Friday, June 1, 2012

Cassandra (a poem inspired by Facebook)

Like the sod plied with poison
and cut, burning more fuel
than whole nations of people consume
for sustenance,
your words are tyranny,
a consensus
of silence.

What do you know about this world?
What raging rivers of thought
flow untold, major rivers
not reaching society?

Your world will come undone,
the river of Progress shall cease.

There is nothing that can be done,
to make it flow again,
but to cease to control.

Platitudes and homilies will not suffice.
To know thyself is not
to rely on another's word;
To be skeptical of all
who claim Authority,
is first, foremost.
False media prophets proliferating, especially those
speaking of Economy
and God.
The separate, orphaned children 
of Aristotle, Augustine, Descartes and Hobbes,
the purveyors of shall not, think not, question not
merchants of domination, destruction and death,
boogeymen making boogeymen
for you to rail at,
gnashing your teeth,
those insatiable, all consuming.

There is hardly a man or woman alive
who believes they have enough,
that there are limits. The many,
every one,
shall visit upon this earth, and witness,
horror unimaginable.

Just know,
those who see,
despised, ignored
reviled, who know beauty,
who know abundance -
they are blessed among the gods.

[These words shall not be understood by many,
it is decreed.]


Justin said...

Your world will come undone

I'm stealing some part of that.


Justin said...

I stole it as the title for this.