Monday, August 26, 2013

Reading Recommendations

For anyone out there who wants to read about what has happened to the American economy, Jim Quinn has an interesting series worth reading, @ The Burning Platform (TBP). Jim is a Libertarian. I have sometimes referred to Libertarians as Anarchists who don't give a damn about the earth or people generally, LOL (I have sometimes referred to myself as an anarchist, knowing full well, almost no one has any idea what anarchism actually is, i.e. the way of nature, cooperation as opposed to competition, a state among people in which no one RULES.) Jim's commentariat at his blog are not very nice :) , which I take to be something of a reflection of Jim; otherwise, he writes excellent economic analysis. I recommend his latest series, for context.

In the article I co-wrote, cross-posted @ TBP, I was very critical of Brandon Smith @ Atl-Market. He has a very heavy handed censorship policy at his website, which is to say, if you write a comment that he doesn't like, it will be gone in less than 10 minutes (I know, I timed it three times last week LOL.) I have also been very critical of him and the Liberty Movement generally, specifically for his and the movements typical denial that climate change is happening, and a belief more or less that oil is infinite. Whereas I believe most of the troubles in the world today can be traced to exponential population growth tied to oil consumption, and a consequent strain on available resources, Brandon thinks Climate Change and Peak Oil are Illuminati fictions, made-up stories to perpetuate Illuminati power.

His most recent article is a must-read however, for anyone who cares to understand what is really happening in Syria. He and I agree, many of the worst atrocities pinned on Bashar al Assad are very likely the work of al Qaeda and affiliated mercenaries in the ranks of the rebels, with the full knowledge and support of the CIA, and the leadership of America and our military leadership. The exact same tactics were deployed in Vietnam, and by the death squads presided over by President Ronald Reagan, in Central and South America. It is not too fine a point at all to say that Obama is presiding over death squads in Syria, and formerly in Libya.

I ask you to read these, because I believe these exact same tactics will be used here in America, in particular to turn Americans against the Liberty movement, which is mostly comprised of "salt-of-the-earth" Christians. That may seem unlikely to you, but think of the mood of America immediately after 9/11. One could not suggest war was a bad idea without being cursed as a traitor. Such an event, pinned on the Liberty movement, would have the same effect. Why the Liberty movement? Because they are the only ones in America significantly armed, and significantly critical of the Federal government. A financial storm is coming, and the Feds and banks and hedge funds and corporate executives are going to need an internal scapegoat, an internal boogeyman to distract the people. The FBI already has proven more than capable and abundantly willing, of nurturing would-be Islamic bombers. All they, or the CIA or NSA have to do is the same, but put a real bomb in the "Liberty Movement" patsy's hands. I think we already saw a precursor of something very like this in Boston. Remember how much of the MSM talk early on was (and remains), that it was the work of far-right conservative gun nuts. Articles like this one from the Wall Street Journal, in which the implication is, if you question your government, you are either a terrorist or brain damaged.

The point is, what the FBI/Gov says about "terrorists", Americans generally believe without question, as if it were the sacrosanct word of a Supreme Deity. It is not the word of any Supreme Deity, it is the word of men (mostly) who have built a global empire and mean to keep it, NO MATTER WHAT. They will sacrifice whoever, however, wherever, in maintenance of that power, of that influence. You might not prevent that; but you can't avoid falling prey to it, either to the financial collapse or the fear-mongering and scapegoating, if you don't know what TPTB have done and are capable of.


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