Thursday, September 2, 2010


Two posts ago I said I would write something more on the social pyramid. I could say Nando got in the way, but the truth is I've been putting it off. I was ready to write it several nights ago. By the time I had an opportunity it was two am, I had a few beers and a glass or two of wine in me, and I decided to put it off. I should have just written it. I was thinking more clearly about it then. I'll try, as I sit here behind the counter at Monster Halloween - Minnesota, looking at a parking lot owned by Masons, directing the work of of three impressive young women and another man.

At some point in the evolution of Homo sapien, about 5000 years ago, we began to be ruled by "strong men". Prior to that time, men and women lived together in equal partnership, the health of community rather than the desire of individuals held as the tempost, the community practicing hunting, gathering, and small scale agriculture and husbandry. Grains and the ability to store them led to increased populations, cultures worshiping a Goddess, a God, or both. Those cultures worshiping a Goddess primarily, tended toward peaceful relations and reverence for the Earth. Those cultures worshiping a God tended toward the elevation of men generally, at the expense of all else, and only a few men over the many. These "strong" men used violence to control the resources of the community, to plunder the resources of other communities, to accumulate as much wealth and power as they were able. As men continue to do.

We believe all we have, the High Technology, the fancy buildings, the big cars, the Empire that is America, all of Science, is due primarily to men. Because the literature of the past 3000 years is almost wholly the work of men, we assume we would all still be swinging from the proverbial trees if not for the work of men. Yes, men are industrious. Men are brilliant. As are women.

In fact, it is my belief the work of women primarily, led to the neolithic revolution, the growth of agriculture and the expansion of the population. How deeply have women been betrayed? 5000 thousand years of servitude? Men sanctified this betrayal even in the holy books. Nearly all major religions hold women as less than, upholding a violent male deity before whom we are all to bow. Just as we are to bow before the "strong men" of the world.

If one is to look clearly at the issue, we can rightly argue that our progress as a species has been inhibited by the rule of men. There is no reason to believe whatever, that we have evolved because we are ruled by men who maintain power with the threat of violence. Go ahead, give men credit for High Technology. Give men too the credit for seven billion Homo sapien sapien, a majority of whom are illiterate, undernurished and poverty sticken. Give men credit for the mass extinction of species, the overall sickness of our species, and the ill heal of the Earth.

Had we evolved in deep reverence for the Earth and all its creatures, men and women living together in partnership, I suspect we would have a significantly greater understanding of the Universe than we do, with a considerally smaller, healthier and happier population. The Earth would be profoundly more healthy than it is.

As it is, we continue to be ruled by men, a few of whom sit atop a social pyramid, the resources of the Earth plundered to support their status, the whole system, from religion to industry to technology designed to support men who will do what they will do, without regard for anything but their own interests. Here in America, because our standard of living is so high, we say OK to that rule without much question. We tell ourselves this is ok because our Way will lift the whole of humanity out of the dregs. We do not want to look at the reality that most of humanity is in the dregs because there are cultures like ours that exist largely to gratify desire, sitting atop a world wide social pyramid.

It in now 3:35 am, and I am editing, listening to Franti's "So High." He has somehow drifted into the nether reaches of my Itunes, with Nama Mala, the Guyoto Tibetans, "Tangoes for Marshall", and "Rhythm of the Chakras." My Itunes have been playing since 10 am yesterday, when one of my young valkyrie asked me to change the soundtrack, from a local commercial station. One of the owners left half an hour ago. Things are coming together here. Doors will be open, tentatively today, shortly after I wake up and caffinate.

Time to go to bed. Here's that Skinny White Chick with "Valkyrie Daughter". Haven't heard this one in awhile. A good one, Bard.

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