Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Do we really need another problem with nuclear power after Japan, to acknowledge the inherent problem with nuclear power? Do you really think we can trust our leadership to tell the truth, to know what the truth is, after Japan's leadership has proven they really don't understand the danger? Even if the situation continues to get worse, to the point of being perhaps a greater disaster than Chernobyl, do you think we are going to say, "let's pull back on nuclear"? Not likely. Why? Because we will say, "That's Japan; it can't happen here," or, "If it does happen here, it will only happen once, and we'll keep it under control." To hear our leadership now, nothing bad could ever possibly happen with nuclear in America.

Here is an issue few are likely to address. While Japan's issue is forcing us to look at the safety of our nuclear facilities, it won't cause us to address the most important issue. In fact, that issue is not even on the radar of our Government or the private enterprises that control nuclear energy, or the media, or the people. What is that issue?

Social breakdown.

But that will never happen here, right? Sorry, but it will. Someday. And when it does, every single nuclear facility in America will collapse. Because a nuclear power plant is a product of a highly complicated civilization. How do you control or undo a nuclear facility, without a highly functional civilization? You don't. Civilizations collapse; it is the way of civilization. When the West does, so will it's nuclear power facilities. Most of Germany and France will become uninhabitable. Most of the eastern half of the USA as well. There are so many nuclear power plants in the Mississippi watershed, that river won't be able to be crossed for about a million years or so.

Of course, there is a way to avoid this nightmare: dismantle every single one. But we aren't likely to do that, because that would require us to address our use of energy, and the only aspect of energy use in America that is taboo to discuss, is using less. Is anyone going to take this argument seriously? Well, the only thing more taboo to discuss than using less energy, is the collapse of civilization, the collapse of America. So no, I expect to be ignored. But you can't say I didn't warn you.

I can hear it now - "If America collapses, it won't matter anyway. And even if it does, it won't happen in my lifetime." That I even have to call that out is a sign that America is doomed.

Sorry about the harshness of this post. But somebody has to say it.

(And while we're on the topic, how about all those thousands of off-shore oil drilling platforms?)

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JPH said...

Amen, brother. Here's my latest take on nuke plants + collapse... http://newcultureearthskills.blogspot.com/2011/07/long-term-grid-kill-solar-storm-nuclear.html