Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mid-Winter Questions

Imbolc has passed, which means we're on the lee-side of halfway to the Spring Equinox. I'm thankful for the sun the last three days, as thirty-plus degrees below freezing, when you walk everywhere you go, begins to feel a bit oppressive. Damn frustrating, actually. I used the weather as an excuse last night to buy a six pack of Winter Ale, and rent the Fellowship of the Ring trilogy. I had no legitimate reason to gorge on video, or beer, I just wanted to take a break from the questions.

Like, do flesh and bone ET's visit this planet, or are they, as Graham Hancock suggests, a modern perspective on an ancient reality, the shamanic interaction between parties of different dimensions, one as real as the other, only different? What does quantum physics tell us about space and time? Is Ayahuasca a doorway, and who are the Man in Jade and the Goddess in Gold? What is the knowledge possessed by the ancients, who built the Great Pyramid?

And how am I going to paddle down the Mississippi? How am I going to buy a sailboat when I reach the Gulf, and how am I going to learn to sail? And then how am I going to sail to Brazil? Maybe as far as the Pacific? Peru, 2012? How am I going to communicate, in Spanish, French and Portugese, once I've left the boundary of Empire? Where is the money going to come from?

Frodo wasn't always sure about his path either. There were times when he didn't want the ring, wishing it had never come to him. Gandalf was there to remind him, all men who live to see such times wish the same, that all we can do is decide what to do with the time one has. Central and South America isn't Mordor. No question I'm going to do it, but how?

I've started eating the potatoes I grew this year, in earnest. Baked a few pounds of potato wedges, dousing them with cholula and garlic salt for a little heat, at the beginning of The Two Towers, after a couple of beers. I love the Ents. I love these movies, though sometimes I think, the mythology is starting to look dated. We can't afford anymore to prop men up as kings, as messiahs, as rulers of any kind. It's incumbent upon every man and woman to find these same energies within. Coded, perhaps, in that "junk" 97% of our DNA we can't yet explain.

The potato is related to Datura, Mandrake, and several other powerful "hallucinogens". I hear they cultivate a few thousand different kinds of potatoes in the Andes, perhaps a thing taught by the same who built Tiahuanaco, at Titicaca, some twelve thousand years ago?

Off to the store, in the cold, on foot, for a few staples and probably a little junk. A film in Spanish tonight, another in Brazilian Portuguese. Two more beers, and more potatoes. I'm in training. I'm modeling the archetype of the green man consort to the Goddess, at Patrick's Cabaret in five weeks. I don't at present look the part of any consort to any goddess, though I expect to be ready. After all, who's going to have a point of reference?

It's supposed to be thirty-five degrees or higher this weekend. I long to get on my bike again and enjoy it. I see friends on Facebook talking about vacations to warm places. There's no money for travelling anymore this winter. Next winter? How about a sailboat, exploring the Atlantic coast of South America, looking for a shaman?


Kevin said...

I'm happy to see you're alive and well living as you choose,close to the bone in that icebox called Minnesota. I recently finished reading all of your posts and I must say you can turn a phrase and bring a smile to my 55 y/o face. I laughed my ass off as you were cursing your way through the washer fiasco, been there, swore worse than that. Any plans to make your book available online? I'd love to read it, any reasonable amount in royalties would be fine by me. After reading your thoughts and experience dealing with the Skygods (the Minneapolis Water Dept. is horrific)and their isolated, untouchable arrogance, how invigorating and incredible is it to see the power of the people bringing about the resignation of one of the MOST evil,despicable and oppressive tyrants the world has seen in Egypt? This is the example that must be repeated in the United States and around the globe if we are to achieve the world you and many of us envision for our future. My spirits are high today for what has happened in the cradle of civilization. I'll be pouring a dram or two of the 12y/o Jamesons tonight to honor the courage, defiance and power of the Egyptian people, especially the hundreds that have given their lives to secure a more dignified and democratic future. Here,Here! BTW, I just picked up all 742 pages of Graham Hancock's Underworld and am duly impressed, having not yet read a word. So much for a light read...

Trying to keep an open mind in Gig Harbor,WA.,
Kevin Gerard Crowley're not the only guy who can throw that middle name thing around. Take care and keep writing!

William Hunter Duncan said...


I hope soon to find seed money to make my book available, in digital form. I'm finishing an early draft of a second book, which I hope will make investing more attractive. Thank you for believing in me. We all need blessings, and I take your words as such.

BTW - Hancock can be an exhaustive writer (and occasionally exhausting)I haven't read all his work, but I've yet to read anything of his that wasn't like a revalation, or blessed confirmation.


William Hunter Duncan said...


Oh yes. And bottles up for our brothers and sisters in Egypt; and maybe a dram or two for a Great Awakening, across the globe, in every nation.