Thursday, September 23, 2010

So High

Franti's "So High", at 2:31 in the am. Leading into "Soko Yhinka", Ali Farka Toure.

Three hours with one of the partners, a long discussion involving the price of pumpkins and gourds, a treasure map, staff hours, and the opening party. What more can we men do for this shrine to the Goddess, this shrine to all things Feminine? A post-it for "Black Heart", my toy gun sculpture. Amy Daws and a bid system for her paintings. Christian and Katrina on signage; and maybe with me, on the treasure map. Another woman, who has captured my attention. Back to Franti: Sound System, Pirate Radio, a Sword. Toure' again: Soya. A schedule to write, a long list - and oh yeah, the water bill. A long drive through the rain. What a drain...

Steady drums and a whistling beat from Rhythm of the Chakras. More wine? Ahh, Rokia Traore, "Tchwa". A sacred harvest at my side; a stem, a back bone like no other I have ever encountered. Dance, and the green man consort to the Goddess. Orangutan and rush hour traffic. KARE 11? "Walk With Me", Alice de Michele, which reminds me to add "Chinook Blues" to my favs. Rasputina, twice, More Toure'.

Nizar Lalani, Mujane Mugambe, live. What a beautiful thing, this existence.

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