Tuesday, June 5, 2012


In the interest of love and beauty, and today's transit, I posted on my blog, at my website; Venus


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. There's a wave of synchronicity washing over everything today. It appears the transit's viewing regions are those that are heavily Westernized, or significantly patriarchal.

Also, I'm certain this guy is speaking your language. (sorry, hyperlinking isn't working for me for some reason).


William Hunter Duncan said...


I saw a matrix of the viewing and non-viewing areas too. Very graceful (though I think most of the world at this point is rigidly patriarchal.) Thank you for the link. That is very much my language. The beauty of careful, considered distinction, and fully aware of the changing paradigm. I could build his houses. I can design, too. If we'd taken Jefferson's model seriously, in America, all our houses would be so distinct, so attractive, resilient, and most of us would build and/or maintain them ourselves. We'd all have big gardens.

John D. Wheeler said...

Thanks for the reminder. I wasn't able to see it myself. It was a beautiful sunset, with layers of clouds, but not much of a clear path to the sun.

William Hunter Duncan said...


It was extraordinary. I sat on the shore of lake Nokomis, drinking raspberry lager and watching it through three pairs of sunglasses, the outside pair pink lensed with thick round white frames. A mallard with a brood of thirteen passed by within ten feet, twice. The sun seemed to bleed or burst purple, surrounded by blue, in a sea of yellow orange, Venus with an aura all its own for at east a moment, mesmerizing. Jets passing through the sun three times as I watched. Were any in those planes, watching? I saw no one else watching. We are so attuned to clock time. Few, to cosmic cycles. As the fisherman said, who saw the mallard and her brood, "you won't see that on tv, will ya?" Nope. And he didn't get to see the last time anyone alive will see venus transit the sun, because he couldn't bring himself to accept the offer of my crazy spectacles. 'Thanks for the astrology lesson,' he said, as he motored away.

Anonymous said...

Glad I could share something useful, and he's relatively nearby. I love turning up things that people would enjoy, but that they might not have found otherwise, like gems accidentally dug up from the soil. I couldn't figure out what was up with the business name, until it dawned on me: heirloom. It's like your remark about bella donna. I knew what it meant, linguistically, but never quite put it together as an aspect of the Divine Feminine. Duh.

William Hunter Duncan said...

Duh? Who is trained to think of the feminine, in association with the divine, in this culture? As to heirloom, I just looked it up in my Oxford - generational property. Masculine ownership, no mention of plants - though most plants would be considered balanced in their masculine and feminine aspects, anyway.