Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dum and Dee

Before I skewer Catholic and Christian Institutions, I just wanted to comment on recent trade revelations. So a multinational corporation could come to America, violate American laws, as in pollute my neighborhood, and it would be accountable only to an International tribunal? Am I missing something, or is conspiring to compromise the sovereignty of the American people and America not a treasonable offense? Question: how do you accuse the black President of the Affordable Care Act, of treason? The American people don't give a damn about trade agreements. If you are an international financier, you couldn't ask for a better President. 

In light of these trade documents, it's like the Affordable Care Act is a bribe to distract the people from the astoundingly bipartisan erosion of their civil liberties, and even to compromise the sovereignty of the United States. And what would Romney be but a full frontal embrace of the security state, and international finance? Tweedle dum and tweedle dee, tipping back and forth before their financial masters, in the on-going drama of global domination.

I can totally see Obama's reward, sitting on that tribunal. Worth a few hundred million, at least. With the American people continually manipulated into denying the US military is engaged in support of elite international financial domination.

No wonder the guy got so worked up about leaks, earlier this week.


Luciddreams said...

you should really stop paying attention to the dog and pony show of international corporation ladeeda ville. Carlin said it best..."it's all bullshit and it's bad for you."

why don't you dance to this:

let me know what you think

William Hunter Duncan said...


So, I was like, stompin around my house, like who da, wa da; and then I checked in, and I was like, hey, there's a comment; and I was like, what are the odds that's exactly what I need right now? - and I even pulled out the pine swords, and the deer horns, which I haven't done in awhile. Oh how I want to sing and dance with a band. All this social critique is for the birds...

Luciddreams said...

yeah, I burned out on social commentary myself. I still read clusterfucknation every monday, and half of the time I don't know what he's talking about with finance because I don't care. Economics and politics are complete bull shit, and it seems like all that's ever talked about where social commentary is concerned. I'd rather be pissin' into the wind.

Not to be misunderstood however, your commentary is great...I just personally think that spending anytime with it now, for myself, is a waste of time and energy. I'd rather be diggin' a hole.

William Hunter Duncan said...

Yeah, I'm trying to focus on the spiritual aspect of the whole peak everything predicament. Hard to get at that though, if one doesn't figure out one's origins, the foundation of our way of seeing the world, and root out the psychic architecture making Economics and Politics and even Science like new Religions.