure. As the man in City Inspections told me, "we'll get our money one way or another."

Tea Party folk would like to starve Government. Of course, that is naive, as starving Government would only allow free-Market fundamentalists to increase the rapidity at which we are destroying ecosystems, to which we owe our existence as a species. I am inclined to starve both Government and Finance, for the sake of the Earth and species. Which seems to me a particularly American kind of sentiment, at its base a wariness of men who would rule; but certainly not a sentiment in common practice.

If it were me alone I would laugh at the stupidity of this arrangement and let the Government bleed the Bank. Except my father is involved, and the healing I have brought to this land will come undone, as evidenced by what City contractors did to my wildflower planting on the boulevard.

So, I will ask one of the partners to cover me, early next week, while I ride my bike downtown and hand over 762 bloody American dollars to Government, about half of which will pay for water I did not use. I think I'll actually get 762 dollar bills, draw some blood and apply a pin-pricks worth to each. Only, don't tell them; they'll declare it a bio-hazard and charge me with domestic terrorism, send me to jail with the rapists and murderers.

Didn't even realize it was the Equinox. It hasn't felt like a very sacred time. Though it is and I only forget.

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