Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fucked, America

It is impossible to overstate how much I detest this man. Perhaps not as much as I detest these fucking people, Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney et al:

But then, you know Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld et al have a financial motive and are bloodthirsty warmongers. No one ever disputed that, but the people who treat these fucksticks like they are demigods.

John Kerry on the other hand pretends like he is a peace-loving kind of guy. Like some kind of Liberal moral compass. When in fact he has the very big cock of the Military/Industrial/Banking empire up his ass. Like Obama, with his Nobel Peace Prize, dropping drone bombs on the heads of women and children just about every week. So Assad is partially responsible for 100,000 dead in his country? So the moral thing is to finance al Qaeda and assorted jihadist mercenaries, to over-throw Assad, and then we bomb the hell out of the country - just as we did in Libya? Libya thankfully is not quite the hell hole Iraq is, but then, give it time. American foreign policy is an equal opportunity nation-state destroyer, killer of women and children.

These are the sort of monsters the current Administration is cavorting with. The kind of mischief the CIA is stirring up (the CIA of course answering to no Administration). 

Meanwhile, President Hollande of France is swinging his wet noodle, talking about "punishing" Assad, and America is up-in-arms about post-pubescent Miley Cyrus and her cadre of sexualized teddy bears:

One has to wonder, was this performance orchestrated by the CIA? LOL. Or is it just another manifestation of collective America's immature, vapid, empty sexual unconscious, in the land where people of all moral stripes FREAK OUT about a little titty, but the dropping of drone bombs on kids is oh-so-ho-hum (yawn). Hardly anyone freaks out about violent programming, but the contrived sight of a veiled nipple is a decades worth of moral grandstanding.

So it goes, Obama unleashes the dogs of war on Syria, and sexually confused, morally decrepit America is incapable of asking, who stands to gain? Assad, in his tiny country, the whole world watching? Or the Military/Industrial/Banking empire? What's that, the CIA helped Saddam gas Iranians in the 1980's? Is that supposed to be some kind of mind fuck, that this government that is hell bent on CRUSHING leakers, declassifies documentation of CIA involvement in gassing people, at the same time they are going to war against Assad for supposedly gassing people, when there is every indication that CIA financed and supported al Qaeda and assorted hyper violent mercenaries are behind the gassing, when all this is very likely really about IRAN?

Are you ready to get fucked, America?

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Luciddreams said...

"Are you ready to be fucked man?...Liam and me, we gonna fuck you up."

How you ended this blog reminded me of that scene...from that movie...