Sunday, August 25, 2013

End Game

It is impossible to overstate how imperilled my country feels to me right now. Not because of any traditional outside threat, but because of gross malfeasance, incompetence and indifference rampant, within. Nowhere is that more evident than in my government and MSM treatment of Syria.

It's hard to imagine that at one time, there was only a MSM, as far as information exchange is concerned. I like to the think, "back then," people had more ethics, were more moral. Maybe, maybe not. These days, based on the Mainstream treatment of Syria, at least, I'm inclined to think the whole bloody operation is corrupt beyond redemption, MSM intern - to the President of the United States.

U.S. prepares for possible retaliatory strike against Syria - LA Times


(Syria attacked the US?)

Have you noticed, the sarin gas attacks in Syria have gotten worse over time? A hundred here, a hundred there, just lately, 3600 in one fell swoon. Of course we are talking about real people here, mothers and fathers and children. Who are the perpetrators? Your government says it was Bashar al Assad and his henchmen. There is plenty of evidence to suggest, it is in fact the rebels gassing people, to bring International heat down on Assad's head because they are otherwise losing the war - or there is no gassing at all, or less than is reported. How wicked is that? Considering the rebel fighters are mostly al Qaida mercenaries and the like, nothing unusual here. Except they are CIA and NATO financed, no dispute there. Where's the wicked what?

There is growing evidence your government is incapable of telling the truth about anything meaningful.

So suppose Assad is the wicked bastard the US makes him out to be, which I don't dispute. And he has figured out, I can go ahead and gas my people, because it is impossible to unravel who is doing the gassing at this point. So the answer is, for America to rain bombs down on the country, so that it turns into an eternal guerilla war zone like Iraq? Unwrap that wickedness.

Of course, things are never really as they seem, in the realm of International fuck yer brother. As I've pointed out in this blog, at risk is the status of the Dollar as the world reserve currency, and the petro dollar. That is why we rain-down bombs on Muslims; to show the world that we are not fucking around. We are going to control the politics of the Middle East, and it's oil; or at least, keep the Middle East in chaos just enough not to empower it, that we might more easily manipulate it, and if any Arab country gets a little too out of line, we will bomb it back into stone tool making and camel riding.

Which of course, all of this rests on a declining foundation of resources generally. If you think the MSM tales about who is responsible for sarin gas attacks in Syria are bullshit, you perhaps are dubious about "imminent" American energy independence. Because, like, that's why we are drilling in 10,000 feet of water, and gouging it out of the earth, and fracking every where we can frack, and bombing the shit out of and destabilizing the Middle East, because we are so awash in fracking oil and gas? LOL. If you believe fracking is an energy revolution, I have a housing bubble to sell you. Which if you know anything about the talk lately, about the housing recovery, you know that is bullshit too. Btw - Yer gov says fracking does not pollute.

Which of course, all of this points to a very precarious economy, the Fed is out of "ammo", thus, walla, Assad gasses 3600 of his own people. Enter big ass military. If you can't kick start an economy, kick start a war. That THAT is the logic of monsters should be a foregone conclusion by now.

Now I don't write this to generate despair or cynicism in you. I do so that you will come to understand, America is warmongering it's way into civilizational collapse. Which is why the NSA exists, to keep track of what people like me are saying and doing, so that they can treat me and the others like me like they are treating Assad, like they have treated Iraq and Afghanistan, like they treated South East Asian and South American people and hippies back-in-the-day. Should our beloved elite decide they need to expand the definition of internal boogeyman, to wield their warmongering against. Because they are otherwise losing control over the situation. That is why it is now LEGAL for the United States government to "disappear" any American. That is why they want control over the Internet. That is why they want to restrict access to blogs like this. That is why bankers are too big to prosecute and hackers and pot smokers get the fascist treatment. TPTB are driven to madness, realizing they cannot anymore lie with impunity; there are a growing number of people out there, able to put things in context. In their madness, elite America defaults in the only way they really know how, which is the exercise of power, which ALWAYS trends toward the abuse of power, esp. in a country so rich and powerful as America. 

Anyway, it seems to me we are approaching some kind of end game. Russia and China are not sitting on their hands about this Syria bizness. They are actively engaged in undermining American preeminence. They are not just going to sit idly by as America evolves this Syria thing into an Iran thing, a la Iraq. Can you blame them? You might as well get over the idea that America is better (i.e. good), insofar as the projection of power. In fact, there is not a more corrupt, nefarious, mean-spirited, psychopathic government than ours, in the totality of it's influence, which reflects very badly on Americans generally.

So I encourage you not to sit on your hands, about your government's warmongering, dragging us into Syria. Whatever that means for you. Which I don't mean, go out and protest, as much as go out and prepare for the collapse of the dollar as the world reserve currency and petro dollar. Contradict the warmongers among you, the bloodthirsty who think any American warmongering is by definition Just. Educate yourself, start talking to people.

Because nature has no tolerance for lies, for any stance of invincibility, in the long term. Just ask Fukushima.   


John D. Wheeler said...

Yep, go and prepare for the upcoming war. Buy lots and lots of supplies. Oh hey, that'll help kick start the economy :-) See William, you too are useful to TPTB. ;-)

William Hunter Duncan said...


In this article I state that there were 3600 killed. I don't know if that is my error, or one I picked up. Last I heard, 355 died, 3600 total were hurt or killed.

listening to the MSM, the dogs of war have been loosed. The MSM is not even attempting to question this. They report what they are told to report, and the people accept it as if it is news, and not programming. Best of luck. Blessings,


William Hunter Duncan said...


What did I ever say about buying supplies? What money do I have to buy supplies with? Prepare your spirit, is what I am saying.


Martin said...

Methinks we are deep, very deep, into the end game - on all fronts (i.e., climate, energy, economic, political, etc., etc.) - and that no realistic extraction from any of it is possible anymore. "...the times they are a-changin'...".

Luciddreams said...

End game huh? Yeah, seems we're close to that. Far as Syria goes...cancer spreads, as in the warring cancer that the American military industrial complex has been for generations now.

I saw what the insides of that fuckin' nasty as plague looks like on an American aircraft carrier during "operation enduring freedom."

Fuckin' double speak Newspeak. It's rampant everywhere now.